Best Natural Breast Enhancement Pills/Creams with Estrogen. Do they Work?

Many women do all kinds of things to obtain the body shape they want—maintaining a restrictive diet, keeping a strict exercise regimen, and wearing uncomfortable shapewear. One thing a lot of women long for is larger breasts. One option is breast enhancement surgery, but it always comes with risks, and many women aren't ready to go under the knife.

Fortunately, there are other options: breast enlargement pills and creams capable of providing an immediate lifting effect and making breasts bigger over time with consistent use.

How do natural breast enhancement products work?

The female hormone estrogen is necessary to maintain the fatty tissue cells in the breasts. Therefore, it would seem that to fix the problem of small or sagging breasts, the only thing you'd need to do is replenish the estrogen supply. However, as with many medical conditions involving hormones, it's not that simple.

The latest developments in non-invasive breast augmentation have completely abandoned the use of artificial hormones, instead of utilizing components that stimulate the body to produce more estrogen on its own.

This method has a significant number of advantages:

• there's no chance of overdose;
• the body produces hormones in an individualized way;
• ovarian activity is normalized;
• there are no side effects in the form of pain and hyperthermia;
• the growth of the breast is uniform, preventing stretch marks from rapid and uneven growth.

These natural formulations also include the vitamin complexes and amino acids necessary for the body to build healthy adipocyte cells and breast tissues.

Herbal breast enhancement supplements are generally designed to work as a combination of pills, which act on the breast from the inside, and a cream or gel, which improves the breasts' appearance by improving the skin's condition and fighting age-related changes.

3 Best Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams

#1. Total Curve system(2 in 1)

Official prices: $69.95 – 1 month supply, $179.95 – 3 month supply, $299.95 (save 30%) – 6 month supply

How it Works

The Total Curve complex stands out due to its patented Volufiline, which works to enhance the effect of all its ingredients, boosting their bioavailability, which means they'll be more efficiently absorbed at the cellular level. The Total Curve system includes a tablet and cream, which have different ingredients that are designed to work together to enhance breast growth.

Total Curve pills contain:

Buckwheat flower extract - stimulates tissue regeneration
Enhel seed extract - saturates the body with isoflavones, which work in tandem with estrogen to stimulate the growth of adipose tissue
Spreading turner extract - stimulates the ovaries for the natural secretion of estrogen
Angelica root powder - helps to normalize the balance of estrogens and relieve some PMS symptoms
Thistle extract - a stimulant of elastin secretion for natural breast elasticity
Hop flower extract - stimulator of the growth of glandular tissue
Watercress shoot extract - a powerful source of vitamins and nutrients for the development of breast tissue cells
Wild yam root powder - a source of diosgenin, which stimulates the secretion of sex hormones
Black cohosh extract – helps to maintain a constant natural level of estrogen

Total Curve cream contains:

Aloe and mango extracts - stimulators of the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin for elasticity
Brown algae extract - a source of tissue regeneration components
Bearberry extract - an effective agent against ultraviolet radiation
Ascorbic acid and caffeine - improve absorption and increase the rate of metabolic processes


Women can expect to see an increase of 2-3 cup sizes if they use the breast enlargement pills and cream together consistently for several months. Total Curve's Volufiline effectively influences the growth of the number of adipocytes, the cells that create the adipose tissue that fills out the breast. The formula has been shown to provide a 640% increase in adipose tissue volume in 56 days.

Questions and answers

Does Total Curve Affect Total Body Weight?

No, the system does not contain hormonal or steroid components, so it cannot cause a weight change.

Will changes in hormone levels cause unwanted body hair?

The principle of normalizing hormonal levels means stimulating the body to secrete hormones to reach their optimal levels naturally. If a woman is not naturally hirsute, she won't see additional hair growth when using Total Curve.

Do I need to use the system all the time?

No, constant use isn't necessary. In fact, it's recommended that you use this system in courses with 10-day breaks in between them until you reach your desired breast size. You can begin again at any time if you need to boost your results.

Order Total Curve system

#2. Naturaful

Official prices: $59.95 – 1 pack, $49/pack – 3 packs, $33/pack – 6 packs

How does Naturaful work

The innovation in this product consists of a combination of traditional ingredients whose effectiveness is well-known and special magnetic patches that increase the penetration of those ingredients into the breast tissues.

