Best Canadian Seed Banks 2021: Top 10 Seed Banks Canada (Trusted, Reliable, and Reputable Online Seed Bank)

With Canada law legalizing the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational use, the country is a haven for 420 fans. As it is, Canada is where you can buy the best cannabis seeds in the market.

For customers in the US who may have trouble purchasing from local seed banks, with the different legal restrictions per stats, high-quality marijuana seeds are still accessible from Canadian seed banks thanks to discreet global shipping.

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you some Canadian seed bank reviews for those looking to outsource beyond the states.

Top 10 Seed Banks Canada That Ship To USA

Evaluating The Best Canadian Seed Banks

Knowing the best Canadian seed banks is a must to make the most out of your money and get the best cannabis seeds. After all, returning seeds for replacement or refund to another country altogether is a hassle you don’t want to go through. Below we’ve listed down our considerations when we review the top 10 best Canadian seed banks and make it easier for you.

  • Price. Is it value for money? Which stores offer the best prices? Of course, not all stores offer the same price as distributors, and retailers may cost their products a bit higher.
  • Customer Service. Dealing with cannabis seeds costs many, so they expect to see good customer service from seed banks. Customer service also includes after-sales services like replacements, warranties, loyalty programs, and more.
  • Germination Guarantee. Germination guarantee means that your seeds will grow and sprout and not rot or remain as seeds in the soil. The best seed banks offer a germination guarantee, and in the case that the roots don’t sprout, they have alternative solutions to offer.
  • Payment Options. It helps if a seed bank is flexible with payment options considering the preference and privacy of their customers. You might be pleasantly surprised that quite a lot of them also offer payments through bitcoin and e-wallets.
  • Stealth Shipping. Packaging is not a problem in Canada since the marijuana trade is legal but in the US, better to be safe than sorry. Part of our selection and review criteria is the seed banks’ services for stealth shipping since a lot of discretion is required when treating the substance for the security of both parties.
  • Ships to the USA. We’re talking about Canadian seed banks; shipping to the US is a must; otherwise, there would be no point in this. Apart from guaranteed shipping, some may offer express delivery depending on the area or next-day delivery.

Top 10 Seed Banks Canada That Ship To USA

#1 Crop King Seeds (British Columbia, Canada)

One of the very first things to like about Crop King Seeds is their user-friendly website. It’s very easy to navigate and quickly leads you to the type of product you are looking for. Their product pages are also very comprehensive, with details on the product itself, product bundles and prices, payment options (no need to wait for check out to view these!), and additional information for growers. To help gain the confidence of customers, each product page also contains customer reviews!

Being experts in the business, they know how stealth shipping works. Operating since 2005, their almost two decades of experience have surely turned them into marijuana seeds packaging experts. While customers in Canada will receive their original packaging, they also ship to the USA and discreet forms like pens, flashlights, birthday cards, and any other nondescript random object.


  • Very comprehensive website
  • Experts in stealth shipping
  • Value-adding grow guides per products
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • Consistent in releasing new strains from own research
  • Free shipping at US$200 orders
  • US$ 20 to US$40 for express shipping with tracker for guaranteed delivery
  • Express shipping may take up to 5 days

The ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) Seed Bank in California is deemed one of the best cannabis seed banks. From an initial scan of their website, two things immediately caught our attention: the abundance of grow guides and the Grow Support forum. For beginners, these are beneficial features and services which even pros and veteran growers will appreciate. The guides are easy to navigate as well based on the problem at hand. Another kind of guide that makes this unique are the non-seed products that are still essential to growing marijuana from the soil, equipment, etc. The guide features product reviews from customers themselves that they use when growing ILGM seeds.

ILGM’s price is on the higher side of the spectrum, but they guarantee handpicked seeds to ensure quality. Compared to some seed banks, their prices range from 10 to 20% higher.

You can’t help but love companies that accept multiple payment options. While ILGM does accept credit cards, they do not advise customers to proceed with this payment option as banks will most likely decline this as with any other cannabis-related transactions. They accept cash in envelope, bank transfer, Bill Pay, WIRE bank transfer, and Bitcoin. Those who pay with Bitcoin even get to enjoy a 10% discount!

ILGM is also a winner when it comes to customer service. They a very active online forum that helps people with their marijuana planting and growing questions and troubleshooting, with the founder Robert Bergman very involved in answering his customers’ queries.

In terms of support, customers will be glad to know that ILGM offers replacement of seeds should their investigation find that they are damaged.


  • Detailed grow guides
  • Provides growing equipment recommendation
  • Accepts many payment options, including Bill Pay and WIRE
  • Owner is very hand-on in the business, personally answers customer queries
  • Has 24/7 on-going promos
  • Offers US$5 off coupon to first-time customers
  • No need to pay extra for delivery tracking
  • Good VIP loyalty program and referral program
  • Get a 10% discount when you pay with Bitcoin
  • Prices are a bit higher than other seed banks
  • Only ships to US

#3 True North Seed Bank (Not Ship To USA)

True North Seed Bank is one of the top online seed banks based in Canada. While they do not produce their own seeds, TNSB prides itself in personally selecting the seeds it offers on its platform, all from premium growers and suppliers. We like this because it connects you to suppliers that may not ship to the US should you purchase directly from them. Some of their suppliers include Royal Queen Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Moxie Seeds, DNA Genetics, Delicious Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Serious Seeds, Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Green House Seed Company, G13 Labs, Paradise Seeds, and CBD Crew, among others.

