Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services: Top 5 Phone Search Apps of 2022

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When was the last time you had a phone number and wanted to know whom it belonged to? It could’ve been anyone.

Whatever the situation, the best reverse phone lookup free/paid services will lay your curiosity and concerns to rest.

Today, there are tons of phone lookup services online that promise you all kinds of disclosures. But many of these services have tall claims without a shred of helpful information. So, you may get unreliable data and possibly risk your own information by browsing such sites.

We want to ensure that you, our readers, get access to safe, reliable, and legitimate services. So, we’ve compiled this insightful list of the best reverse phone lookup sites to help you out.

It's not just the list, though. In the spirit of honesty, we'll reveal how we created this valuable list. We've also added a section on how to choose these services if you want to do further research. Finally, we'll answer some of the most frequent doubts and questions our readers ask us about these services. Let's get into it!

Our List of The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Free & Paid Services:

1. TruthFinder – Overall Best Reverse Phone Lookup & Scammer Phone Number Lookup
2. Instant Checkmate – Top Reverse Number Search to Find Owner of Cell Phone Number
3. Intelius – Popular Google Phone Number Lookup Site

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. TruthFinder – Overall Best Reverse Phone Lookup & Scammer Phone Number Lookup

TruthFinder is among the most widely-used reverse search services in the United States. The company started in 2014, headquartered in San Diego, California. Today, they're among the most trusted reverse phone lookup sites, and understandably so.

TruthFinder simply trumps the competition when it comes to the wealth of information and data they provide. The reverse phone lookup isn’t even their primary feature. Instead, it’s a component in their wide range of lookup functions.


There’s little doubt that TruthFinder is the ultimate pick on this list. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Among the best reverse phone lookup free/paid services.

TruthFinder’s reverse phone lookup reveals almost all imaginable information that's connected to the phone number. And it's mostly thanks to their extensive search capacity and the rich database from which they extract information.

Of course, it depends on whether the info is publicly available.

  • An exhaustive Database

Their database covers a wide selection of available sources. This diversity in their directories makes their results incredibly informative and helpful. Even if there’s no info in one directory, you’ll get results from another. They include everything from social media accounts and census reports to court records and property/asset declarations.

  • Deep Web Scan

This one’s a novel feature in TruthFinder’s already impressive list of features. Identity theft, data breaches, and cyber crimes are becoming a common problem online. Even if you aren't a victim of these practices, a deep web search can reveal a host of information not accessible by your normal search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

With this feature, you get a personalized lookup tool to monitor your own privacy or find out about potential threats.

  • Find Criminal Records or Past Offences

With simply a phone number or a name, you can look up criminal offenses of almost anyone. TruthFinder can access public and government records in an instant to reveal if someone has a minor traffic violation or a major sex offense in their past. Once again, the real nature of the information will depend on how accessible the data is.

  • Pricing Plans

Their pricing plans come in a few different categories. The reverse phone lookup costs you $4.99 per month on a recurring basis. The extensive background research costs $27.78 for 30 days, and comes down to $46.04 if you opt for the 60-day plan.


  • An encompassing database that reveals untold information with only a phone number.
  • The website is truly intuitive and easy to use.
  • Functional app for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Transparency about information sources and databases.
  • For the People Search function, you can view the age, sex, and location of the results without any subscriptions.


  • You need a subscription/payment for viewing the extensive search results (TruthFinder doesn’t fall under the best reverse phone lookup FREE category).
  • Pricing plans are expensive and lack upfront clarity for new users.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of TruthFinder for the Best Discount

#2. Instant Checkmate – Top Reverse Number Search to Find Owner of Cell Phone Number

Instant Checkmate is a background checking and phone lookup service that began in 2014. Like TruthFinder, it’s also based in San Diego, California (In fact, they belong to the same parent group). With an A+ rating from the prestigious BBB (Better Business Bureau), Instant Checkmate offers millions of records and connections in the public realm.

Customer satisfaction is among Instant Checkmate’s top priorities. So, the service lets you try out a trial period with unlimited searches for only $1. Also, they have clear billing procedures and a simple cancellation and refund policy even after you subscribe.