No one has ever offered anything like this, but all you need to know is that Naturaful really works. There is a scientific medical justification for this, and the manufacturer guarantees results. It's clear to see why Naturaful is in the spotlight—the company is always innovating and improving its products. This natural cream for breast enhancement has won the trust of hundreds of thousands of women around the world.

Naturaful ingredients

The cream contains just a few powerful ingredients in a high concentration. These plant extracts have been and continue to be used in Ayurvedic practices and are the basis for hormone replacement therapy in standard medicine as well.

Wild yam - with the help of diosgenin, it stimulates the secretion of sex hormones and the growth of adipocytes in the breasts
Angelica - maintains the natural balance of sex hormones, which is necessary for the manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics and the functioning of the reproductive system
Thistle - activates the synthesis of elastin, the main component of elasticity and elasticity of tissues


Naturaful is just as effective as Total Curve systems: women can gain at least 2 cup sizes in 6 months. Additionally, it is effective not only for breast enlargement but also for eliminating ptosis: a premature sagging or volume reduction due to prolonged lactation.

The manufacturer has been focusing only on Naturaful, making many improvements over the years. This dedication has created a unique product with practically no analogs, and women appreciate the result that Naturaful provides after several months of consistent use.

Questions about Naturaful

What if it does not work?

The manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back period. In practice, you'll begin to see results within this time, and you'll be excited to continue using the system for up to 12 months. The longer you use Naturaful, the better results you'll see.

Is it safe to use the cream during menopause?

Naturaful is effective at any age. During menopause, a change in the breasts can be caused by low hormone levels, so the overall course you need may be slightly longer. You may also experience side effects as your body's normal hormone balance is shifting.

How long does the effect of the cream and patches last?

As with any of these systems, how well your results are maintained will be dependent on your health and lifestyle. Any decrease in your level of sex hormones can affect the condition of your breasts.

Check out to buy the product

#3. Brestrogen

Prices: $74.97 – 1 month supply, $149.94 (39% off) – 2 months, $224.91– 4 months

How it Works

Brestrogen is one of the few natural products for breast enlargement that work. It is a gel with a fine texture that easily penetrates the protective layers of the skin.

This product acts to encourage breast growth and shapeliness in two ways:

• hormonal regulation of adipocytes with estrogenic compounds and isoflavonoids
• strengthens tissues for an increase in elasticity and firmness

The Brestrogen formula contains:

Tocopherol (vitamin E) - a biologically active component that strengthens connective tissue, maintains the breast's shape, and reduces age-related destructive changes. It is also a nutrient medium for increasing the volume of adipocytes.
Kudzu mirifika extract - a natural aphrodisiac with an estrogen-like effect that manifests itself in the proliferation of glandular tissue and an increase in the number of fat cells in the breasts.


The younger the body, the faster the metabolic processes, and initial results may be seen after just a week. Often within the first month of use, it is quite possible to go up a full cup size. Within 6 months, you can enlarge your breasts by 2-3 sizes with regular use and completely restore their shape and elasticity after lactation.

Questions about Brestrogen

Are there any restrictions or contraindications for using Brestrogen?

Yes, the use of breast cream is not recommended for girls under the age of 21, and it should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. This is due to the body's high estrogenic activity during these periods, and there is no need for additional stimulation.

Will the estrogenic action of the breast cream cause an overdose of estrogen in the body?

No, the components in Mirific Kudzu act like estrogen in the breasts' adipose tissue, but it is not a hormone. Therefore, there is no risk of suffering the effects of excess estrogen.

Visit the official Brestrogen website

How to use breast enhancement products

It is worth taking breast measurements once a week and recording the data so that you can clearly understand your results. The products included here all provide a guarantee period that is long enough to allow you to see results if you monitor your progress carefully.


Choosing the Total Curve breast enhancement system that uses both pills and cream will help you achieve better, faster results. These products work in two ways at once, ensuring that your body will produce the hormones you need to keep your breasts looking great. Whether you're recovering from pregnancy or you're post-menopausal and wanting a boost, these products are safe to use and will give you the results you're looking for. Click here to order the Total Curve breast enhancement system.
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