Best Kratom Vendors: Top Verified Brands To Buy Kratom Online

We all have heard the popular phrase -“Health Is Wealth”. It is admittedly true. As we age, we do have to keep a check on our health, which becomes a really challenging task after sometime.

But, science has buckled up and provided several shreds of evidence on how natural herbs like Kratom can be beneficial for our health. Yes, ageing gracefully might just be possible.

If you are someone looking to gain the best of what Kratom might offer, we skimmed through the internet for hours and after careful evaluation the Top 3 Best Kratom Vendors who claim to offer top quality Kratom for all your needs. However, the final choice of whether to choose or not choose a vendor rests completely in your hands.

Top 3 Suppliers of Kratom On The Market 2021

1. Kats Botanicals - Finest Kratom & Editor’s Pick
2. Kraken Kratom - Best Overall
3. Golden Monk - Organic Kratom

How Did We Choose The Best Kratom Vendors ?

There are several vendors out there who claim to sell good quality, but it still is a hectic task deciding which vendor is actually true to its words.

There are several factors that can help you find the product that works the best for you. We stepped into your shoes, and finalized a criteria that can help you make this decision better.

Following are the determinants that might help you choose an ideal Kratom Vendor:

1. Brand Reputation: When it comes to choosing anything for our body, we tend to incline ourselves to choosing nothing less than the best. Any brand that has built a concrete image in a public forum is one shred of evidence that they might be reliable and trustworthy.

All the Kratom vendors we have mentioned here have built their brand from scratch and have been quite renowned around the public, thus they might be a reliable and trustworthy option for you as well.

2. Customer Reviews: We are a generation who often stick to recommendations and trust the judgement that others might provide. This is very important even when you choose a Kratom product as it would give a clear cut idea from experienced users as to what you might expect from the product.

In addition to this, any Kratom Seller that gives a voice to the public by opening their forum for reviewing is a remark of their transparency, and is a bonus for their reputation building process.

3. Lab Testing: The Lab reports are the most affirmed way to rule out the authenticity and reliability of the product a vendor is selling. The Certificate Of Analysis is a document provided by any third party lab giving a complete breakdown of what the product contains.

This also includes the list of additives and contaminants present in it. Any vendor that is transparent about their test reports from any third party lab, on their official website, could be one of the hints that they might be producing good quality Kratom.

4. Product Line: Lastly when it comes to choosing a good Kratom Vendor, it is important to look at the variety of products they offer. Each strain of Kratom exhibits unique effects on the body. The more variety leads to more options to choose from, which enables a wider reach among the consumers.

#1. Kats Botanicals - Finest Kratom & Editor’s Pick

Best Kratom Vendors: Top Verified Brands To Buy Kratom Online

Brand Overview

Kats Botanicals was established in 2016 based in New Jersey. Their team consists of a group of farmers, doctors, and chemists who aim to use Kratom as an emerging natural alternative for the most common health concerns we face today.

All Kratom products rooted from Kats Botanicals are sourced from Colorado and Indonesian farmers, and are crafted with utmost care. It adheres to 100% organic farming practices which makes it stand out from other products in the market.

The leaves sourced follow traditional farming practices where the leaves are hand plucked, dried, pulverized and shipped from Indonesia which further incorporated in house techniques to produce a fine blend of Kratom carrying a smooth flavor to it.

Kats Botanicals is one of those few brands that has earned a cGMP certification. All of their products are also third party lab tested and a certificate on analysis is available for view on their official website.


• The Kratom is sourced from Indonesia and is processed and blended in the USA
• The products from Kats Botanicals follow 100% organic culture methods yielding pure kratom strains.
• Kats Botanicals is one the few vendors who have received cGMP certification for their manufacturing.
• A Facebook group is available to clarify any kind of concerns regarding the product
• The manufacturers provide an assortment of Kratom blends carrying about 28 different varieties of Kratom powder and capsules.
• The pricing is set reasonable
• The shipping procedures are easy and quick, and users are provided with a 30 day money back guarantee.