Instant Checkmate is surely one of the top contenders here on this list, with its focus on relevant results and reliable billing services.


  • Easy Phone Reverse Lookup

With Instant Check, looking up a phone number is super easy and fast. You get a wide variety of information that's related to the phone number. You can find out the relevant personal info of the owner, which can include full name and address, age, etc.

The search can also reveal the online activity that's associated with this phone number. For instance, if the phone number is attached to a social media profile on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, eBay, etc., you may even get access to their posts and shares.

  • Comprehensive background check

Once you ascertain the number’s identity, you can proceed to use the ‘People Search’ function to find out even more detailed information about the person. You can find business or political affiliations, financial history, professional data, census records, criminal past, etc.

  • Accurate public records

Learning of someone’s information and later finding out that it was false would be both embarrassing and unethical. Instant Check’s credibility in terms of providing trustworthy information is exceptional. Yes, there are occasional discrepancies. But that’s largely because the sources themselves contain the wrong information.

  • Crime database and records

One of the most impressive aspects of Instant Check's database is the rich collection of crime and offense records. It includes arrest records, inmate searches, and a sex offender database. The Instant Check website also has a dedicated section for learning about cyber data crime called the Crimewire blog. As far as crime records go, this one’s the best reverse phone lookup free/paid.

  • Pricing

The current billing plan will cost you $34.78 each month once the trial period ends. It’s comparatively higher than TruthFinder’s $27.78. But you get a much better deal with the 3-month plan that costs $83.47.


  • The $1 free trial is easily one of the best features here. You get five days of unlimited use of their services.
  • Prompt customer service with clear billing policies.
  • Comprehensive crime and prison records.
  • Part of their earnings goes to ‘Together we Bake,’ a training and development program for women.


  • Their 30-day subscriptions are relatively more expensive.
  • Customers' reports reveal that their smartphone app doesn't work as well as the online site.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Instant Checkmate for the Best Discount

#3. Intelius – Popular Google Phone Number Lookup Site

Intelius is another big name in the public records industry. However, what sets it apart is the sheer experience it has gathered over the years. Started in 2003 by former executives of InfoSpace, Intelius has certainly been there and done that. When you sign up for their service, you get the best of this accumulated experience and resources.

The company also boasts of a decent BBB (Better Business Bureau) score and standard features that you’d expect from a good reverse phone lookup service.

Intelius also offers an incredibly affordable monthly rate for their paid subscriptions. However, some of their other pricing mechanisms are shrouded in mystery.

As one among the best reverse phone lookup free services, they offer all related info they can find on any number you search. Additionally, they offer background checks and personal records that are available in the public domain.


  • Safety

Intelius uses an environment of both physical and electronic measures that ensure the safety of your searches and personal information. Your payment details are all heavily encrypted for utmost safety.

They have a detailed section on privacy policy and security that describes how all these safeguards take place.

  • Anonymity

Any search you perform on Intelius remains entirely discreet and anonymous. So, you don’t have to worry about people finding out that you searched for them. You can look up phone numbers, name and address history, and personal details without the anxiety of your actions being revealed.

  • Large Scale information

Intelius boasts of a database that has over 20 billion records from public domains. The sheer magnitude of the data they offer to their users makes them one of the best in the business. This database includes separate directories for names, phone numbers, and addresses.

  • Pricing

One of the areas where Intelius faces flak is its pricing mechanism. The simple monthly subscription of about $19 is relatively cheaper than most other services of this caliber. However, the transition from free trials to paid subscriptions is not transparent enough. Also, separate plans for each search make it confusing for inexperienced users.


  • Unparalleled database of over 20 billion records.
  • Affordable monthly (30-day) subscription.
  • No-nonsense website that’s easy to use and navigate.
  • Individual search directories for phone number, name and address.


  • Free trial only kicks in if you pick a premium plan when the trial ends.
  • Policies for cancellation, refund, and related billing matters are not very clear.
  • The mobile app seems to bring up more inaccurate results compared to the site.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Intelius for the Best Discount

#4. True People Search

True People Search is a fairly new phone lookup service that started in 2017. Despite its recent entry, the service has taken the industry by storm in many sectors. Also, the people who created the service all had immense experience in the field before they started the company. So, it’s definitely a service that’s here to stay and deliver.

