Altai Balance Blood Sugar Support: Ingredients Analysis [Review]

Altai Balance is an all natural, anti-aging proprietary blood sugar support blend that tackles unbalanced blood sugar levels at the root level using 19 of the highest quality plant-based detoxifying nutrients. Made available only at the official website, the Altai Balance blood sugar support supplement is a league-leading formula that provides users with exact quantities scientifically proven to target and optimize uncontrolled blood sugar in both men and women, especially over the age of forty.

But as natural skepticism arises about the newly-formulated Altai Balance supplement, there are many questions that need to be properly analyzed and evaluated for proper discernment moving forward. In order to comprehensively review Altai Balance blood sugar formula, the 19 ingredients found in Brian Cooper and Dr. Frank McMullin's proprietary blend need to be explained in plain English to see just how effective it can be at controlling unbalanced blood sugar in aging bodies.

For consumers looking to balance blood sugar levels for optimal health, viewers of the official Altai Balance presentation will be happy to learn about the US Marine's secret “Pinch Method” that naturally resets blood sugar and works effectively with the 19-ingredient blend that is clinically backed and validated by over 40 scientific references, a few of which are in the highly-acclaimed Lancet Planetary Health and Phytotherapy Research journals.

As per data released by the WHO a few years back (2016 to be exact), nearly 1.6 million people died as a direct result of diabetes (and its associated conditions) all over the world. Furthermore, a whopping 2.2 million deaths were recorded in 2012 as a result of high blood glucose-related issues. What’s surprising is that more than half of these deaths were found to have occurred in relation to individuals who were well below the age of 70.
Is Altai Balance everything it’s sparked up to be? Can it really improve blood sugar balance in users—or is it just another ineffective supplement scam with cheap ingredients and a hidden formula of no-name plant-based herbal extracts? Will the Altai Balance supplement and the controversial Pinch method combination actually become the holy grail of healthy blood sugar levels? Learn everything you need to know about Altai Balance today in our comprehensive product review.

What is Altai Balance?

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Altai Balance

Altai Balance is a supplement meant to help users improve their blood sugar. Millions of consumers each year suffer from some kind of blood sugar imbalance. Blood sugar can either be too high or too low, and both ends of the spectrum can cause major long-term health problems. Blood sugar problems can be outright deadly, especially if they’re left untreated for too long.

By using Altai Balance, consumers can naturally improve their blood sugar with time. According to the official product website, users should just take one capsule of Altai Balance per day in order to see the positive effects of the supplement. As with most supplements, the key to Altai Balance’s success is the unique blend of ingredients included in its patented formula. When watching Brian Cooper, the product's main formulator, he will explain how Dr. Frank McMullin, the supplement's other contributor, that addressing the root cause of unbalanced blood sugar levels is extremely important to overall wellness and even outweighs the significance of a healthy diet and active exercise routine.

To get a better understanding of all that Altai Balance claims to do for its average user, let’s take a look at some of the key ingredients included within each capsule of the supplement. The formula’s website explains that all of the ingredients in this supplement are manufactured at home in the USA, and that the supplement is packaged in an FDA-approved and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility.

It is important to note that this language can be a bit misleading. The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, so no supplement is truly “FDA-approved.” However, it might be the case that the facilities where Altai Balanced is packaged have been backed by the FDA. This is an important distinction; try to avoid confusing this with true FDA approval of the supplement itself. It would be more wise to think of the Altai Balance blood sugar supplement to be made in a Food and Drug Administration-inspected facility that meets certified good manufacturing practices instead.

Altai Balance Ingredients

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Altai Balance

We’re pretty impressed with the transparency of ingredients included on the official product website for this supplement. Visitors can read the nutritional label on the site, which outlines both the ingredients included and the dosages of key vitamins and minerals within its formula. However, the “proprietary blood sugar formula” doesn’t break ingredients down into individual dosages. This can make it a bit difficult to judge the efficiency of the supplement.