• The products aren’t easily available as they go out of stock
• The website offers free shipping only on orders above $100

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Exploring The Product Line Of Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals offers a whopping 28 different varieties of Kratom Powder and Capsules. Each of their products are carefully crafted to ensure purity and potency in the products. These 28 varieties of Kratom are based on the flavor profile and its strain.

Maeng Da Kratom, Green vein, Yellow vein, White vein, Red vein, and Bali Kratom are some of the strains that Kats Botanicals offers. Some of their renowned and best selling Kratom products are Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder, Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder, Spacebird Kratom Powder, White Maeng Da Kratom Powder, White Elephant Kratom Powder, The Wedge Kratom Powder, Digital Buddha Kratom Powder, Plantation Maeng Da Kratom Powder, Green Bali Kratom Powder, and The Super Green Kratom Powder.

Lab Testing

Kats Botanicals uses third party lab sources to test their products before they are put in the market for sale. The lab reports show a complete analysis of the alkaloid content, detrimental substances like mold, coliforms, or other pathogens, and the presence of any kind of additives.

Some of the tests that they use are high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS), and thin-layer chromatography (TLC).

What Makes Kats Botanicals Kratom Stand Out From Others?

In line with what their website says, Kats Botanicals is one of the brands that crafts its products with immense industry knowledge, passion and quality. They believe to offer genuine and quality products without providing any substandard, low quality, or mislabelled products.

As time passes by, the United States has been an emerging country with adults suffering from concerns like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and other similar concerns. Incorporating Kratom in your lifestyle might be the safest way for you to see a significant change in these concerns, and the makers of Kats Botanicals take pride in their good quality manufacturing practices to produce a fine blend of Kratom products.

Kats Botanicals is one of the few vendors who have received a cGMP certification for their manufacturing practices which might help enable it to gain more reliability and credibility among users.

Their traditional method of Kratom culture and preserving is another unique feature they bring along. The benefit of using these traditional methods is that it ensures to keep the flavor and potency of the Kratom intact.

Availability- Where Is Kats Botanicals Available And How Much Does It Cost?

Kats Botanicals is available for purchase on it’s official website.

The prices of the products vary from the quantity you choose. The price range for Kratom powders and capsules on their official website are a follows:

• A pack of 60 pills of Kratom Capsules retails for $19.99
• 20 grams of Kratom powder retails for $5.99
• 200 grams of Kratom Powder retails for $34.99
• A pack of 150 Edible Oblate Discs retail for $6.99

According to their official website, the makers of Kats Botanicals offer special offers and discounts or their VIP customers, and a 30 day money back guarantee for all their customers in case anyone remains unsatisfied with the product.

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#2. Kraken Kratom - Best Overall

Best Kratom Vendors: Top Verified Brands To Buy Kratom Online

Brand Overview

Kraken Kratom is a brand based in Portland, Oregon established by Jeff Stratton, Brook Stratton, and Drew Stratton about 15 years ago. Being a trusted name not just in the Kratom market but even in CBD and the Kava industry, this brand is one of the most renowned industry leads since 2014.

In addition to this Kraken Kratom is the first brand to receive a certification from the American Kratom Association (AKA) in 2019.

The main objective of the makers of Kraken Kratom is to focus on therapeutic care. Each of their products are curated to either individually or treat multiple concerns associated with arthritis, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, or depression. The brand also offers pre and post workout supplements for those who wish to incorporate a part of fitness in their lifestyle.

Kraken Kratom sources its raw material from Southeast Asia , and follows third party testing and in house procedures to produce good quality Kratom yielding purity and potency.


• All of Kraken Kratom’s products are third party lab tested and are transparent about their reports on the official website
• The Kratom sources hail from Southeast Asia and are derived using 100% organic methods
• The manufacturers provide a wide variety of 19 different strains for customers to choose from
• The official website offers free shipping on all orders
• Each product varies in its potency levels, and thus provides a large selection of about 19 products in the powder and leaves form, 21 products in the extract and enhanced form, and about 13 products in the Capsule form for users to choose from.
• The manufacturers of Kraken Kratom offer a 30 day refund policy
• They have an addition of accessories that makes empty boxes and capsules available for purchase.


