Best HGH Supplements 2020: Top Human Growth Hormone Boosters

Nov 13, 2020 at 3:20 pm

Human growth hormone is a pituitary gland-produced protein substance that plays a fundamental and vital role in our body's youthful ability to – you guessed it – grow. By using body composition regulating HGH supplements for supporting body fluids, bone density and muscle growth, the metabolizing of sugars and fats, cellular repair and even enhanced heart function, hormone growth hormone supplementation for men and women is of great interest for those looking to prolong the fountain of youth appearance most enjoy while being young and in their prime.

The use of HGH boosting supplements for peak performance and physical fitness really comes down to following the right lifestyle habits and leveraging the right extra enhancements in the form of natural human growth hormone boosters. However, to supplement is to enhance, and the best HGH supplements are exactly that, an extra human growth hormone booster that helps increase the production of this life-supporting substance that we all have so abundantly while young and slowly depletes as we age.

Let's jump right into the best HGH supplements to review this year. Below the top human growth hormone releasers list, there is a specific set of the exact criteria used to determine how the top rated HGH boosters were ranked, along with an entire guide on how HGH works and the beneficial nature of using human growth hormone supplementation.

Top 3 Best HGH Supplements of 2020

By now, it is safe to say all consumers know that not all HGH products are created equally. Knowing no two products are made the same way, and the near-toxic overwhelm of so many cheap, ineffective HGH supplements out there, we’ve trudged the industry to bring you the best HGH supplements of 2020.

#1 GenF20®Plus

Most HGH supplements on the market rely on a single pill's efficiency, but not GenF20®Plus! This potent HGH supplement uses oral supplements and an AlphaGPC oral spray to stimulate your HGH secretion in your body.

Not only that, but GenF20®Plus is one of the only HGH supplements on the market that is supported by a clinical study. In this study, 61 participants suffering from poor sleep, decreased libido, and lowered memory functions were split into two groups – one group was given GenF20®Plus, and the other was given a placebo. At the end of the study, all the participants had increased HGH levels, and their problems related to HGH deficiency were alleviated. The researchers also noted that GenF20®Plus is safe for long-term consumption.

The reason for the efficiency of GenF20®Plus lies in its ingredients. Its main active ingredients, anterior pituitary gland powder and GABA, work in tandem with 13 other all-natural herbs, vitamins, and amino acids proven to effectively stimulate HGH secretion. Because of this, you reap the benefits of a healthy HGH level in your body: elevated energy levels, better mental capabilities, and heightened libido.

Not only that, but GenF20®Plus is also especially helpful in maintaining your muscle mass. L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, and GTF Chromium help your body build more lean muscles and shed extra belly fat to show off your gains. Colostrum and Deer Antler Velvet help you get younger-looking skin and improve your bone and joint health. GenF20®Plus also reduces stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression with L-Tyrosine and L-Glycine. To promote better absorption, this HGH supplement is manufactured with an enteric absorption system.

Although GenF20®Plus can sometimes take weeks to see the results, it is one of the safest HGH boosters that give you long-term and stable effects.

#2 HyperGH 14X™

Formulated for athletes and bodybuilders, HyperGH 14X™ is, by far, the most sophisticated HGH booster for performance enhancement in your gym. It brings your HGH production a step further by using an ideal dose for exercise-induced growth hormone response (EIGR).

It gives you another chance at achieving a ripped physique by reducing your recovery time, boosting your metabolism, and breaking down fat deposits in your body. This is thanks to its proprietary blend of 15 effective HGH boosters, like L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, Pituitary powder, Astragalus root, and Deer Velvet Antler. It can also help your sexual functions fire on all cylinders and relaxes your mind – problems that many men with low HGH face.

Like GenF20®Plus, the benefits of HyperGH 14X™ can be boosted with the included AlphaGPC oral spray. AlphaGPC is believed to be a precursor to acetylcholine, which is linked to better muscle development. This spray can help you achieve 4100% more exercise-induced HGH than the measly 2.6% achievable without the spray.