If there’s one feature that makes True People Search stand out, it’s the free service. That’s right! Their services do not hide behind tricky subscriptions and teasing trial periods. You get the whole bundle the moment you visit their website.

In an age when everything good lies behind premium plans, True People Search is truly a people’s service – free, fair, and useful information for all.


  • 100% Free Service

When you look for the best reverse phone lookup free service, you'll invariably get results that require subscriptions. They may have free trials or nominal fees at first. But eventually, you'll have to pay for the real information. True People Search cuts through this deception to deliver a reverse phone lookup service that's 100% free for all.

  • Decent access to public records

True People Search offers a relatively acceptable range of information and results. So, the data includes info on all US citizens born within the past 80 years or so. The results include the standard names, addresses, professional associations, work contact information, and criminal records too.

  • Professional yet fun environment

True People Search is a company that combines both relaxation and work seamlessly. Their workspaces include relaxing couches and complex workstations. With such a healthy working environment, customers can expect prompt results and a dynamic phone lookup service.


  • A no-frills, no-nonsense reverse phone lookup service that’s completely free.
  • No complicated and contrived pricing mechanisms in place.
  • Automated procedures allow you to remove your own info from the service.


  • Customers complain of results not being accurate on some occasions.
  • Since the service relies on ads for revenue, some users fear privacy issues when using this site.

#5. Zaba Search

Zaba Search is a free reverse phone lookup service that gives you some vital information for free and more detailed data for a paid subscription. It's undeniably a reliable service in this niche with multiple affiliations to big names like Intelius and TruthFinder.

One impressive aspect of Zaba Search is the way it seamlessly unites free components with premium services. Very few services out there can find a balance between the two that satisfies their users. Zaba Search manages to bridge the gap between these two extremes with ease and efficiency.

The website does not focus a lot on aesthetics and visuals. So, it looks a bit bland at first. But once you start using the features, you’ll find that it has straightforward features and a nice interface.


White Pages Directory

The White Pages search gives you two options for searching information. One is to search with the person’s name and the other by phone number. The fields and buttons look pretty standard. But it’s one of the best reverse phone lookup free pages available today.

Reverse Phone Lookup

The website also allows you to go directly to the reverse phone lookup section without having to go to the white pages first. The second tab on the home page takes you straight to the phone number search field. Any information that's present in the US public records will appear here, and it's completely free.

Trending Searches

Zaba Search has a ‘Trending Searches’ section where it displays the most searched names within a specified time. It’s an interesting feature that allows you to browse the site even when you don’t have any particular searches in mind.


  • Completely free for anyone who wants the basic and initial results.
  • Zaba Search has three times more listings (Residential) compared to regular white pages.
  • Reverse phone lookup and name search conveniently placed on the same page.


  • Very little transparency on the sources of ‘public’ information.
  • Limited results on crime records and online activity of the subject.

#6. Spokeo

If there is a down-to-earth phone lookup service that delivers a simple experience with rich information, it’s Spokeo. The company was set up back in 2006 as a social media aggregator. Then, it expanded to become a social search engine two years later.

By 2010, it became a proper people search engine with monthly visitors exceeding 20 million. Today, it’s a thriving reverse phone lookup website that offers way more than its competitors.

Spokeo embodies innovation and prompt information delivery. Also, if you’re looking for the best reverse phone lookup free service, we assume that budget is a priority. While Spokeo is a paid service, few other services provide this level of quality at this price.

Let’s take a look at what makes Spokeo stand out from the rest.


  • Robust database

Spokeo has a powerful database that gives you access to over 12 billion records. So, when you do a search, you can find data relating to work info, court records, location history, contact info, family, social media data, business associations, etc.

  • Clean and accurate Background Reports

One major challenge for most phone lookup services is information accuracy. But it’s an area where Spokeo shines instead of cowering behind flimsy excuses. Their reports have a high degree of accuracy and trustworthiness. Best of all, each report is generated with a clean layout and easy-to-understand format.