• The refund in connection with the money back guarantee is only for bottles that have been unopened.

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Exploring The Product Line Of Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom offers its Kratom products in the form of Kratom powder, crushed leaves, capsules, and full spectrum extracts to deliver the best benefits of Kratom.

The creators of Kraken Kratom claim their botanical products to be of the highest quality and with minimal side effects.

Kraken Kratom supplies their products in Bali , Thai, Maeng Da, Borneo, and Malaysian strains. Kraken Kratom offers about 19 products in the powder and leaves form, 21 products in the extract and enhanced form, and about 13 products in the Capsule form.

The differences in the products vary with the strain and quantity of the product you use.

Lab Testing

Kraken Kratom Is one of the first brands to receive an accreditation from the American Kratom Association (AKA). The brand also takes pride in being one of the first CGMP certified vendors which speaks of the quality of the products that they offer.

In addition to this, Kraken Kratom also sends their products for third-party lab testing to ensure the genuineness and the quality of the product. The test reports of the lab results are available for public viewing on their official website.

The reports provide an account of the environmental control test for pathogens, the sanitation of the facility, the quality of their raw materials, tracing out the elements of heavy metals and microbes, and the accuracy of the measurement and packaging.

The makers of Kraken Kratom strive to take measures to keep the potency and purity of their Kratom products under complete control.

What Makes Kraken Kratom Kratom Stand Out From Others?

Kraken Kratom provides about 19 different varieties of Kratom powder and leaves, 21 different varieties of its extracts, and about 13 different varieties of capsules. This wide spectrum of products that they provide is one of the highest seen in the market. The benefit of having this wide variety is that there is something out there for everyone who wishes to incorporate Kratom in their lifestyle.

The sizes of Kraken Kratom’s products exist in four different kinds: 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz. This might be a Boon for first-time users as it would give them a space to try out the product and then purchase a bigger size if they find it to be an ideal fit for them.

One of the crucial factors that makes Kraken Kratom stand out from the other brands is their certification from the American Kratom Association (AKA). This might be one of the shred of evidences for the manufacturers to produce 100% organically derived Kratom.

Another factor that makes Kraken Kratom unique is the rewards they provide for their customers. The website offers points for purchasing, rating, and recommending their products to other users which can be claimed as a discount on their next purchase.

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Availability- Where Is Kraken Kratom Available And How Much Does It Cost?

Kraken Kratom is available for purchase on its official website.

Customers can avail of extra discount by subscribing to the brand and receiving exclusive deals and discount coupons. The prices of the products vary with the size and the strain you choose. The list of the products available on their official website with their pricing are:

• Kratom powders of different strains ranging from 28 g to 225 g retails for anywhere between $9.99 to $79.99
• Kratom extracts and Enhanced Kratom of different strains and quantities retails for anywhere between $19.95 to $169.99
• Kratom capsules of different strains ranging from counts of 5 to 20 counts retails for anywhere between $9.99 to $79.99

As per their official website, Kraken Kratom offers a refund policy of 30 days but the refund is only valid on products that have been returned unopened.

#3. Golden Monk - Organic Kratom

Best Kratom Vendors: Top Verified Brands To Buy Kratom Online

Brand Overview

Golden Monk is a brand that was launched in the year 2016 and was initially originated from Canada, which was later headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Being a recently launched brand, Golden Monk has gained enough public reputation on the quality of Kratom products it offers to its consumers. The makers of Golden Monk strive to provide the most premium quality of Kratom strains to its users.

Golden Monk sources its Kratom varieties from Indonesia which has the ideal conditions for producing highly potent strains of Kratom. The makers of Golden Monk have closely partnered with Indonesia's Kratom farmers to attain pure, fresh, mature, and highly efficient strains of Kratom for their product range.

The alkaloid content of Kratom strain plays a vital role in its potency. Keeping this in mind, Golden Monk has brought forth a line full of good quality Kratom products carrying different strains and quantities for users to choose from.