Key ingredients included in the proprietary formula include:

• Taurine
• Licorice Root Extract
• Cinnamon Bark Extract
• Yarrow Aerial
• Cayenne Pepper
• Juniper Berries Fruit
• Gymnema Leaf
• Banaba Leaf Extract
• Bitter Melon Fruit Extract
• White Mulberry Lead Extract
• Alpha Lipoic Acid
• Vanadyl Sulfate

Let's breakdown each of these Altai Balance supplement ingredients to see how the blood sugar support formula works from the inside out:

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Altai Balance

(i) Taurine:
It is an amino acid that can be found quite abundantly in the human body. As per a whole host of medical data available online, Taurine not only helps in the faster growth of tissues and cells in our bodies but also helps in the release of energy.

(ii) Licorice Root Extract: A natural plant extract that has traditionally been used in various medicinal preparations to treat a wide array of conditions related to one’s lungs, liver, and kidney (especially blood glucose stabilization). Not only that, but Licorice is also known to help ease out a wide array of circulatory issues that one may be facing.

(iii) Cinnamon: A commonly employed immunity booster that is also used in relation to a number of medicinal preparations across South East Asia (especially India and Thailand). Furthermore, Cinnamon is also known for its plethora of medicinal benefits, including faster weight loss, enhanced immunity, regulation of blood sugar levels, etc.

(iv) Yarrow Aerial: Yarrow leaves are commonly used for treating a wide range of conditions such as fever, common cold, etc. However, in recent years, the natural plant extract is increasingly being used to treat digestion and circulatory related issues.

(v) Cayenne Pepper Extract: A number of recent studies have shown that Cayenne Pepper when taken on a regular basis, may help improve the user’s metabolism. Not only that, but the natural ingredient is also known to regulate one’s blood sugar levels while alleviating symptoms related to indigestion.

(vi) Juniper Berries: Recent medical data seems to suggest that Juniper Berries, when taken on a daily basis, can not only provide the human body with various anti-inflammatory benefits but also induce a wide array of positive antioxidant and antidiabetic effects.

(vii) Gymnema Leaf: When taken in controlled doses, Gymnema leaf can potentially help reduces one’s unhealthy blood sugar levels as well as increase the production of insulin the user’s body.

As mentioned, the advanced natural blood sugar booster supplement also comes packed with a number of popular vitamins and minerals. These minerals are broken down by dosages, which is helpful for consumers who want to evaluate clinical studies concerning the effectiveness of these integral ingredients.

The observable benefits of these supplements are variable. For example, White Mulberry Leaves can promote better health in the arteries and liver, lower inflammation levels, and improve cholesterol. Bitter Melon helps to detoxify heavy metals while supporting liver health, dissolving fat deposits, and even burning fat in the tummy.

Gymnema can help users destroy sugar. Juniper Berries may not be well known but as referenced above are a potent antioxidant which can boost stamina, reduce free radicals, and more. Banaba is a rich source of corosolic acid, which can function as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral nutrient which lowers blood-glucose levels.

The additional seven superfood ingredients included in Altai Balance can help to promote a number of major benefits all over the body.

Vitamins and minerals in this dietary supplement include:

• Vitamin C (50 mg)
• Vitamin E (5 mg)
• Biotin (300 mg)
• Magnesium (50 mg)
• Zinc (15 mg)
• Manganese (1 mg)
• Chromium ( 250 mg)

Where minerals are concerned, Altai Balance contains a sufficient amount of its key ingredients. However, the lack of verifiable dosages of the proprietary blend ingredients makes it hard to cross-reference this formula against the research studies and clinical trials referenced on the official product website.

Altai Balance Benefits

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Altai Balance

It’s clear why avoiding type 2 diabetes is beneficial. In addition to the major health benefits, some studies report that the average diabetic man or woman will spend around $283,000 in their lives battling the illness. Uncontrolled blood sugar often results from insulin resistance, a hallmark of type 2 diabetes. Stopping this disease in its tracks is a clear goal for most diabetes sufferers experiencing high blood sugar.

