Blu Atlas Review: All-Natural Men's Skincare Products

Apr 28, 2022 at 10:23 am

Did you know that a man’s face is significantly tougher than a woman’s? Likely yes, but there is also more to it than you might realize.

To be precise, the dermis, which is the middle and thickest layer of the skin, is 25% thicker on mens’ faces than on womens’. This is because men produce more androgen (testosterone) stimulation than women, which triggers skin thickening along with toughening of overall skin texture. Pretty interesting, right? Well, it gets even more so.

While the dermis and, ultimately, the skin of a man’s face is texturally thicker than a woman’s, that doesn’t actually mean that it’s “tougher” against outside factors. Actually, a man’s skin is more susceptible to several skin issues, such as:

  • Increased occurrences of deeper and more pronounced wrinkles;
  • Significantly lowered rate of collagen production years earlier than women, which leads to increased signs of aging in general earlier in adult life;
  • Twice the production of sebum, the skin’s natural oil, which can clog pores and lead to acne breakouts;
  • Increased irritation and even infections from repeated shaving;
  • Increased sensitivity to ultraviolet rays and radiation along with environmental factors, which can lead to a boost in signs of aging, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and dryness.

These unique attributes make it clear that men should be taking better care of their skin. And the best way for them to do that is by investing in the best options available—options that are specifically formulated to fit the unique needs of men’s skin.

Not to worry—we did you guys the favor of researching through the best skincare products for men today. One that we noticed that popped up again and again was Blu Atlas. So, obviously, we had to check it out for ourselves to see what all the hubbub was about.

That’s what brings us here today: a Blu Atlas review for their all-natural skincare products. This brand stuck out to us not only because they were mentioned so often in our research, but also because their premium products contain all-natural ingredients (which means no harmful synthetic ingredients are included), are vegan, and even come in sleek packaging. That and they are apparently extremely effective.

We went ahead and tried out their grooming and skincare products so you could get a better idea of what these products could really be like for you.

Face and Skin Products

Before we start with the reviews, we want to quickly note that we gave all of their face and skin products a shot, and here is our feedback of each and every one.

Shave Cream

A clean shave is hard to come by, and we all know that really comes down to two key items: shaving cream and a good razor. We used a typical, no-nonsense razor when trying out the Shave Cream from Blu Atlas to see if we could indeed get that highly sought after clean shave.

It felt like a unique experience from start to finish. We applied a thin layer of the cream on our face. Each stroke of the razor was completed easily and, after the last stroke and rinse, there were no nicks, cuts, or irritations to be found. We got the close shave we were after and even ended up with a smooth, soft face to boot.


We all know the next step in the shaving process: the aftershave. The Aftershave from Blu Atlas went on smoothly, instantly providing our freshly shaven skin with necessary calming relief (thank you, aloe leaf) and satisfying moisturization (kudos, shea butter). After application, there was no residual oily or greasy feeling. Simply refreshing overall, Blu Atlas’s Aftershave left our face feeling properly nourished all day long.

Volcanic Ash Face Cleanser

The point of a cleanser is to deeply penetrate your pores, pull out the harmful particles (dust, dirt, sebum, and free radicals), and leave your face feeling undeniably cleaned and purified—and the Volcanic Ash Face Cleanser did that and then some. We could practically feel the volcanic ash (bentonite) relieving our skin of all grime and the lactobacillus ferment filtrate balancing our skin.

Not only was our skin cleansed, but it was moisturized too. Even hours later, our face felt replenished, supple, and significantly more hydrated.

Eye Stick

The most delicate skin on the human body is the skin around the eyes. The Eye Stick from Blu Atlas aims to lessen puffiness around this area and reduce signs of aging too. When lightly rolling this product on, it was cooling, relaxing, and satisfying.

Then, we looked in the mirror. The area around our eyes looked brightened and significantly more youthful.

Vitamin C Serum

Serums are known for providing a high concentration of active ingredients to your skin, which then are quickly (and efficiently) absorbed. While we have tried other serums before, we were truly surprised and impressed by the Vitamin C Serum from Blu Atlas.

After gently dropping and rubbing this liquid gel on our face, everything appeared instantly brighter, more hydrated, and the appearance of dark spots was vastly diminished. Hydration was at an all-time high, leaving our skin feeling its absolute best self for the first time in a long, long while.

Face Moisturizer

Moisturizers are known to be the most important skincare routine closers. But Blu Atlas’s Face Moisturizer was a real game changer. Their moisturizer cream was lightweight from fingertips to cheek. It seamlessly went onto our face and neck, leaving behind a properly hydrated and uplifted face. Dullness was gone, excessive oil was conquered, and dry skin was given necessary TLC. No arguments from us nor our skin.

Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliating scrubs are ideal products to be used in your skincare routine one to three times per week for a more “deep cleaning.” Naturally, we had to give the Exfoliating Scrub from Blu Atlas a try too because, to be blunt, too many facial scrubs contain rough ingredients that can lead to micro-tears in the skin. We needed to make sure that this scrub wouldn’t be like the rest.

Fortunately, it wasn’t anything like those other scrubs. This scrub wasn’t harsh or “scratchy” on our skin. Instead, it was gentle yet highly effective, as it is formulated with jojoba oil (high in antioxidants, vitamins, and is a great sebum-conqueror). It was soothing to rub into the skin, and after rinsing, our skin felt completely rejuvenated, cleansed, and overall brightened.

Purifying Face Mask

And last but certainly not least, we gave the face mask a run for its money. A face mask is the perfect weekly skin purifier and fortifier. The Purifying Face Mask from Blu Atlas turned out to be one we wish we could use every moment of every day!

During application, there was an impressive cooling sensation, making the first step enjoyable on its very own. Then, as per the instructions, we allowed it to sit and get to work for fifteen minutes (the directions say 10 to 20 minutes). While it dried, our skin felt like it was being pulled but in the most refreshing and satisfying way imaginable. It was like we could actually feel the impurities being extracted from every nook and cranny of our face!

After the fifteen minutes were over, we easily rinsed the mask off, which normally can be difficult with clay masks but not in this case. Afterward, we couldn’t help but admire the outcome in the mirror. Pores were free of debris, excess oil was gone, previous dry areas were hydrated, and our face overall was almost angelically illuminated.

Final Thoughts on Blu Atlas Men’s Skincare Products

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised by the Blu Atlas men’s skincare products. Each product was premium quality, bringing out the best in our skin—from application to hours (and even days) afterwards. We now get what all the hype was about, and we are happily joining in on it.

Now that you’ve read our review, it’s your turn to try it out for yourself! Head on over to their site and check out all of their high-quality all-natural men’s skincare and hair care products today.