Even though they are a recent brand, Golden Monk has received an accreditation from The American Kratom Association (AKA), and has been recognised under cGMP for adhering to good manufacturing practices.

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• The brand has been accredited with the approval of the American Kratom Association (AKA)
• Orders that have been placed before 10:00 AM PST are delivered on the same day.
• The manufacturers of Golden Monk source its Kratom varieties from Indonesia.
• Bulk orders are comparatively economically feasible
• It carries about 11 different varieties of most pure and potent Kratom strains through its products
• All of Golden Monk’s products are third party lab tested and undergo a six stage advanced test to rule out the most minute contaminants in their products.
• The products are available in the form of both powders and capsules with varying options in its quantities and intensities depending on the strain.
• The Double layered packing provided by the manufacturer ensures the product to remain fresh for longer periods of time.
• The official website offers a 30 day money back guarantee.


• A few strains of Golden Monk’s Kratom products might be a little intense on a few people.

Exploring The Product Line Of Golden Monk

According to its official website, Golden Monk offers about 11 different strains of Kratom products including Red Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Thai, Red Borneo, Red Indo, White Maeng Da, White Bali, White Borneo, Green Borneo, and Super Green Malay.

According to the needs of the consumer, one can either individually choose a blend of strains to treat their necessary concerns.

Lab Testing

Golden Monk strives to provide good quality Kratom products for their users which is why they remain completely transparent about their lab testing. There are about 6 different advanced tests that third party labs conduct on Golden Monk’s products to rule out any quality mishaps. These tests include:

• A Microbe screening test to rule out traces of mould, yeast, bacteria, and pathogens
• A Heavy metals screening to rule out any traces of toxic metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, or cadmium
• An Alkaloid screening to determine the concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

The creators of Golden Monk also ensure to keep a check on the sanitation and the quality of its manufacturing facilities to prevent any kind of contamination in the products. The packaging of the products are also double layered to make sure what is inside remains fresh for longer periods of time.

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What Makes Golden Monk Kratom Stand Out From Others?

Within a short span of time, Golden Monk has established its reputation in the Kratom market by being one of the few vendors who have been approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA) and has received certification from cGMP for Good Manufacturing practices. This might be an add on to the reliability and trust factor associated with the reputation of the brand.

Golden Monk uses about 6 advanced tests through its third party labs to ensure that what they provide is of premium quality and there are no traces of contaminants or additives in them.

The customer service of Golden Monk is another reason that might make it stand out from other products. Their customer care executives are available to contact via phone and email for assistance in queries related to their brand or products.

Availability- Where Is Golden Monk Available And How Much Does It Cost?

Golden Monk is available for purchase on it’s official website.

The price of each product varies with the type of Kratom product you choose, the strain it belongs to, and its quantity. The price list for different kratom products are as follows:

• Kratom powders of different strains ranging from 250 g to 1000 g retails for anywhere between $39.99 to $89.99
• Kratom capsules of different strains carrying a concentration of 500 mg per capsule, ranging from counts of 250- 2000 counts retails for anywhere between $44.99 to $254.99.

As per Golden Monk’s official website, the manufacturers offer free shipping on orders above $49.99. They also offer special rewards and discounts along with a 30 day money back guarantee along with terms and conditions mentioned on their official website.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Kratom?

A few health benefits Kratom might provide are:

• Kratom for Addiction Recovery

Kratom’s opioid-like properties do put people into doubt if it is as harmful as substances like heroin or morphine. The reality is that Kratom exhibits only opioid-like effects and does not interfere with the opiate receptors, which keeps it under very low chances for addiction.

These similar effects of Kratom might enable an individual to free themselves from long term dependency of opioid like substances, which might help overcome opioid addiction.

Kratom might also be helpful in treating symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal including nausea and vomiting, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, and many more. The side effects associated with these might also be relatively low mainly because Kratom is a naturally derived herb.

