Best Testosterone Booster to Grow Leaner, Bigger Muscles

Jan 12, 2021 at 6:03 pm

Testosterone is an essential male hormone that also plays a secondary role in women's health. However, it is more important for men since higher levels or levels that are closer to the higher end of normal tend to favor men in terms of muscular strength, fertility, and various other male characteristics.

Higher testosterone levels often mean better sexual health and improved fat loss in addition to other often lesser-known benefits like looking younger. However, testosterone tends to decline as men age. Adding to the decline are poor life and health choices.

Over the years, we've come across many so-called testosterone boosters, supplements that claim to use an all-natural approach to boosting testosterone levels. However, most of them are supported with very little research, and even fewer men report benefitting from them. The supplements mostly claim to increase testosterone production or some related hormone directly, or in some cases, prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen. Needless to say that most men don't benefit from them, and has many men looking for something more effective, like steroids, perhaps.

Natural Testosterone Boosters Vs. Steroids

Now there are two ways for men to boost testosterone if they find that their levels are lower than it should be. The increasingly common way is by using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). TRT includes injecting artificially created testosterone to make up for the loss or raise testosterone up to natural levels. While it may sound simple enough, there are many adverse effects associated with it. Furthermore, you might need to get pinned multiple times a month and get blood work done to ensure that things are working fine.

The other equally popular, less risky, and easier way to increase testosterone is to do it naturally. While natural testosterone boosting supplements don't work immediately, like TRT, they help increase testosterone over time. All users have to do is take the supplement as recommended daily to sustain and improve their testosterone levels. Doing so often means an improvement in muscle mass and strength for the most part, which is apparent after just a few months of using some of the best supplements we've listed below.


TextRX is one of the best natural testosterone boosters that not only raises your testosterone levels naturally, but many of the ingredients are meant to help you become leaner too. The supplement has been sold for a very long time now and has a widening fan following, including everyone from regular office goers to men who make their living off having lean bodies.

Made from all-natural ingredients, TestRx is manufactured in a state of the art FDA approved manufacturing facility. The facility is free from allergens, chemicals, or toxins which may cause unintended health issues.

The supplement's manufacturer Leading Edge Health sources all the ingredients from some of the leading suppliers of top-quality herbs in the world to ensure the best possible outcome. Also, unlike many other testosterone boosters we've tested, the company almost guarantees that their product is free from fillers, low-quality herbs, or items in the formulation that shouldn't be there since they add no value. That's why when you remove all the fluff, TestRX jumpstarts your body's natural production of testosterone.

How Does TestRX Work?

Unlike using artificial testosterone, TestRX triggers the body's own production of testosterone naturally. Once the system is triggered, it supplies everything the body will need to produce the maximum amount of testosterone it can. The advantage of this is that you are refreshing or rejuvenating your body's natural production regardless of your age.

It only takes a few months to reverse the natural decline of testosterone in most men. Many men will start feeling the difference within just eight weeks of regular use.


TestRX includes numerous herbs and extracts in its formulation. Every ingredient included is backed by science has been shown to have a direct connection to either boosting testosterone or fat reduction. Below is a list of all the main ingredients that make up the formulation:

• Zinc Monomethionine

• Magnesium Aspartate

• D-Aspartic Acid

• Fenugreek seed Extract

• Vitamin B6

• Vitamin D3

• Vitamin K2

Why We Highly Recommend TestRX?

Apart from the fact that TestRX is proven to work, the company backs the supplement with a money-back guarantee. Not many companies offer this type of security, but it shows just how confident the company is in their product's effectiveness.

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VigRX Tongkat Ali

VigRX Tongkat Ali LJ100 is one of the best male testosterone boosters available today. It uses the patented Tongkat Ali extract, also referred to as longjack, and some people call it Malaysian ginseng. The supplement is designed to kickstart the body's production of testosterone as well as optimizing its bioavailability. In other words, it has ingredients to make sure that a good portion of your testosterone isn't converted to estrogen, which is another important hormone, but too much of it can be detrimental to your health.

VigRX Tongkat Ali has a positive effect on muscle mass, athletic performance, post-workout recovery, bone density, and overall energy levels.

In terms of science, VigRX Tongkat Ali was formulated in collaboration with scientists working at MIT and the Malaysian Government. Interestingly, VigRX Tongkat Ali uses a formulation that you can't find anywhere else because it has been patented by the brand as a treatment for low testosterone levels, male fertility, and sexual dysfunction.

How Does VigRX Tongkat Ali Work?

VigRX Tongkat Ali, as mentioned earlier, works by replenishing the depleted levels of your testosterone. The active ingredient is tongkat ali extract, also referred to as LJ100, which has several health benefits, including kickstarting testosterone production, increasing muscle mass, and improving sexual performance.

