Best OnlyFans Girls to Follow: Hottest Models and Influencer Accounts (Fee Accounts Included)

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Maybe you’re one of the skeptics that haven’t yet created an OnlyFans account. Some wonder, “what’s the point — there are plenty of other ways to get explicit videos and other exclusive content?”

Where OnlyFans creators shine is in their customized content.

Sure, you could go to any number of porn sites to get off. You could look at free photos and videos all day long! There’s certainly plenty of quality stuff online.

But if Riley Reid or another modern porn star did it for you, you wouldn’t be reading this guide. We’re telling you guys now — there’s a reason so many people have OnlyFans accounts and are proud paying subscribers.

Maybe you’re just into the idea of free subscriptions so you can keep a free account completely. That’s okay, too.

The best OnlyFans girls often have a free OnlyFans page, and a paid one. The free OnlyFans has terrific photos and video clips to reel you in. Eventually, though, you might find the OnlyFans creator that does it for you.

What you want to know is which OnlyFans accounts are worth paying for. That’s just what you’re here for, isn’t it? Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. We reviewed a plethora of paid and free OnlyFans accounts.

Then, we narrowed our list down to the very best OnlyFans account available. We want to make sure you’re confident that you got your money’s worth. Let’s dive in to see if these content creators have what you’re looking for.

Best OnlyFans Accounts

It isn’t easy being considered a top OnlyFans account, so these OnlyFans girls truly earned their spot on this list:

Where Do You Find the Hottest OnlyFans Models?

True Unicorns is an up-and-coming platform, gaining popularity fast among viewers and OnlyFans content creators alike. To date, it’s quickly become a go-to resource for finding the best OnlyFans accounts.

You can find your favorite OnlyFans models’ nudes and discover some exclusive stuff along the way. Or, you can use the site to sniff out who your future favorite model will be!

Personalized Content From Your Favorite OnlyFans Creator

The platform sets some limits, but other than that, it all comes down to the content creator. Get a peek into her real life, request customized videos, and or even get exclusive videos for your eyes only.

Find your girl next door (or even mom next door — we’re not here to judge). Maybe you prefer natural beauty or blue hair. You could be looking for solo play, lesbian scenes, or any other adult content.

Gain access to authenticity over a big-league production value. Get what you want out of OnlyFans stars.

Your favorite porn stars might even be on OnlyFans accounts. OnlyFans lets you get a peek at their behind-the-scenes footage closer than ever before.

You can’t just order custom videos or racy photos from Riley Reid — but you can from an OnlyFans model. An adult film actress like Reid has pre-recorded videos on countless porn sites.

Meanwhile, the sweet girl with an OnlyFans account is just barely dipping her toes into the adult entertainment industry.

More of the Best OnlyFans Models

You guys didn’t think we were done, did you? These OnlyFans girls are so hot that they simply couldn’t stay off our radar. Keep reading to find out how to get a free subscription to some of their OnlyFans accounts.

Top OnlyFans Models to Follow

Don’t take our words for it, though — be sure to check out True Unicorns for yourself. In the meantime, here’s a taste of some of the hottest models there. We wanted to find the best OnlyFans accounts that won’t break your wallet. More importantly, though, we based it on how much value you’re getting.

Angel Alektra is one of the top OnlyFans models you can access. If you’re looking for a stunning, natural brunette with amazing curves this is the account for you.

Quick Summary

  • Angel’s content is fully nude. You can expect to see a bit of everything when you access her OnlyFans.
  • So much content! Angel’s OnlyFans has over 300+ topless photos. See her in an array of sexy outfits and costumes.
  • Scene’s on Angel’s OnlyFans are often solo or with a partner.
  • Message access: One of the things that really sets this OnlyFan’s account apart is that you have access to chat with Angel 24/7. If you’re feeling lonely she’s available to keep you company.
  • Discreet transactions: Don’t worry about how transactions will show on your credit card statements

Access Angel:




Elsa Baby

Elsa Baby is another OnlyFans account that has risen above the rest. If you’re wondering if they’re real… They are… Signing up for Elsa’s account will bring you closer than ever to the model's personal photos and videos. Get exclusive VIP access to Elsa’s posts, media, and videos.

Quick Summary

  • VIP Access: On Elsa’s OnlyFans you’ll get exclusive content you can only access here.
  • Content with partners and individual
  • Stunning videos at discounted rates
  • Daily 1 on 1 messaging. If you want personal access via messaging Elsa can provide that.
  • Subscription bundle deals. The more time you purchase the lower each month's rate will be. Subscribe in bulk to save.

Access Elsa




When you become a Bailey Bae fan, she makes sure you’re coming back for more if you catch our drift.

Quick Summary

  • Located in Los Angeles, she’s just getting started in adult entertainment — a real girl next door.
  • Though her OnlyFans account isn’t free, she does tease on other platforms. And even though she’s on other platforms, you can expect exclusive content on her OnlyFans page.
  • She has mainly photos and videos, but her page also has direct links to other hot content.
  • Make her day and catch her attention by getting her something off her Amazon wish list. Content creators on the site love to thank their subscribers with customized content.

Ines Helene

It’s all about the honey for Ines Helene. Her OnlyFans page is worth every penny.