With various suppliers on their platform, you’ll be glad to know that products are also offered in varying prizes based on suppliers. Say Gorilla Glue. One supplier offers it at US$31.42, while another offers it at US$74.73 for the same quantity. We advise customers to do a bit more research on the suppliers and evaluate further which seed they will add to their carts.

On payments, credit and debit cards are accepted but are subject to a 7.5% card processing fee. Cryptocurrencies are also accepted, and you’d be glad to know that they accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other kinds as well.

Discreet shipping is already a given, but for those who want to sleep well at night knowing that their package will arrive at their doorstep safely and sound, TNSB offers Guaranteed Delivery Insurance (available for Canada and USA only) and Extra Safe Shipping options.

They also have good customer support. Returns, refunds, and product exchanges are accepted within their set period with valid cause, and they will even refund return shipping costs.

They also have a very rewarding loyalty program. It allows returning customers to earn points for purchases and activities on their site, such as leaving reviews and signing up for newsletters. Birthday celebrants also receive points as gifts. The accumulated points may then be used to purchase seeds.

  • Offers a wide array of payment options including Bitcoin
  • Has a flat shipping fee regardless of number of order
  • All orders are trackable without extra fees
  • Monthly raffle of free seeds worth up to US$100 for newsletter subscribers
  • Loyalty Program Members who are birthday celebrants get extra points under their loyalty program
  • Worst International Shipping
  • May take up to 14 days for delivery
  • Guaranteed delivery insurance costs CA$ 19.99 (approx US$ 16.54)
  • Bank Transfer payments are subject to CA$17.50 fee (approx US$14.48)
  • 7.50% processing fee for credit and debit card payment

The company is fairly young, with over a decade in the industry, but it has slowly established itself as a reliable seed bank for private and commercial growers.

The prices of their seeds are in the average range of US$45 to US$70 for its retail pack of 5 seeds. The next quantity available is bulk sizes in 100, 500, and 1,000 seeds per order.

Their website is not as comprehensive as the previous ones we have reviewed, but it can be navigated easily. It’s very straightforward that the products ready to be added to the cart will welcome you as soon as the website loads. However, payment options are not stated in their FAQs but based on the MasterCard and Visa logos on the website, and there’s a high chance that they accept credit and debit cards.


  • Free seeds for orders over US$150
  • Offers products in packs of 3 and 5 for small purchases
  • US$10 is flat rate for shipping
  • No worldwide shipping. Canada and US only
  • May take up to 2 weeks to deliver to the US

Growers will love Sonoma Seeds since it prides itself with an 80% germination rate for its cannabis seeds. It also offers a bonus to customers who spend $240 and above; a treat of free 1o packs of seeds will be given. Since they market their products as premium, the prices of their products are slightly above average.

They offer 4 quantity packs in 5s, 10s, 25s, and 50s. Sonoma Seeds ships its products worldwide, including Canada and the US, and offers free shipping for orders $200 and above. They also have many payment options with Money Transfer, credit card, bitcoin, Interac, and cash.

Pretty sure you want to keep a close eye on your orders. For this, Sonoma Seeds offers Express Tracking for U.S and Canada customers with a tracking number. For Canada orders, shipping times are 3-5 days, and the U.S is 7-14 days.


  • Accepts multiple payment options including Bitcoin and Interac e-Transfer for Canadian customers only
  • Free shipping for orders US$200 and up
  • Offers over 500+ strains
  • Details product information per product page
  • 10% processing fee for Visa and Mastercard
  • Customers outside US and Canada need to pay International Shipping with Tracking for $30

#6 Rocket Seeds (Vancouver and California)

Like True North Seed Bank, they also do not produce their own seeds but rather carry from other suppliers, including Crop King Seeds. Their selection is not as wide as TNSB but from quality suppliers regardless.

Guaranteed delivery in stealth packaging is also what Rocket Seeds is known for. But apart from being discreet, Rocket Seeds also delivers fast. Canada customers can get their orders in as early as 2 days, while US customers will get their packages from 5-7 days. Shipping with tracking may set you back anywhere between $20 to $40, but they offer free delivery for orders $200 and up.

They are also flexible when it comes to forms of payment. They accept cash in the mail, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, and bitcoin! Those who pay with bitcoin get to enjoy a 15% discount on their orders.

For immediate concerns, they have an online chat box to help you out immediately which is a plus since some seed banks may take days to get back to via email.