This dietary supplement plus the AlphaGPC oral spray is the lethal combo you need to shred and gain in the gym.

#3 GenFX™

If you want to reap the weight-loss benefits of HGH supplements without breaking your bank, GenFX™ is what you need.

It is chocked full of essential amino acids that gently stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more HGH. L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, and L-Glutamine, in particular, are shown in clinical studies to encourage the secretion of HGH. Since these amino acids promote muscle growth and burn fat cells, you can use GenFX™ to get a better physique effectively. With the increase of HGH levels, you’ll also enjoy fewer wrinkles, a higher energy level, and better physical performance.

Besides that, this amino acid-based HGH supplement also contains ginseng powder and bovine pituitary anterior powder. These ingredients not only increase the potency of GenFX™ but also give you additional benefits like improved circulation between neurons, better cholesterol levels, and enhanced virility.

And there you have it: the top three best HGH supplements in 2020. The best HGH booster for you, however, depends on what you truly need.

How We Ranked The HGH Supplements?

Like we’ve said before, good HGH supplements are few and far between. To help you make the most concise purchase decision, we’ve based our review on a few factors that we think make up the best HGH booster.

Ingredients: Without a doubt, the active ingredients are the star of the show as they make up the entire formula. Because of this, we only chose products that include ingredients with proven track records with increasing HGH levels. Not only that, but we’ve only reviewed products that utilize all-natural ingredients as these minimize the risk of adverse side effects.

Side Effects: Taking oral supplements is meant to improve your health, not make it worse. Since everyone reacts differently to supplements, it is impossible to guarantee a lack of side effects. All the products we have reviewed and tested do not seem to have adverse side effects, for what it's worth.

Type of Supplements: You can take HGH in a variety of different ways: pills, sprays, injections, etc. Oral supplements are, by far, the safest way to consume HGH without subjecting your body to too much HGH at one go. These supplements are often made to give you a slow but safe incline of your HGH level, giving it a long-term potential to give you the best effects over time. Some supplements we’ve listed in our review comes with an oral spray that can exponentially increase its benefits and effects.

Price And Value: This has always been our motto: you don’t have to go broke just to get swole. Of course, you can get quality HGH supplements at any price point, but we find HGH boosters that are around the price range of $40-$80 offers the best value. These supplements are not too expensive for those who want to use them long-term but has a price point that is valid enough for the inclusion of quality ingredients.

Money-Back Guarantee: How can you trust a product that isn’t endorsed by its own manufacturer? No matter how good a product is, it cannot possibly work for everyone. Protected by a money-back guarantee, you can try as many products as you like and find the best one that works for you without burning a hole in your wallet. All the products listed on our list are covered by a 67-day fuss-free money-back guarantee, courtesy of Leading Edge Health.

The reviews and research of the best HGH boosters above are all focused on enhancing the body's human growth hormone production. Now that you have seen the top proven HGH supplements to buy today, let's take it all the way back to square one and make sure everyone properly understands what HGH actually is.

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What Is HGH?

Human Growth Hormones (HGH) is a hormone produced by your pituitary gland at the base of your brain. In adolescence, it is the hormone responsible for helping kids grow taller. But it is also an extremely vital hormone that helps balance out all other hormones, even in adulthood. There isn’t an area in your body that HGH doesn’t touch.

Not only that, but a healthy supply of HGH keeps you psychologically healthy. It maintains your sense of well-being. Keeping you happy, engaged, and able to handle stress. Physically, it keeps your heart healthy, lowers your inflammation rate and cholesterol level, and keeps your bones solid.

HGH also gained a lot of popularity among athletes and bodybuilders since it helps your body heals faster. Not only that, but it can help you maintain muscle mass, shed belly fat, metabolize fat and protein, as well as synthesize amino acids. This is because HGH stimulates IGF-1 – the insulin-like growth factor that is the main driver of tissue growth. Together, HGH and IGF-1 help you build more muscle and burn more fat.

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How Does HGH Deficiency Affect Your Body?