But the official website for Altai Balance explains in great detail how consumers using this supplement can gain access to a number of additional benefits. Some of these benefits include:

• More energy
• Fewer sugar cravings
• Higher daily activity
• Cleansing of the liver, kidneys, joints, brain, nerves, heart, and more

Is it guaranteed that using Altai Balance will provide you with all these benefits? Certainly not. But regularly using this supplement might help you to slowly address the source of your high or low blood sugar, which can provide a number of important benefits to health and wellness.

Why Blood Sugar Support Supplements are Crucial in 2020?

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Altai Balance

In order to properly understand just how vital the Altai Balance supplement can be towards optimizing uncontrolled, unbalanced blood sugar levels, there needs to be a clear understanding of the problematic nature of individuals experiencing these health-depleting conditions and side effects of subpar blood sugar levels.

Aging comes for us all, and it’s impossible to avoid. The effects of aging are mild for some, but can be debilitating for others. In particular, consumers entering the realm of advanced age might begin to suffer from wrinkles, decreased mobility, and blood sugar issues. While it might not initially seem like a huge deal, you should know that blood sugar problems can contribute to a number of major health issues.

Older Americans with low blood sugar can experience a number of symptoms, including weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, and more. When low blood sugar goes untreated, it can cause major problems in the central nervous system. Low blood sugar can disturb your sleep, cause anxiety, and even cause blurred vision and headaches.

High blood sugar can be even worse. People who experience high blood sugar might develop diabetes, which is a potentially deadly illness—especially if it is left untreated for too long. Diabetic neuropathy is common among people with high blood sugar, and it can lead to a loss of mobility. Damage to the feet and toes is common among people with high blood sugar, as diabetic neuropathy in the lower extremities can make it hard to detect when injury has occurred.

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If you’re experiencing a serious blood sugar imbalance, including both high and low blood sugar, it’s important that you speak to a medical professional to determine the best course of treatment. But for many consumers who experience only mile blood sugar problems, relief might be possible without the need for expensive medicine and other treatments.

Altai Balance is a supplement that aims to help consumers improve their blood sugar through the use of a number of all-natural ingredients. Packed with a formula of non-GMO, stimulant-free herbs and compounds, Altai Balance is being marketed as a comprehensive and safe way to deal with the low and high blood sugar that often accompanies old age for millions.

However, supplements claiming to improve blood sugar are often scams. Companies making ridiculous claims about their supplements, including dangerous ingredients, or being unclear about the dosages of key elements of their formulas should be approached with caution. We always advise consumers to be careful before using any new supplement concerned with blood sugar, especially considering the lack of FDA oversight in this vital supplement sector.

Where to Buy Altai Balance Blood Sugar Support

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Altai Balance

Presently, this blood sugar supplement can only be purchased from the official Altai Balance website. This should come as no surprise; most newer dietary supplements market their products exclusively on a private website.

As far as prices go, Altai Balance is one of the most competitively priced supplements in this growing market given the high-profile nature of all 19 ingredients included in the blood sugar formula. Consumers can save more money by buying multiple bottles at once, which is often the case with these supplements. Purchasing packages currently include:

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Altai Balance

• One Bottle: $49 ($49/Bottle)
• Three Bottles: $117 ($39/Bottle)
• Six Bottles: $204 ($34/Bottle)

Altai Balance accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal, on their website. Checkouts are secured by McAfee, keeping your information as safe as possible when you purchase any package of Altai Balance.

Who is Behind Altai Balance?

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Altai Balance

The main video included on the official product website claims that Altai Balance was created by Esen, a 67-year-old cook from Mongolia whose name means “good health.” We cannot verify the legitimacy of this story, but the real judge of the quality of Altai Balance comes from its ingredients—not the man who created it.

It’s a little unclear which company name, aside from Brian Cooper and Dr. Frank McMullin, is ultimately behind the Altai Balance supplement. The website only refers to the company as “Altai Balance.” However, it is clear that Altai Balance is being marketed by BuyGoods. BuyGoods is a Delaware-based marketing corporation that is responsible for the retail of several major supplements in the growing supplement industry.

