Best CBD Oil for Pain: 2020's Top Companies

There are a lot of prescription medications designed to manage chronic pain. The problem is that these medications are often addictive or have harmful side effects.

A lot of people are turning to alternative pain-management options like cannabidiol — one of the primary active ingredients in the cannabis plant. This compound is completely non-psychoactive and has a powerful pain-killing action.

Unfortunately, not all CBD oils are created equal. While there are many high-quality oils that do a great job at fighting pain, others are just going to burn holes in your wallet without offering much benefit.

Here, we’ll cover three of the best CBD oils for pain. All three of these brands have an excellent track record and thousands of happy customers using CBD oils to manage their pain.

What Are the Best CBD Oils For Pain?

1. Royal CBD - Editor’s Pick

Royal CBD is a well-respected manufacturer operating out of California — often featured on the lists of the best CBD oils from industry-experts including CFAH and Daily CBD.

This brand has also been mentioned as a top-contender on popular media outlets such as Venture Beat, SF Weekly, LA Weekly, Orlando Weekly, and several others.

This company makes several different types of CBD products — ranging from topicals and CBD-infused gummies to this award-winning CBD oil.

Royal CBD oils come in four different potencies:

1. 250 mg — low-potency, suitable for low-grade pain
2. 500 mg — medium-potency, suitable for mild to moderate pain
3. 1000 mg — high-potency, suitable for most chronic pain
4. 2500 mg — ultra-high potency, suitable for most chronic or treatment-resistant pain

These oils contain a full-spectrum hemp extract made with supercritical CO2. The result is a high-grade hemp extract rich in cannabinoids including, but not limited to CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN — all of which have been shown to work together to produce the pain-killing benefits of cannabis plants.

These full-spectrum oils are also rich in hemp-derived terpenes — which are volatile compounds that give hemp its characteristic aroma. These compounds offer additional benefits by improving the absorption of CBD, slowing its breakdown, or offering direct anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits of their own.

For those who don’t like the natural taste of hemp oils, you can also buy Royal CBD oil in flavored form — with flavors including peppermint, vanilla, and berry — all of which do a good job at masking the natural hemp flavor of this premium hemp oil.

2. Gold Bee - Runner Up

Gold Bee is a small CBD company from the state of California. Before stepping into the world of CBD, Gold Bee was making superfoods and organic honey.

The Gold Bee team takes CBD oil production very seriously. The founder even created his own innovative extraction technique that maintains much higher ratios of hemp-derived terpenes than most CBD oils on the market. The result of this method is an exceptionally potent, terpene-rich CBD oil.

This oil is so potent, industry experts - editors from Weed News recommend you start with a slightly smaller dose of this brand's CBD oils than you’d normally use — especially when trying this brand for the first time. The high concentration of terpenes in the final product gives this oil much more versatility through a concept called the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a concept whereby all the compounds contained in the hemp plant work together to produce stronger activity together than any of them could on their own.

Gold Bee CBD oils come in three different potencies:

• 300 mg
— low potency, suitable for mild pain only
• 600 mg — medium potency, suitable for mild to moderate pain
• 1200 mg — high potency, suitable for mild to severe pain

These CBD oils are some of the best in the business, yet the company doesn’t mark up its products the way you’d expect from an oil of this quality. In fact, Gold Bee CBD oil doesn’t cost any more than the standard CBD oils you’ll find online — even though they’re much stronger than comparable CBD oil options.

Gold Bee has been awarded one of the top CBD manufacturers on the market for 2020 by popular outlets such as Observer, City Beat, CL Tampa, and more.

3. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a large CBD company operating out of both the United States and Europe.

Unlike Royal CBD or Gold Bee, all Hemp Bombs CBD oils are made from a CBD isolate. This means all the terpenes and other cannabinoids have been removed before it goes into the bottle.

While there are some benefits to using CBD isolate (such as being completely THC-free), isolates are generally weaker than the equivalent dose of a full-spectrum oil — so you’ll need to take a larger dose of this stuff than the other oils on the list to get the same results.

With that aside, this oil is exceptionally smooth-tasting due to the absence of hemp terpenes. It’s also a better option for people taking other prescription medications because there are fewer compounds for the oil to potentially interact with.

Being a CBD isolate also helps reduce the price of the oil — though this is probably leveled out when you consider that you have to take larger doses of this stuff for the same effects as a full-spectrum option.

Hemp Bombs CBD oils are available in a wide range of flavor and potency options:

• 125 mg — very low potency, not suitable for pain symptoms
• 300 mg — low potency, suitable for very mild pain symptoms
• 600 mg — medium potency, suitable for mild pain
• 1000 mg — high potency, suitable for moderate pain
• 2000 mg — high potency, suitable for moderate to severe symptoms
• 4000 mg — ultra-high potency, suitable for most pain symptoms

Just like Royal CBD and Gold Bee, Hemp Bombs is third-party tested for quality assurance and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is also the only company on the list available outside the United States.

Using Additional Terpenes in CBD For Pain

CBD is just one of the many active ingredients in the hemp plant that help with pain.

A class of compounds called terpenes are especially notable when it comes to managing pain. Some terpenes block pain signals directly, such as myrcene, bisabolol, and linalool. Others work by reducing inflammation, relaxing tight or spastic muscle fibers, or boosting the effects of CBD itself.

This is why it’s recommended you find a brand of CBD oil that’s made from a full-spectrum hemp extract, or simply combine hemp terpene extracts from companies specializing in terpenes extraction like Finest Labs, True Terpenes, Mr Extractor,... alongside your CBD oil for added benefit.

Summary: What’s the Best CBD Oil for Pain

Pain can be debilitating. It affects your ability to focus at work, it can keep you up at night, and it generally results in a lower quality of life.

While there are a lot of prescription pain management medications, many of these compounds are highly addictive and come with a long list of negative side effects.

As a result, a lot of people are reaching for their bottle of CBD oil instead to help manage their pain. CBD has been proven safe even in large doses and over long periods of time.

A lot of people are using CBD oils with other health supplements to manage pain — such as kratom for muscle pain (read more on, turmeric for inflammatory pain, or magnesium for PMS pain.

While there are plenty of excellent CBD brands on the market, they’re often hard to distinguish between the bad ones that should be avoided at all costs. In order to make your search for an effective CBD oil even quicker, start with our shortlist of the top-three CBD oil brands on the market for supporting pain — you won’t be disappointed.
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