The levels of the HGH in your body decreases naturally as you age, especially after the age of 35. The rate of decline varies according to your lifestyle habits. But generally, you can expect to produce less than one-third of the amount you secrete when you are 35 by the time you are 65.

HGH deficiency is pretty hard to detect since you would just feel depressed and fighting against aging. Psychologically, you might feel more irritable and less inclined to socialize. You might also have less libido as lowered HGH levels cause the production of your sex hormones to slow down.

Physically, you will gain more weight around your belly, have aching bones, and thinning hair. You might also feel like taking more naps throughout the day. This is bad news for people who like to stay active and swole since it will get harder to maintain your performance and gains.

Boost Your HGH And Recover Faster Without Side Effects

Are you feeling tired and depressed all the time? Are your gains going to waste no matter how hard you try to exercise and push your limits? You might have an HGH deficiency.

Synthetic HGH injections can quickly pump up your HGH levels, but it can also expose you to the risk of overdosing. As a result, instead of rocking a buff bod, you might end up looking like an oversized lobster!

Instead, we would recommend HGH supplements. These oral supplements are perfect long-term solutions to HGH supplements since they are often less risky than injections. This is because it encourages your body to slowly produce its own growth hormones rather than introduce artificial hormones into your body. As a result, you enjoy benefits such as:

Better muscle growth

According to a study investigating the effect of HGH on muscle growth, people who use HGH supplements and workout had significantly more muscle tissue than those who didn’t. This is because HGH supplements heighten the collagen synthesis in your tendons and muscles. Not only that, but it can also help you build more lean muscle without putting in a crap ton of effort.

Better bone healing

During puberty, the pituitary gland regulates your bone growth by producing HGH. In turn, HGH prompts your liver to produce more IGF-1, which is an important contributor to good bone development and health. Not only does it protect your bones from fracturing in the first place, but it also promotes better bone healing. Even in old age, using HGH supplements regularly can result in stronger bones.

Better weight loss

HGH has always been linked to weight loss because it promotes lipolysis – the process of breaking down fat molecules in your body. When you’re not producing enough growth hormones, this process is impaired, and you gain weight, especially around the abdominal area. As an adult, you’ll also decrease the risk of diseases like diabetes by using HGH supplements regularly.

Enhanced exercise performance

It’s no secret that HGH boosts physical performance for both men and women. The effects it has on physical performance are not only on the increase of lean muscles but also on carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Besides that, using HGH supplements regularly can also reduce your recovery time as it promotes muscle healing. Because of this, you can enjoy the same gains without feeling like falling apart after leg day.

Final Thoughts

Most who think about human growth hormone supplementation may equate it to male enhancement pills or testosterone boosters or any sexual performance products. But growth hormone is so much more than that, as GH is something that affects many vital health functions within the body on a daily basis. So while the muscle growth and strength increase are the headline benefits, there are quite a bit of anti-aging properties to admire here as well. According to Healthline, there are 11 scientifically validated ways based on real evidence on how to naturally boost HGH levels in the body. But aside from all the cheap products available that claim to naturally boost human growth hormone production in the body, these were the clear cut winners of the most reputable, trustworthy and potent HGH releasing pills available today.

Gen20 Plus® is an excellent HGH booster for someone who wants a more rounded approach when it comes to elevating your HGH levels. Not only is it made to be better absorbed for your body, but it is also packed full of ingredients that do a little bit of everything in addition to boosting your HGH levels: improve your sexual performance, enhance cognitive functions, decrease wrinkles and fine lines, build muscle tone and mass, shed body fat, and more.

If you are an athlete or simply looking to get more gains in the gym, HyperGH 14X® might be something more up your speed. The AlphaGPC oral spray, in combination with the oral supplements, is sure to give your athletic performance a leg up and reduce your recovery time.

For the budget-conscious consumer, GenFX® can give you the extra help you need to maintain a healthy HGH level without breaking the bank. It does take longer to achieve the results you gain from Gen20 Plus® and HyperGH 14X®, but it is the ideal solution if you don’t have much to spend.

This review of the best HGH supplements consisting of human growth hormone releasers and boosters will update if more valid intel and valuable insights come forth.