Do the Best Volume Pills Work? Real Customer Review and Results

Do you agree that it would be great to increase the amount of sperm to make your ejaculation impressive, full of emotions, pleasure? You would be able to demonstrate the level of your sexuality, dominance, your male potential, the level of potency. Yes, you can't list everything—powerful ejaculation is spectacular, impressive, and unforgettable.

I thought so! And it was these thoughts that at one time prompted me to radically improve the level of my sex life and intensify my ejaculation. Real success awaited me, although I practically did not count on it.

In this review, I will cover in detail:

1. How and where did I study information on male ejaculation and how to increase it?

2. Which products have I tried, and which have worked for me?

3. How to choose the right sperm volume pills?

4. A quick overview of questions and answers to help you intensify your ejaculation.

5. Important natural extracts that stimulate sperm production and awaken sleeping sperm to activate.

6. My results, which I received month by month.

In fact, I will disappoint those men who really thought that to solve problems with male erections and weak ejaculation, there is some kind of magic pill which after eating, you, as with the effect of Viagra, suddenly start to ejaculate longer and stronger.

It's not that simple, and you can't go to the pharmacy and just buy semen booster pills. They are simply not even approved by official medicine. In this review, I will be talking about natural sperm enhancement supplements. These are products of natural origin that contain ingredients important for sperm production in the male’s body.

Yes, they do work; this is a fact that will be proven in this review. At the same time, it should be said that to consolidate the result, to enhance it, you will need something more than just taking semen boosting pills, no matter how long you are doing this.

5 semen volume pills, that I have personally tried

So, it's time to move from theory to practice. I decided to try different supplements, the properties of which contributed to the increase in sperm count.

I bought the following products:

1. Volume pills – well-known formula; fast results; no side effects;
2. Semenax – up to 500% more semen; real clinical studies published;
3. Spermomax – 100% original and natural formula; great success rate;
4. Male Extra – one of the best erection improvements pill;
5. Maxatin – unique herbal formula; proven effective supplement;

So, I made a strategy according to which I purchased 12-month subscriptions for five different pills in total. I planned to alternate between the two to see how each one worked, taking two months to use each.

I wrote down my results, focusing on those changes that I noticed during sex and masturbation. I decided to briefly tell you about each of the products that I tried from the user point of view. I have compiled a rating to make it easier for you to understand which of the sperm improvement supplements I think is the best based on the results obtained.

#1. Volume Pills

Brief review:
Success rate: 93%
Money-back: 67-day
Benefits: herbal components, fast-acting formula, semen boosting results
Ingredients: Zinc, L Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Mucuna Pruriens, Eurycoma Longifolia, Reishi Mushroom (Ling Zhi), Amla Berry, Bladderwrack, Safflower, Cinnamon Cassia and more
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health(Canada)
Prices: 1 month supply - $65, 2 month - $110, 3 month - $160, 6 month - $250, 12 month - $348. Buy now
Shipping: Worldwide
Official online store:

Click here to order Volume Pills from the official site

What is this product?

Volume Pills is a natural supplement that has been present on the market for many years and is considered one of the most famous and effective—and all because it is unique both in its composition and in the level of effectiveness, which has been documented in clinical studies.

This is much more than just dietary supplement, because it works for a specific goal—increasing sperm production.

At the same time, Volume Pills does not cause side effects, is suitable for everyone, and works for all men without any exceptions. You can see the long list of ingredients in this formula, all of which are 100% natural and produce results.

What are the advantages of Volume pills?

As I said above, in order to increase sperm count, it is important to make up for the loss of trace elements in your body. So, Volume Pills not only contains Zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Arginine, etc., but also an impressive list of aphrodisiacs that explode your testosterone levels to increase your potency and fertility.

The formula itself helps to normalize male libido and enhances your sexual performance, including your ejaculation hardness and semen volume.

Its benefits include:

• 100-day efficiency guarantee from the manufacturer
• Proven natural formula
• No side effects
• Fast results in the first months of taking the pills

How to increase sperm count using this formula?

I put a lot on the performance of Volume Pills. I took them regularly while becoming more attentive to what I ate and drank every day and I began to play sports, while in the evening, I allowed myself to relax and get distracted with the TV and phone.

Within 2 weeks after taking the pills, I noticed that my erection became stronger, I began to arouse faster, and the orgasm itself became longer and more emotional. After 2 months, I saw the result and did not even want to stop taking them. I actually saw 2x more semen than usual.

Order an original Volume Pills formula officially

#2. Semenax

Brief review:

Success rate – 94%
Money-back guarantee: 67-day
Benefits: effective, safe and natural formula, that improves semen count up to 500%
Shipping: Worldwide
Prices: 1 month supply - $59.95, 3 month supply - $154.95, 6 month supply - $289.95, 12 month supply - $399.95. Order now
Support: 24/7
Official online store:

What is this product?

