Best Dating Sites For Pregnant Moms - 6+ Sites To Get You Back Out There (2024)

Pregnant women want to get the most out of their lives as they prepare to welcome a new one into the world. Many pregnant women are single and looking for love. Be it a failed relationship or the use of a sperm donor, women are recognizing they don't need to be in a relationship to start a family. They have every right to meet attractive new singles, whether to have some great conversation, date, have sex, and even fall in love. For many of these women, the first step to that is signing up for a dating site or dating app.

It may seem strange to encounter pregnant women on a dating site for some men, but others recognize that some women are at their most attractive while pregnant. They want to be desired and experience romance at a time when they're feeling great about themselves. Sometimes, they just want someone to talk to about their experience. Whatever the case, you can find a healthy way to get to know someone new by dipping your toes into online dating.

That said, pregnant singles are also putting their thoughts of the future and family first. They don't want to be on any old dating site. They want to meet singles in a safe environment where they can date without complicated explanations, fear of judgment, and other concerns that can hold an expectant mom back from enjoying her social life. If you're a babe with a bump who is looking for love, these dating sites are safe, accepting spaces where a pregnant woman can meet a special someone, be it casual or long-term.

Best Dating Sites For Pregnant Moms:

eHarmony - Best For Single Moms To Be
Ashley Madison - Best Site To Find Someone To Help
AdultFriendFinder - Best For An Open-Minded Community
Silver Singles - Best Site To Meet Someone With Kids
Love Begins At - Best Site To Find An Older Partner
Match - Best Site For Serious Commitment
CoffeeMeetsBagel - Best For Low-Pressure Dating

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eHarmony is one of the leading dating sites out there. They've done a lot of work over the years to ensure that their users are both happy and safe throughout their online dating experience. There are many success stories from single women who have met the men of their dreams.

Pregnancy certainly doesn't have to stand in the way of that, but pregnant women should be aware that many of the users on eHarmony are looking for long-term relationships, so it's not ideal for those who are just looking for someone to chat with online.

Like other dating websites, eHarmony is free to sign up for, but there are premium features that can make it easier to meet some wonderful matches.


Adult Friend Finder boasts one of the world's most diverse pools of users. In addition, reviewers say that the singles on this site are some of the most open-minded, which makes it an interesting place for pregnant singles to meet someone special.

Because Adult Friend Finder has such a wide user base worldwide, it makes it a bit more challenging for singles in certain areas to find someone local to match with for in-person dates. This site could be an awesome choice if you're looking to make friends or meet people interested in chatting long-distance.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison has reinvented itself from its previous reputation as a dating site for married people interested in dating. However, it's still a site for people looking for less conventional methods of dating.

If you're a pregnant woman, an unconventional relationship could be attractive. Your pregnancy wouldn't be the only unusual element, which can relieve pressure for some. It's a unique scene for online dating, but users have raved at improved security features that make it a safe place for singles to meet.

On Ashley Madison, you can expect to find users that want to help lend a hand. If you’re a single mom with one on the way this could be exactly what you are looking for.

Silver Singles

Silver Singles may seem like an unusual place for pregnant women to date, but for the pregnant single interested in meeting an older guy, it's the perfect place. Many pregnant singles are looking to get to know responsible men who understand their situation. Older men, some of which may be parents themselves, can be some of the most understanding.

Many single women believe an older man can be more giving in all the areas where it counts, which is another reason why a pregnant woman might want to join a senior single's site. These men are willing to do whatever it takes to bring you joy and meet your every desire as you navigate this time in your life. Whether you're looking for stimulating conversations or a physical connection, they can be some of the most understanding of a pregnant woman's needs.

Love Begins At

Love Begins At is a website that helps people find singles over the age of 40. Some pregnant women looking to get to know new people are over 4o themselves, making this a viable place to meet a potential match.

This dating site has been praised as a fun community to meet new people for great conversations and fun dates. Many users on Love Begins At are looking for someone to connect with online to chat with and get to know, sometimes leading to new friends and sometimes leading to love. The age group makes it likely that many of the singles you're talking to are parents themselves and understand what you're going through, so you can find support even if you don't necessarily find romance.


Match is another highly-rated site where singles can meet someone looking for long-term love. Match is a well-known dating website, which means that you're more likely to have people local to your area using the trusted platform. When it comes to pregnant dating, Match is excellent for the pregnant single who wants to go beyond dating and find someone to commit to.

Match is one of the sites that use a personality assessment and scientifically derived algorithm to help you find the best matches for you. For a woman with a baby on the way, Match is also an attractive option because it puts the safety of its users at the forefront of its website's policies.


Coffee Meets Bagel is another great site for pregnant singles looking for a relationship. This free dating app delivers members a handful of matches, called bagels, each day to browse after you create your profile. These picks have already met your criteria and have liked your profile.

From there, a woman can choose who the viable dates are and who they'll pass on. The app puts the power to choose in a woman's hands, which makes the platform attractive to pregnant women. You have 24 hours to make a decision about anyone you're considering. If you do decide to like their profile, you're open to begin chatting immediately.

A pregnant woman might also feel comfortable on the platform because it's one of few where the number of women is greater than the number of men, with a 60:40 ratio.

Are There Any Dating Sites Specifically For Expectant Moms?

Currently, there aren't any dating sites or dating apps explicitly devoted to pregnant women and dating. Some argue that that's a good thing. Pregnant women worry about their safety, and some think a devoted site would make it more challenging to ensure that. Instead, many pregnant women are turning to existing dating platforms with solid reviews and relying on the experiences of other pregnant women to find what's right for them.

Should I Tell My Date I'm Pregnant?

If you're simply looking for someone to talk to long-distance, then it's up to you what details you disclose as far as your pregnancy and any other area of your life. If you plan on taking your online dating to the real world, you want to let a potential partner know about your baby. Pregnancy isn't the kind of thing you want to spring on someone unexpectedly after agreeing to meet for dinner.

Honesty is always the best foot to start a relationship off on, so you'll likely want to share your news with any interested parties. If you're signing up for a dating website, you're hoping the man or woman you meet is willing to be open and honest with you. The least you can do is return the favor where you feel comfortable and safe doing so.

What About Dating After Baby?

Some pregnant women fear that dating while pregnant may be easier than dating after a baby. Of course, there will be new challenges in your life after becoming a single mom. There are a ton of options for single parents to date. Depending on the partner you meet and how you choose to pursue your relationship, there's a chance to continue things after you have your baby. However, you won't know until you get out there, so it's important to give online dating a fair shot. Start with a chat and measure how comfortable you are. It can be a lot of fun and alleviate some of the loneliness of going at pregnancy and parenting solo.

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