Best THC Drinks to Fuel Your Activities

Have you ever heard of Sober October? It’s the same theory as Dry July or any other catchy name for a month where you commit to abstaining from alcohol. Sometimes it’s nice to press pause on booze, but we still crave something to help us relax and unwind. That’s where THC drinks come in. Skip the hangover and say yes to a lightly dosed, perfectly balanced cannabis beverage.

Cannabis-infused drinks offer a mellow high that will have you feeling groovy without feeling too intoxicated. It’s the perfect way to take the edge off. To help you stay on the wagon, we’ve corralled the best THC drinks on the market. Tune in for all the details on the best drink brand, flavors we love, and how to make THC mocktails.

Best THC Drinks to Try Right Now

Of all the cannabis drinks out there, Wynk sparkling seltzer reigns supreme. Hailed as “a better LaCroix with weed” by their customers, Wynk is a refreshing beverage that offers the same relaxing effects as a light beer but without any of the side effects of alcohol.

Wynk drinks are available in two doses, containing equal amounts of THC and CBD for a balanced buzz that feels warm and toasty, like tranquility in a can. Find their sparkling seltzers with 2.5 mg THC and CBD or 5 mg THC and CBD (for medical marijuana cardholders in select states). Wynk is available in three fantastic flavors that are delicious on their own but made even better with a few simple ingredients. Plus, Wynk is made with zero sugar or calories. That’s right. Guilt-free sipping. Here’s the scoop on the best THC drinks by Wynk.

Lime Twist

Don’t let this fall weather fool you. Citrus is a year-round sensation, and Lime Twist is a delightful pair to your outdoor adventures this season. Whether you’re playing games with your friends in the backyard or packing up for a camping trip, stock up on this bubbly beverage.

The light, crisp lime flavor is pleasing to any palate, but how about a Spiced Pear Punch mocktail? A bit sweet and spicy, with a citrus twist to brighten it up. Yes, please!

Juicy Mango

Hello mango! If you like mango's earthy, fruity flavor, then it will be hard to pick a favorite other than this. Juicy Mango is the life of the party, and you will be too once you try this tropical THC delight.

If you’re a fan of all things brunch (and who isn’t?!), swap out that boring mimosa for a THC mocktail featuring the bold buzz from Juicy Mango. A splash of orange juice will suffice, but for something a little more upscale, try a Thyme Citrus Sparkler.

Black Cherry Fizz

Black Cherry Fizz is the boldest of the bunch. It has a stone fruit sweetness without the sugar, making for a beautiful end-of-the-day drink. You could sip it as is and feel content, but why not bring it into the mix the next time you’re entertaining?

Every dinner party needs a perfectly curated drink menu. As you’re planning your next soiree, add a Cherry Apple Fizz to the list. Black Cherry Fizz blends with the zest of cinnamon and the sweetness of apples to create a fall drink your guests will rave about.

How Much Wynk Should I Drink?

That depends on you! But don’t worry, we’re here to help you find the right dosage to have a good time. A can of Wynk contains 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 CBD. This is an excellent starting place for newcomers to THC drinks because it is considered a microdose. If we were to compare Wynk to alcohol, this is similar to having one light beer.

The best thing about Wynk seltzer is that you will begin to feel the effects in about 15 minutes. Within just 90 minutes, the buzz will be almost unnoticeable, so you can decide if you’d like to have another one or ride out the mellow high. Either way, trust that you’ll be hangover-free tomorrow!

Where to Buy Wynk

Wynk is available across the nation. Michiganders have the option of shopping with one of their retail dispensary partners. Check out their Store Locator, enter your location, and boom: you’re picking up a pack of Wynk in no time.

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