• Kratom for Brain Health:

The liver consists of Phase I and Phase II enzymes that help break down the alkaloids contained in Kratom to help provide the body with its benefits.

Our brain carries several receptors, few among which are the Mu receptors, the delta receptors, and the kappa receptors that are responsible for optimal cognitive functioning. The brain also requires an optimal amount of energy for its balanced functioning.

The Kratom alkaloids processed by the liver attach themselves to the Mu, delta, and kappa receptors that might help show an improvement in one’s cognitive abilities. Kratom may also help in boosting energy levels in the body and in turn improve thinking, cognitive functioning and brain health.

However if abused, Kratom may cause cognitive impairment. It is therefore recommended to contact a doctor before going for a kratom product.

• Kratom for Diabetes

The high concentration of alkaloids contained in Kratom exhibit an interaction with the receptors present in the hypothalamus of the brain which might prove beneficial to not only regulate the levels of insulin and glucose but also to help suppress the cravings for sugar and sweeteners.

This suppression of sugar cravings might also play a role in helping reduce signs of obesity in the body.

However, there aren't many studies, backing up these benefits of kratom for diabetes, therefore it is always best to get the advice of your doctor before making a decision.

How To Choose The Right Kratom Product For Yourself?

There are thousands of Kratom vendors who are selling Kratom in various forms including powders, capsules, extracts, or crushed leaves. You can administer any of these forms by either consuming them directly or combiningthe powder or extract in food, smoothies, or other beverages.

One of the few methods that South-Eastern Asians popularly use is by either chewing the Kratom leaves directly or brewing a tea and consuming it.

There are some of us out there who might have trouble with consuming the bitter flavor of Kratom. In this case capsules might be an ideal fit for you. Capsules might be considered the better option of administration, as its dosages are premixed with the precision and this might help prevent you from the risk of falling prey to overdose.


Q1. Is Kratom Safe For Use?

Kratom is a naturally derived herb that aims to provide Analgesic, Euphoric, and Relaxing effects to the body. There are very low chances for the herb to show any harm to the body if consumed in the recommended amounts.

However it is important to note that if an individual has any kind of allergy, is taking any medication, or is combining Kratom with other stimulants, then this might put them into the risk of side effects. You can also refer to this review to get a detailed review to know which kratom will suit best for you. Thus it is important to consume Kratom under medical supervision under such circumstances.

Q2. Is It Legal To Buy Kratom?

As per the decision that The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had announced in 2016 to categorize Kratom as a Schedule I drug, there was a huge stir of controversies from the public regarding the categorization of Kratom..

This was when the public were given an opportunity to voice out their opinion and a majority of them spoke in favor of Kratom’s benefits, which had led the DEA to call off their statement to categorize Kratom as a Schedule I drug.

After this incident, Kratom was considered legal in the United States at the federal level. However, there are still some states that have had mixed opinions regarding Kratom’s ban; however most of these bans have reversed after exploring the benefits that Kratom has proven to provide.

Q3. Do All Colors Of Kratom Show The Same Effects?

Each color or Kratom depicts the strain it hails from, and the effect of Kratom varies with the strain and color you choose. If you are someone who is starting off with Kratom, then the mellow effects of Red Vein Kratom might be an ideal fit for you. White Vein Kratom and Green Vein Kratom might be an ideal fit for users who have some experience using Kratom.

In Conclusion: Which Is The Best Place To Buy Kratom?

Kratom is a herb that has lately been gaining recognition by the healthcare industry and science for the benefits it is capable of providing.

However, there are several factors that play an important role in helping you choose the right Kratom vendor for yourself. Some of these might include the brand reputation, customer reviews, the lab testing, and the product range they offer. From our point of view, Kats Botanicals is the best one.

It is also important to note that even though consuming Kratom in limited quantities might bring about an array of benefits, overdosage and abuse of the herb can put one into serious consequences.

Thus, it is crucial to seek medical opinion for optimal dosages, and avoid mixing Kratom with other stimulants like opioid drugs or alcohol to avoid the risk of being vulnerable to side effects.

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