Best Liver Protection For Steroids & Why It's Important To Use

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Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) work as potent performance enhancers. Bodybuilders and other athletes mainly use them to help them maximize their performance.

Despite being highly effective at enhancing muscle mass, strength, and endurance, they put your organs under an enormous amount of pressure.

One organ that goes through a rough time when you're taking AAS is the liver, and that's why it's crucial to use liver protection for steroids.

We're going to show you how to stay protected while running a cycle, why it's essential, and which product works the best.

If you don't have any time to read this article and want to find out what the best cycle support product is, click here to check out Defend by Huge Nutrition.

Why Do You Need Liver Protection For Steroids?

We're beginning this article by looking at why you'll need to use liver protection for steroids cycles. It'll help you understand the importance and why it shouldn't be overlooked.

The reason you need to use one is that 17-alpha-alkylated anabolic-androgenic steroids are hepatoxic. When ingested, these alkylated compounds have to pass through the liver, which makes them hepatotoxic.


Scientific research also backs up the evidence that steroids can negatively impact your liver. That means if you're planning or currently running a cycle with AAS, you're going to need to use on-cycle support to help the liver and other organs stay protected.

If you think you are experiencing elevated liver enzymes during your steroid cycle, you can get bloodwork done to see if it is the case.

What To Look For In A Liver Support Supplement

You shouldn't go out and buy the first and best liver support supplement you come across. The product you're getting must contain the right set of ingredients to offer protection to your organs.

We've put together a few ingredients that must be included in the cycle support you're using. If your product does not contain at least several of these ingredients, consider looking for a better alternative.


TUDCA, short for Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, is a derivative of bile acid. It's known for decreasing liver enzyme levels, therefore making it a highly effective ingredient.

The use of anabolic steroids will heavily impact your liver enzymes, meaning it's crucial to make sure those stay within the safe ranges.

This is a unique compound, and we're convinced it has to be included in your liver protection for steroids.

Huge Nutrition's Defend contains a highly effective dosage of TUDCA and many other scientific-backed ingredients to offer protection during an AAS cycle.

#2. Hawthorn Berry

Another great ingredient that we believe should be included is Hawthorn berry. It's been around for centuries and is said to have several promising benefits.

One that's interesting is its ability to support a healthy liver. Hawthorne berries could help with reducing inflammation and have antioxidant properties to help deal with toxins.

Therefore, a good dose of this ingredient should help support you during an intense cycle of AAS.

#3. N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)

The last ingredient we're going to show you is called N-Acetyl-Cysteine or NAC. It's also an excellent ingredient for detoxifying your body to prevent further damage to the organs.

Scientific research shows promising data as it could have the ability to help treat hepatoxicity. Long story short, this is a crucial compound you're going to want to find in your supplement.

The Best Liver Protection For Steroids

As someone that has thoroughly researched and tried many cycle protection supplements for steroids, I personally find that the majority either doesn't contain the right ingredients or uses too low dosages.

You have to understand; we're talking about your health in situations like these. You need the product to have the proper ingredients for you to reap the benefits.

The only product I feel comfortable recommending is Defend by Huge Nutrition. It's the liver protection for steroids that has all the essentials plus more you're looking for.

In total, it holds seven different and potent ingredients. Each serving is four (4) capsules, and that's double what other supplements have.

On top of that, each ingredient it has is appropriately dosed. That's very important and is something you don't see too often.

I personally use Defend for every cycle of performance-enhancers, whether it's prohormones or AAS.

You can buy Defend cycle support for $49.95 from the official Huge Nutrition website. One bottle holds 120 capsules, and that'll last you a month, meaning it's reasonably priced as well.

Using Your Liver Support Correctly

It's essential to use your liver protection throughout the entire AAS or prohormone cycle. That means you're going to start taking it from the first day you start your cycle till the very end.

Using it correctly is pretty straightforward. Let's say you’re using Defend. If that's the case, you take the recommended serving size of four (4) capsules with a meal in the morning.

Just repeat that process until you're done with the cycle, and that's it. By using it for the entire process, you're making sure everything stays protected.


Steroids offer a wide variety of benefits when it comes to boosting performance. Most users don't realize that many of these AAS are hepatotoxic, meaning they're going to put the organs under a lot of stress.

That's why using liver protection for steroids is an absolute must, and it shouldn't be skipped. It'll make sure you stay healthy and safe while you're enhancing your physique and performance.

But the thing is, you need a support product that contains effective ingredients such as TUDCA, N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), and Milk Thistle.

We swear by Huge Nutrition's Defend - the best cycle protection for steroids currently available. It contains all the previously mentioned ingredients at the proper doses.

Take it for your entire cycle, and you won't have to worry about any adverse side effects such as elevated enzymes. Remember, it has to be taken every day for it to work at its full potential.
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