In fact, I even wrote a separate article about Semenax, which impressed me so much. Moreover, this formula is produced by Leading Edge Health as well as Volume Pills. At the same time, it includes a different list of ingredients and many men say that Semenax was effective for them while Volume Pills was not.

And all because every man who suffers from weak ejaculation has different problems with potency. The sets of Semenax and Volume pills ingredients are different and only Semenax can show different results for different men. I recommend buying both, but if you choose this formula, this will already be the right decision anyway.

Click here to order Semenax officially

How to produce more sperm by taking the pills?

• In fact, Semenax has no more advantages than Volume Pills. It also has a natural composition, and zinc and other trace elements are present in the formula. The manufacturer gives a 67-day money-back guarantee

• At the same time, the success rate of Semenax is higher than that of Volume Pills. Most likely, this is due precisely to the peculiarities of the composition of the formula. But Semenax is considered more versatile and helps more men achieve increased sperm count.

My opinion:

I have never had any side effects from taking Semenax, which indicates the natural composition of the formula. I had to wait 2 weeks before I saw any change in increased libido, sex stamina, or increased sperm count.

This is a good product in terms of guaranteeing results, and I was really impressed with the versatility of Semenax. I have even more strength for sports and sex.


#3. Spermomax

Brief review:

Success rate: 87%
Benefits: Live customer support; firmer erections; bigger penis ; intense orgasm;
Manufacturer: FAVSTORE
Prices: 1 month supply - $59, 3 months - $119, 6 months - $220. Buy now
Shipping: Worldwide
Official online store:

What is Spermomax?

So, Spermomax is a natural supplement for sperm production and its ingredient list is impressive. At the same time, the formula is as credible as the product itself. It has been known on the market for over 10 years and is listed on the FAVSTORE product list.

There were no complaints about it, and the reviews about Spermomax arouse interest and trust. If you look at the formula, it consists of:

• Maca extract
• L-Lysine
• L-Arginine
• Xian Mao extract
• Dodder Seed extract
• Tribulus Terrestris extract
• Tongkat Ali extract
• Saw Palmetto extract
• Zinc
• Piperine

This is a small list of ingredients in comparison to its famous competitors, but it is quite effective for solving the specific problem of normalizing testosterone levels and supplementing the body with important micronutrients, such as zinc and L-Arginine.

This is a very inexpensive and not as popular product as the other two in this rating, while I managed to try taking sperm volume pills, and I even took more than usual—2-4 tablets per day for a month.

I was interested to learn its side effects—there were none. I noticed positive changes only a month later, when I actually finished taking them in order to move on to the next famous product, Male Extra.

My opinion

This is a very effective formula that gives modest results, but is suitable for men who work comprehensively to improve their potency and fertility.

You can order Spermomax at the official site

#4. Male Extra

What is this product?

It is believed that Male Extra is a male enhancement pill and that's it. But in fact, the root of the problem with low ejaculation lies in poor potency and insufficient testosterone levels.

Male Extra is one of the richest and most complete formulas for the normalization of male sexual activity. We are talking about increasing libido, increasing sexual stamina, increasing sperm count, and even getting rid of premature ejaculation. Just look at the composition. It is fully consistent with the tasks of increasing sperm count in men and normalizing potency.

Male Extra Benefits:

• Complex effect on male potency
• 100% natural ingredients
• Quality assurance and money-back guarantee
• Contains the antioxidant pomegranate, which helps increase blood flow to the penis during erection and improves sperm quality
• Due to the high content of L-Arginine, increases the quality of erection and ejaculation
• The formula is rich in aphrodisiacs that enhance sexual desire and orgasm pleasure
• Gives fast results

My opinion:

I used this pill not only to increase the amount of sperm, but also to enhance potency and erection. This product is ideal for those men who decide to indulge their libido and increase their sexual desire and quality of sex.

Visit to buy the product

#5. Maxatin

What is this product?

Among the many products for male enhancement, it is Maxatin that has declared its effectiveness in boosting sperm count. This accent sparked interest among men and porn actors who decided to try it out.

According to the formula on the company's website, Maxatin contains:
Maca, L-Arginine, Muira Puama, and Zinc. All this is enough to say that the formula can be effective.

I personally tried taking semen volume pills for a month and I can say that the action of Maxatin is very smooth and the effect is gradual, but you notice it:

• As an improved erection
• In the power of your own orgasms
• In the amount of sperm that increases
• In the duration of intercourse, which becomes longer

I cannot say how effective Maxatin is with long-term use, since I bought only one bottle for 30 days, but I only have a positive opinion about the product. I rate it last since I did not see the manufacturer's guarantees in effectiveness.

The product is less well-known, the formula is more modest than Volume Pills and Semenax, and as for me, the action of the pill is very narrowly targeted.

I would like to see more aphrodisiacs, amino acids, and libido-enhancing ingredients in the formula in order to call this pill truly a breakthrough among male enhancement products.