  • Transparent operations

Another feature that sets Spokeo apart is the honest and upfront manner of delivering information. The company consistently insists on quality delivery and innovative practices. The result is that you know what you’re buying exactly and there’s little to worry about.

  • Philanthropy

Spokeo actively donates to charitable and nonprofit initiatives with its earnings. They also engage with local communities for positive programs, lend support to adoption agencies, and finance scholarships for local schools. If you’re using people’s data for business, you might as well give back to the people, right?


  • Exceptional customer service on call and informative help centre on the website.
  • Cheap and transparent pricing plans. 3-month memberships cost only $14.95 per month.
  • Modern and intuitive website.
  • Clear terms of conditions and ethical privacy practices.
  • You can search name, number, address, and email all in one field.


  • No free components and trial services.
  • Results may lack information on criminal and sexual offenses.

#7. Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is another service that can compete with the likes of True People Search because of its free services. It's one of the few niche services out there that give you free phone lookups for landlines, mobiles, and even VoIP.

Spy Dialer has all the basic attributes of the other services on this list. But with free lookup across all phone categories, it’s definitely one of the best reverse phone lookup free packages.


  • 100% free phone lookup

Spy Dialer blows away the competition when it comes to getting a phone lookup for free. Most other services will offer free landline lookups, but reserve the cell phone numbers lookup for premium plans. But Spy Dialer gives you the whole phone lookup package without charging a dollar.

  • Right to Opt-Out

If you stumble on information about yourself on Spy Dialer, you can use the Opt-Out section to remove the data. The website tries to follow both state and federal privacy laws strictly. So, you can easily report and solve any unwanted information on it.

  • Search without registration

Spy Dialer doesn’t require any registration or signup processes for you to use the service. Simply go to the website, type in the number (or name), and hit enter.


  • Free phone lookup service that anyone can use.
  • Easily switch tabs between phone, email, name, etc., when doing phone number searches.
  • The company is headed by a renowned author and private investigator, Robert Scott.


  • Spy Dialer shows low accountability for inaccurate results and false information.
  • Subjects get a notification when you do a search.
  • No transparency on pricing mechanism and sources of data.

#8. White Pages

White Pages is synonymous with phone directories today, and with good reason. The company has been helping both businesses and individuals make background check services for more than two decades now. With a modest beginning in 1997, White Pages is among the best reverse phone lookup free services today.

White Pages gives a clear distinction on which components are free, which are paid, and the categories they come in. So, when you try it out freely or go for a premium plan, there are no doubts.


  • Accountability

White Pages actively try to sustain a reliable ecosystem of information, data, and customer relations. Their ‘Data for Good’ approach makes them one of the most ethical phone lookup services today.

  • Expansive Database

They have a diverse set of data sources. These include professional licenses, carrier information, scam ratings, criminal records, traffic records, financial history, property & personal details, etc.

  • Search Tabs

All their search tabs appear on one search field. So, it’s easy to navigate from one to the other. Also, they have additional tabs that let you search by business or address on top of the name and number.


  • High degree of accountability for the info and data they provide.
  • Multiple categories of data ranging from records and history to licenses and scams.
  • Only site on this list that provides tenant, eviction, and credit reports.


  • No refunds for cancelling or opting out of subscriptions.
  • No trial periods

#9. Zo Search

If you’re looking for information on potential dates or just want to check out a new number, Zo Search is one of the best reverse phone number lookup free websites out there. Most other services rely on information quality by charging premiums. But Zo Search walks the fine line that combines both data and completely free reverse phone usage for its users.

The Zo Search company is run by a team of cybersecurity experts and IT pros who know the industry well. So, you know you're getting quality and dependability right from the get-go.


  • Free Phone Lookup

The first thing we liked about Zo Search was, of course, the free reverse phone lookup. While you’ll have to shell out some cash for the same services elsewhere, it’s completely free reverse phone and easy-to-use on Zo Search.

  • Clear Privacy Policies

Zo Search, along with Spokeo, has the most honest and upright privacy policies in this niche. They clearly mention how they operate with log files, cookies, ad partners, and user info.