Quick Summary

  • Fresh in the adult film industry, this sexy star offers exclusive content. That’s something you can’t get from most porn stars.
  • While she might not post content as often as other content creators, she excels in personalized content. Subscribing means you get to chat with her, which is where the real fun happens.
  • There are no links to any other platforms on her OnlyFans page. We think that offers a layer of mystery that we couldn’t wait to unveil.

Texas Thicc

As of this guide, Forrest, AKA Texas Thicc, has her subscription on sale. Enjoy some of the finer things in life with her.

Quick Summary

  • Subscribing unlocks 1-on-1 chatting with her, plus fresh, new content every single day. There’s also plenty of free videos and sexy pics to admire while you wait for her to post content daily.
  • Get her attention by buying something on her Amazon wish list. You’ll be excited about the reward.
  • There are no ads for extra add-ons and upgrades — just an OnlyFans girl who knows how to get you hooked.

Savannah Bond

One of the hottest models on our list is none other than Savannah. At the time of this guide, she has a wicked subscription promotion happening currently.

Quick Summary

  • The quality in her photos and videos is bar-none. Plus, her OnlyFans account is the only place you can get instant access to all of Savannah, any time.
  • A blonde, blue-eyed, G-cup dream, she’s everything you might’ve been looking for.
  • Follow her on all her socials or buy something off her wish list to get noticed by a one-of-a-kind OnlyFans model.


No links on Doutzen’s OnlyFans account — just a tease for what’s to come after you subscribe.

Quick Summary

  • Of the best OnlyFans girls in the business, Doutzen has been referred to as the queen of anal. Beyond that, she also includes threesomes, lesbian and POV scenes, and more.
  • She likes to offer discounts for her subs, and the promotions are hard to pass up when she does.

Jewelz Blu

This is a hot OnlyFans account to hop on. Jewelz is a queen, and she also offers her subscription for a tremendously low deal. If you’re into alternative girls this is the one for you.

Quick Summary

  • There are over 1000+ photos and videos of Jewelz in various scenes and situations on her page.
  • She’s an OnlyFans model with plenty of charm, charisma, and tons of spunk.

Molly Eskam

For an OnlyFans model, Molly always shows up to impress. When you join, you can find out why so many of her subscribers call her the best.

Quick Summary

  • Her high value equals a high reward. There’s a reason she doesn’t offer a free subscription, and you can thank us after.
  • Molly has over 85 thousand likes across only 300+ posts for OnlyFans content.
  • One of the OnlyFans creators seems to have it together, which means consistently scheduled content and lots of extras.

Megan Barton-Hanson

Exclusive content is where Megan truly shines. It’s what makes her one of the best OnlyFans creators on our list.

Quick Summary

  • She works with amazingly talented photographers to ensure her subscribers are getting genuinely high-quality content.
  • Her OnlyFans page is the only place you can view all her video content and naughty photos.
  • In your DM’s, she’ll frequently send you teasers, gifts, and even some freebies.


Lola gets straight to the point. The OnlyFans girl offers promotions regularly, letting you know how many are left as they run out.

Quick Summary

  • By keeping your renewal on for Lola’s subscription, you get free gifts each month.
  • This is linked to her VIP page, an extra special introduction for her.
  • She posts some videos, but mostly photos, of which she has over 800 on her feed already. That’s not even counting whatever she sends you directly.
  • Enjoy boy girl, boy girl girl, girl girl, and so much more when you subscribe to Lola.

Natalie Monroe

It’s not easy achieving the top 0.01% of all creators, but she did it. Large and in charge, Natalie might be the #1 creator on the whole site. And honestly, she’s earned the title.

Quick Summary

  • Subscribing unlocks instant access to over 50 full-length videos and over 500+ nude photos.
  • She’s not interested in blocking you at a paywall and gives you an instant reward when you join. You can also expect zero ads — just Natalie in her glorious form.
  • There are 20+ posts each day, so you can always expect new content daily, as well as live shows and responses from DMs.
  • There’s no pressure to renew, and she makes sure you know you can cancel anytime. When you do turn to rebill on, though, she sends you free XXX clips.

OMG Cosplay

One of our favorite free subscriptions has to be OMG Cosplay. Offering a teaser with the OnlyFans account, she offers so much more on her website.

Quick Summary

  • When you subscribe, you get access to over 1100 posts consisting of over 2100 photos and over 250 videos.
  • Her website has prints, polaroids, photo sets, videos, and bundles for sale.
  • If that doesn’t sound like your thing, though, you can enjoy her OnlyFans content with a free subscription.

Laci Kay Somers

An Instagram influencer and fitness trainer, Laci can be herself on OnlyFans. That means unleashing her naughtier side for the camera.

Quick Summary

  • Laci posts unreleased content across all other platforms consistently on OnlyFans.
  • Interact with her during one of her weekly lives, where she performs, chats, and hangs out with her subscribers.
  • Get a private DM from her every day so you can stay chatting with a queen.

Wrapping Up Our Top OnlyFans Account Guide

In conclusion, there are many OnlyFans models worth supporting on the platform. That money goes directly to the entertainer, minus the fee OnlyFans takes. Still, it allows sex workers to make significantly more than most porn sites. Women have to deal with the middlemen taking their cut; they run the show on OnlyFans.

Feel good knowing you’re supporting sex workers and helping them stay safer in the process. And, when you get close enough with an OnlyFans creator, the rewards bank is much higher than with a typical porn star.

Personalized content is OnlyFans creators’ bread and butter. Subscribe to an OnlyFans page or two today and finally see what all the hype is about. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

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