Click here to order Maxatin pills

Strategy for increasing sperm count

That's right, after studying many different forums, questions and answers sites, medical sites, and watching videos on YouTube(check out my channel), I began to form for myself a picture of whether it is possible to increase the amount of sperm naturally and what needs to be done for this.

What have I learned?

1. Sperm count is directly related to the level of testosterone in your blood. Accordingly, opt for testosterone-stimulating pills such as Semenax.

2. It is very important to apply physical activity. It can be any sport, but it is important to remember—exercise can lead to a zinc deficiency, so your chosen supplement should contain zinc if you plan on exercising at least a little.

3. Vitamin C boosts your immunity while also having a positive effect on your fertility and sperm production in your body. In the male body, which suffers from oxidative stress caused by aging, disease, and unhealthy lifestyle, vitamin C is scarce, and its levels need to be replenished. Antioxidants can be found in sperm-enhancing foods like Semenax and Volume pills.

4. It turns out that constant stress, family quarrels, and failures at work or in your personal life can have a detrimental effect on male potency. And above all, sperm production falls. If you are determined to improve it, you need to cope with your own stress, especially if you are constantly experiencing it.

5. Vitamin D supplementation is critical to increasing fertility and sperm production. Be sure to take it in the form of a substance or tablets.

6. Tribulus Terrestris increases male fertility, according to official medical research.

7. The level of zinc in the body plays a key role in the quality and quantity of sperm that a man produces.

8. Maca and Ashwagandha are roots and plants that help increase testosterone levels, fertility, and sperm production.

How to choose the right semen enhancement pills?

So, I voiced information about 5 products that I personally tried. Believe me, I have been choosing from the available products for a long time. Among them were Maxocum, Fertility Factor 5, and others. But I did not experiment and limited myself to only the most effective products that I found reviews about.

Buying pills simply because they promise to help solve some sexual problems is not a reason.

I looked not only for promises, not only for official information, but also for feedback on the forums. After all, this is how I could understand what real buyers were saying in order to choose sperm volume pills.

A list of 5 factors that will help you choose one sperm boosting formula:

1. Check out the official website for tablets. There must be information about the manufacturer, about the formula, clinical trials, and recommendations, and there must be contacts for the representative.

2. Do not buy semen volume pills unless the manufacturer has a money-back guarantee on them. Moreover, it is better to check the guarantee itself; what are the conditions for its validity? What if you can't increase your sperm count—can this be considered a lack of effect or is increased libido already a result? There can be many questions, so it is important to understand what the manufacturer guarantees you. Semenax and Volume Pills are backed up by the 67-day money back guarantee if you buy the supplements officially

3. Do not buy pills in marketplaces and pharmacies, as you run the risk of overpaying or buying non-original goods without a guarantee.

4. Read reviews. They can be on Amazon, Reddit, or forums. Take the time to check what other men have to say about specific semen increase pills.

5. And finally, the most important thing: trust only those products that inspire confidence and have been on the market for more than 5 years(like Semenax and Volume Pills). This way, you will know that the formula works, and it is popular, which means it can be effective for you.

Order Semenax Pills to Improve Semen Count by up to 500%

Frequently asked questions about semen increase pills

1. Do they really work?

The effectiveness of sperm boosters such as Semenax and Volume Pills has been proven by the manufacturer. The formula contains natural extracts that have been reported on medical websites. Their main properties are increases in male potency, testosterone levels, and fertility.

2. How long to wait for results?

Since natural supplements do not provide immediate results, it may take you 2 to 4 weeks to see the first results, and it will not necessarily be an immediate increase in sperm count.

It is likely that at first, you will see an improvement in the quality of your erection, increased libido, and increased sex duration. And after 2-3 months, the sperm count may increase. The maximum result is in 6-12 months. Everyone has it differently, so be prepared for the fact that you will need to take pills for some time in order for them to show an effect.

3. How much can sperm count increase?

On average, if you regularly take semen boosters like Semenax or Volume Pills, exercise, eat right, and quit bad habits, you can increase your sperm count by 2-3 times. With long-term use of pills - 5 times.

4. I started to notice side effects after takin semen enhancer supplements

Most likely, this is your individual reaction of the body to individual ingredients. We recommend that you change pills and consult your doctor. You may be allergic to any of the ingredients in the formula.

5. Does an increase in sperm count mean an improvement in fertility?

In fact, when you start taking natural supplements, it also leads to increased fertility. At the same time, the task of such pills as Semenax and Volume Pills is precisely to increase the amount of sperm.


I have no regrets about doing a 12-month experiment with pills to improve sperm count. I realized that these pills work simply because the production of sperm requires certain conditions and certain trace elements and the level of male hormones.

Taking the semen booster parallel to working out and sexual health, you can achieve an increase in sperm count.

The Semenax and Volume Pills formulas contain quite important aphrodisiacs, amino acids, extracts, and plants that work to improve male libido and fertility.
I managed to increase the sperm count by five times and this significantly influenced the quality of sex and the emotions that I received with a partner.

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