  • Fast and Accurate Results

One of the areas where premium services suffer is the speed of generating results. With Zo Search, it’s instant and time-saving. All your results get generated in an instant.


  • 100% free phone number lookup services
  • Healthy privacy policy that respects its users.
  • Super-fast results
  • Customer-oriented troubleshooting and feedback in less than 24 hours.


  • Limited database and sources of information
  • No native app on Android and iOS stores (you have to download from third-party sites).

How We Made This List Of Phone Number Search Platform

To ensure that you get the most genuine and authentic lookup services, we gathered and tested a wide range of services. It’s tedious and time-consuming work. But for you, our readers, it’s a task we gladly perform.

  • Choosing the Contenders

First, we gathered the most popular, widely-reviewed, and fastest-growing services in this industry. It meant we had tons of websites and companies that ticked one of those attributes.

  • Trimming the List

To trim the list, we got in touch with industry experts, Telecomm researchers, and IT professionals. We removed any service that did not measure up to the standards set by these experts. The result was a more manageable list of some of the best reverse phone lookup services available today.

  • Fine-tune the selection

To narrow down the list further, we tried both the free and paid plans to understand what each website offers. We did this in consultation with the help of IT law experts who deal with similar information on a daily basis. Each service was rated on its legitimacy and efficiency, and the lower scorers were kicked from the list.

  • Cream of the Crop

Finally, we performed a meticulous and detailed assessment of the features in each service. Is the database-wide enough? How quickly does it load the information? Is it intuitive and easy to use? How frequently did it provide incorrect information? These and many other parameters set the bar for choosing the top picks.

The result of all that work and research culminated in this definitive list you can refer to or share with anyone you think needs it.

Buying Guide for the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Free/Paid

You already have a collection of the most efficient phone lookup services here. However, if you ever want to do your own research for new services, here’s what you need to check.

  • Data Sources

Look for services that are clear and upfront on where they source their information. Privacy laws and FCC compliances can allow or restrict specific sources. You want a service that is legal and legitimate yet insightful and exclusive.

  • User-interface

The best reverse phone lookup services come with both websites and mobile apps. Ensure that both mediums have an interface that's easy to use and navigate. Features like that will save you both time and energy.

  • Reasonably Clear Pricing

Phone lookup services can change subscription plans based on user count, industry trends, market forces, etc. So, you want a service that will keep you updated on what you have to shell out and what you get for free.

Cancellation provisions and fair refund policies are also an added plus point.

  • Blog Sections/Knowledge Resources

Look for vendors that provide articles, tutorials, guides, and trending information on phone lookup services. Blog articles can also reveal if the service consults industry experts or simply hired amateur content writers to churn generic write-ups.

  • Customer Service

A common feature across all the best reverse phone lookup services is customer support and satisfaction. User reviews and trial interactions can show how much the company focuses on providing quality to its users.

FAQ - Best Phone Number Lookup

Q1. What is reverse phone lookup US/UK?

Reverse phone lookup services are websites or apps that allow you to enter a phone number to reveal the identity and related information about the owner.

Q2. Does reverse phone lookup actually work?

Yes, it does! But you have to use a reliable service. There are free services that give limited information and premium ones that give detailed data. Check out our list to find the best ones.

Q3. What is the best reverse phone lookup free service?

TruthFinder and Instant Check are top performers in the phone lookup niche. But Spokeo and Zaba Search offer 100% free services with limited information. But the best reverse phone lookup services always abide by these legalities.

Q4. Is there a free reverse phone lookup site?

Yes! Services like Spokeo, Spy Dialer, Zaba Search, etc., allow you to check your caller completely free.

Q5. Is reverse phone lookup legal?

Yes, as long as you use it for permitted intentions. For instance, FCC compliance may restrict using reverse phone lookup to screen potential employees or new tenants.

Conclusion - Reverse Phone Lookup Service

The article has covered all that you need to know about the reverse phone number look-up procedures, and also the best service providers in the market.

Next time you need a background check, or a phone number lookup services, make sure you use the information we have provided.

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