Testosterone is one of the 17 sex hormones in the human body. However, testosterone is one hormone that impacts all facets of your life from mood, to energy, muscle mass, and sleep patterns. While testosterone production may peak during puberty for most of us, it tends to decline once we reach 30 years of age, after which it goes down by 1% every year on average. That's why many men over 40 frequently report having a lack of energy, not having the ability to build muscle, or not being able to exercise as much as they used to.

Many studies
show that Tongkat Ali can enhance and increase testosterone production. It can also enhance muscle mass as a consequence and help men become leaner than they were before without making any drastic changes to their diet and exercise regime.

Just 200mg of Tongkat Ali a day has been shown to boost testosterone in test subjects within a month of use.

Why We Recommend VigRX Tongkat Ali?

It is the only testosterone boosting supplement that we know of that works for everyone. One reason for this is the use of Tongkat Ali extract, which can't be found anywhere else. The amount and quality of the extract used in the supplement have helped hundreds of men from around the world enhance their testosterone levels, minus the severe adverse effects associated with other supplements.

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ExtenZe has over the years proven to be an excellent testosterone boosting supplement. While it is more popular as a male sexual enhancement supplement, one of the ways it works is by raising testosterone levels.

ExtenZe's formulation is designed to trigger the body's own production of testosterone. Once the body's testosterone production starts, which is pretty challenging depending on who you speak to, the supplement then supplies the body with everything it needs to ramp up production. Consequently, men get all the benefits of higher testosterone levels, coupled with the muscular and sexual upsides associated with using the supplement.

The other feature, if you can call it that, is you don't need to take a lot of ExtenZe to experience noticeable benefits. All you need is just one pill a day! However, the effects of the supplement can be further enhanced by coupling it with weight training and cardiovascular exercise, which will further stimulate muscle growth and burn fat.

How Does ExtenZe Work?

ExtenZe takes a two-pronged approach. The first is by reducing the amount of testosterone that's converted to estrogen. It is an essential step because as we age, whatever little testosterone we have shouldn't be converted to estrogen, which then exponentially increases the conversion process. This slow conversion of testosterone to estrogen often leads to many men lacking libido, energy, and muscle definition despite working out regularly.

The second approach, which usually kicks in at the six weeks mark, is getting the body to produce more testosterone. Doing this ensures that there is more testosterone in the body that can then be used to increasing bone density, muscle size, and energy. That's why men who use ExtenZe report feeling more energetic after the first two months of using the supplement regularly.


To understand how ExtenZe can help boost testosterone and consequently make you leaner, it is important to take a look at the ingredients used. While the formulation uses many ingredients, we'll list the most prominent ones known for increasing testosterone production and suppressing the estrogen conversion process.

• Yohimbe
• L-arginine
• Horny goat weed
• Zinc
• Pregnenolone
• Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

Why do We recommend ExtenZe?

ExtenZe is one of the most sensibly priced, most cost-effective ways of increasing testosterone and, consequently, looking leaner while feeling more energetic. However, men will also experience all the perks of having high testosterone, like more muscle mass, having more libido, the ability to recover sooner from workouts, and even being able to work out longer.

Hundreds of men worldwide have used and continue to use ExtenZe, vouch for its effectiveness, including ourselves. If that's not reason enough to recommend it, then we don't know what is!

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The vast majority of men who visit the gym and take time to workout aspire to have impressive-looking physiques. However, only a small fraction of those manage to achieve what they want naturally without the use of exogenous hormones. One reason for this is that their bodies aren't able to grow enough muscle tissue. For other men, it is the inability to naturally go below 12% or even 10% body fat without it becoming unhealthy.

Like everything else, there is an underlying reason why you're not able to build muscle, and your natural HGH production could be a big one. Not many men focus enough on their HGH production since not having enough is considered normal. After all, the common misconception is that you should lose almost all your HGH by your late teens or early manhood. However, losing on most of that HGH while growing up is normal but losing the ability to produce more isn't, leading to numerous issues, which include the inability to grow bigger, i.e., pack on more muscle and lose fat as a result. That's why many in the bodybuilding community turn to synthetic HGH, which isn't recommended, and the dangers of which are cited by hundreds of doctors worldwide.

The best and safest alternative to using synthetic HGH is to use an HGH supplement like HyperGH 14x. HyperGH 14x uses a proven formula that helps boost the body's natural HGH production by stimulating the pituitary gland, which is responsible for producing the hormone.

The major benefit of using a supplement like HyperGH 14x is not only do you start to benefit from increased natural HGH production within a couple of weeks but also minus any adverse effects. In fact, there are very few if any adverse effects associated with the use of HyperGH 14x, which is why it can be used for an extended period without having to taper off it. In other words, you can maintain a consistent HGH level throughout the year, making it easier to grow bigger and leaner while looking younger too.

How Does HyperGH 14x Work?

Now HyperGH 14x is unique in the way it works. While we list all the ingredients in the formulation, it's not hard to see that the ingredients aren't what make it stand out. What makes the supplement stand out is the way it approaches encouraging natural HGH production while also encouraging the body to burn more fat and promote muscle growth.