  • Customers who pay with Bitcoin will enjoy a 15% discount
  • Always-on chat customer support
  • Flexible payment options including Paypal
  • Has a Germination Guarantee along with a recommended Germination Method
  • Shipping fees to the US are a bit pricey between US$20 to US$40

#7 Montreal Seed Bank (Canada)

It’s a fairly new company with just over 5 years under its belt, so the website is not as developed but goes straight to the add-to-cart function. It’s a bang for the buck with Montreal Seed Bank since they give free seeds for orders of US$150. Their standard retail packs also come in seeds of 5, and bulk can be bought in quantities of 100, 500, and 1,000.

If you’re a bit impatient, you might want to have some express shipping arrangement as the normal delivery period for US orders may take up to 2 weeks. But it’s a treat for Canadian customers since 24 hours shipping is available.

Payment options also aren’t stated in their sit apart from MasterCard and Visa logos, but you’ll find out upon check out.

Their telephone service is available from 10 am to 6 pm for those who want to order offline.

They have a fairly good selection with over a hundred products, and customer service seems good if the reviews are to go by.


  • Discreet ordering via telephone available
  • Free seeds for orders over US$150
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium payments
  • Ships to the US Regular shipping is just US$10
  • Will send replacement cannabis seeds to make up the difference of an 80% germination rate
  • No worldwide shipping. Canada and US only

#8 BC Bud Depot (British Columbia, Canada)

Their website shows a simplistic interface and gives off a very discreet operation, subtle yet assuring their service customers. BC Bud Depot’s claim to fame is the “most comprehensive marijuana seed bank.” It prides itself in developing award-winning seeds and has been bagging awards since 2004. Their latest was in 2019, taking home the #1 Genetics Cup of Genovar Awards for its CBD God.

Payments accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Cash, and Bitcoin. Returns and refunds are not accepted. But for lost, damaged, or confiscated orders, you’ll be glad to know that they will re-send you your orders if claims are valid. They advise that you wait for 30 days before declaring lost goods as they may just be held up in customs or may have encountered shipping delays. You may have to be a bit patient when it comes to delivery since their standard is 9 to 10 business days.

Product reviews are not available on their website, so customers might have to look at other platforms or check in other 420 networks to prove good service.


  • Known for producing award-winning seeds
  • Offers worldwide shipping
  • Resends damaged orders
  • Free seed packs when paying with Bitcoin
  • Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Bitcoin
  • No refunds and returns
  • Average delivery is 9-10 days

#9 Seedsman (the UK to Canada)

Seedsman is a UK-based online store that ships worldwide, including Canada and the US. They’re one of the most established seed banks known to seasoned growers and are guaranteed to provide high-quality cannabis seeds.

Guaranteed delivery? They have an online tracking system that you can access on their website to monitor the status of your shipment.

For payments, money orders, and checks via Western Union and MoneyGram, credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies, cash, band, and wire transfers. They also have store credit.

For long-time customers, they have a loyalty program that gives members exclusive perks. As a commitment to quality, they also have a money-back guarantee if the seeds are found to be defective and do not end up germinating despite the right conditions.

They also have a very comprehensive blog that covers a wide array of topics, including legislation, new strains, promos, and so much more.


  • Wide selection of payment options including Western Union and MoneyGram (the only seed bank on the list that offers these options)
  • Offers Shop Credits
  • Easy-to-earn loyalty program
  • Customers who pay with Bitcoin may get up to 25% discount and up to 4 free seeds
  • Free seeds for orders 30 euros and up (approx US$ 36.61)
  • Comprehensive customer support guide on website
  • Takes a while for packages to arrive, around 18 to 25 working days from UK

#10 Sensi Seed Bank (Amsterdam to Canada)

They are known as the oldest seed bank in the world, having been established in 1985. As proof of their expertise and longstanding presence, the Dutch government has secured their services to produce medical cannabis to be supplied to pharmacies. They also host the Cannabis Culture Awards.

Sensi Seeds also has its own research arm, which produces a new generation of strains from a combination of classics and legendary breeds. And since they produce their own seeds, many products on their site are quite affordable, with some products for as low as 22 euros (approx uS$ 27) for a pack of 5 seeds.

They have an excellent return policy that allows the return of most products within 14 days of delivery, but the return shipping cost is at the buyer’s expense. Items will be refunded in full, including shipping costs unless damaged.

Sensi Seeds also has its own research arm, which produces a new generation of strains from a combination of classics and legendary breeds.


  • Offers some of the most affordable seeds among other seed banks
  • Comprehensive blog guides
  • No-reason return policy within 14 days of product receipt
  • Accepts credit card (Visa and MasterCard), bank transfer, and cash for payments
  • Free standard shipping for over 75 euros (approx US$ 91.52)
  • Does not accept payments in cheque, PayPal, and International money orders
  • No exact guarantees in delivery time
  • Does not ship to US and Canada
  • Secure international shipping costs additional 5 euros (approx US$ 6.10)

Get Cannabis Seeds shipped from Canada

We’ve listed down some of the best Canadian seed banks that offer the best quality and will ensure the arrival of your package all the way to the US. With so many seed banks and sellers popping up online, customers sometimes find trouble identifying the trusted and reliable ones, which is why we formed this list. With problems buying cannabis seeds like legislation and policies, price, quantity, and quality, it pays to do research and stick to those trusted by long-time 420 growers to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

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