The BCAAs in the formulation help stimulate the pituitary gland. However, they also have a knock-on effect of increasing nitric oxide production. That production of nitric oxide is responsible for increased blood flow resulting in a more pumped look. It also makes it far easier for the required nutrients to reach the muscles which are needed for them to grow. Some research also shows that increased nitric oxide levels also lead to shorter recovery time between gym sessions.

The other way in which HyperGH 14x works is by increasing overall energy expenditure, which is needed to burn more fat. While it does not directly raise your body's metabolism, it helps give you the energy to work out harder and longer, which means you're able to burn more calories in the gym compared to when you were not using the supplement.


In our opinion, HyperGH 14x has a very interesting formulation. The details are of the formulation can be found on the company's official website. However, anyone who uses health supplements will instantly recognize many of the ingredients in the list, and that's because they are proven HGH boosters.

• L-Tyrosine
• L-Glutamine
• L-Glycine
• L-Lysine
• Tribulus Terrestris Extract
• Astragalus Root Extract
• L-Valine
• L-Ornithine
• Deer Antler Velvet
• GTF Chromium
• Colostrum
• Pituitary (Anterior) Powder
• Phosphatidyl Choline

Why Do We Recommend HyperGH 14x?

While there are several reasons why we recommend that men for whom looking great matters use HyperGH 14x, if we were to choose one, it would be the fact that it's much better than using synthetic HGH. If you are currently on the fence about using synthetic HGH, we encourage you to buy and use six months' worth of HyperGH 14x.

The product comes backed by a money-back guarantee, which means if you're not satisfied or you don't see results, it can be returned, and the company refunds you, no questions asked. If anything, you can consider it a risk-free trial of a product that isn't going to cause you long term health issues. However, in our experience, 99% of people who buy it often end up buying more.

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VigRx Nitric Oxide Support

Research over the years has shown a direct relationship between increased nitric oxide and the body's ability to burn more calories, become leaner, and have better cardiovascular health. That's why some of the world's top athletes, including bodybuilders in all divisions, rely on a laundry list of supplements to increase their body's nitric oxide production.

The truth about nitric oxide is that it isn't just for people who exercise. The gas has a positive effect on various other aspects of a man's life, including libido and energy levels. VigRX Nitric Oxide works by increasing the amount of gas that the body can naturally produce. It fuels the system with everything it needs to ramp up production, which leads to overall higher blood flow, swifter recovery from exercise sessions, and improved sex life.

VigRX Nitric Oxide Support also works by increasing the amount of testosterone that's naturally produced by the body. The various ingredients (we'll list in the next section) are proven to raise testosterone production, which too, in turn, leads to bigger, leaner muscles, especially for people who are over 40 years of age.

How Does VigRx Nitric Oxide Work?

One of the things it is essential to start with is understanding the importance of nitric oxide. As we become older, the amount of nitric oxide our bodies produce decreases, and that's partially the reason why we become tired sooner, have a lower sex drive, and our muscles don't have that noticeable pump like they used to. Poor blood flow can also lead to numerous other issues, all of which can easily be avoided by upping the body's production of nitric oxide.

VigRx Nitric Oxide uses a combination of ingredients that are proven to raise natural nitric oxide levels. However, what makes this supplement stand out from the competition is that it also raises testosterone. More than half of the ingredients are well-studied testosterone boosters, and it's interesting why the manufacturer does not tout this aspect of the supplement. That being said, it does raise testosterone successfully, which means that users in the long term will be able to grow bigger muscles while experiencing insane pumps starting from the third week of using the supplement.


VigRX Nitric Oxide Support has many of the same ingredients you'll find in VigRX, but with a few additional ones to increase nitric oxide production.

• Epimedium leaf extract
• Asian Red Ginseng
• Muira Puama Bark Extract
• Hawthorn Berry
• Catuaba Bark Extract
• Saw Palmetto
• Ginkgo Biloba
• Bioperine
• L-Arginine
• L-Citrulline

Why Do We Recommend VigRX Nitric Oxide Support?

We recommend that men use VigRX Nitric Oxide Support because, in addition to successfully raising testosterone levels naturally, it also raises the natural production of nitric oxide. We've already established how important nitric oxide is to the male body, especially for someone who wants to look their best physically.

If you want to see short and long-term results from working out in the gym, we think that VigRX Nitric Oxide Support will deliver that and more. However, if it does not get you the results you were hoping for, it can always be returned for a full refund.

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The number of supplements that promise to raise testosterone levels tends to increase each year, with each claiming to offer the next best thing. In our experience, 90% of those supplements don't work, consequently being discontinued after their first year on the market. However, above is a list of supplements that are proven to work, come backed by a money-back guarantee, most of all, it has a loyal following of men who claim that these supplements have turned their lives around. So, if you are looking for a supplement that works and isn't a scam, we will gladly recommend you start with any one of the above based on your physical goals.