There’s only one place to contact the Altai Balance support team. Contact them at the following email address: [email protected]

The opaque nature of the supplement’s manufacturer is troubling, but not uncommon in this supplementation niche. Many companies producing blood sugar supplements are a bit obscure when it comes to their origins. We are given a bit of information about the origins of the supplement and its formula, however, on the official product website. Again, the details do reveal how the name “Altai” came to be as it refers to the northwest part of Mongolia, where the supplement was purportedly founded based on Esen's ancient combination of 12 natural ingredients and combined with the 7 additional superfood extracts from Dr. Frank McMullin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Altai Balance

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Altai Balance

Consumers are right to question nearly everything about new supplements in this notoriously sketchy sector. By now, most are familiar with the ingredients inside Altai Balance, and as the image depicts, even ready for the change that an 100% all natural proven solution can provide to their daily livelihood. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this unique blood sugar supplement.

Q: How is Altai Balance Taken?

A: To take this supplement, consumers just need to take one capsule per day. The supplement can be taken with or without water. A month-long supply of Altai Balance includes thirty capsules, so users only need to take one per day in order to see long-term effects. It might be necessary to take this supplement for an extended period of time in order to ensure results.

Q: What ingredients are in Altai Balance?

A: This supplement includes twelve unique ingredients, as well as seven vitamins and minerals. The main ingredients in Altai Balance include: Taurine, Licorice Root Extract, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Yarrow Aerial, Cayenne Pepper, Juniper Berries Fruit, Gymnema Leaf, Banaba Leaf Extract, Bitter Melon Fruit Extract, White Mulberry Lead Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Vanadyl Sulfate. Altai Balance also includes Vitamin C (50 mg), Vitamin E (5 mg), Biotin (300 mg), Magnesium (50 mg), Zinc (15 mg), Manganese (1 mg), and Chromium ( 250 mg).

Q: What benefits does Altai Balance offer?

A: According to the people marketing Altai Balance, using this supplement consistently can help users to balance their blood sugar. Additionally, benefits include more energy, fewer sugar cravings, higher activity levels, bodily cleansing, and more. Using this supplement consistently may or may not contribute to all or some of these bodily benefits.

Q: Is Altai Balance scientifically supported?

A: It is clear that many of the ingredients included in the supplement have been scientifically shown to helps consumers to minimize their blood sugar problems. However, the lack of clear dosages on the proprietary blend makes it hard to get a full evaluation of the supplement’s formulaic effectiveness.

Is Altai Balance a Scam Supplement Scheme?

Skepticism when it comes to supplementation is only natural in an industry that does over $40 billion dollars annually. It is fair to say and even smart to know that not all dietary nutritional supplements are created equally. The Altai Balance scam question naturally arises given how popular the blood sugar support supplement has become in 2020, and many wonder what are the possibilities of this formula being ran by con artists who are out to steal your money with inferior products.

However, given the amount of research conducted in this Altai Balance review, the scam potential of this blood sugar supplement is extremely low given everything outlined above. One obvious scam tactic used by online predators is to try and offer Altai Balance on Amazon, but consumers should know any Altai Balance listing is fake or cheap and is not the authentic formula that gives users a 2-month refund policy if not completely satisfied and thrilled with the results it brings.

Conclusion Overview

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Altai Balance

Unbalanced blood sugar is a major issue for millions of people around the world. Both high and low blood sugar imbalances can lead to a host of serious health problems, including type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, problems with the feet and legs, and more. Consumers should speak to their physicians if they experience serious blood sugar imbalances immediately. Also please speak to your doctor before beginning the use of any natural supplement if there is any cause for concern. Using the wrong supplements in combination with an existing treatment plan could have serious health consequences.

Altai Balance is a supplement which uses an ancient formula of natural ingredients to help consumers better control their blood sugar. By using Altai Balance, consumers might be able to improve their overall health while battling the blood sugar imbalance harming millions of Americans each year. The 19 ingredients are powerful detoxifying nutrients that are made from plants and herbal extracts that all have a decorated history of being great for the human body to consume on a regular basis.

As per Brian Cooper and Dr. Frank McMullin, the Altai Balance blood sugar support formula can not be found at the exact doses in any other supplement in the world. As it stands, anyone, especially over the age of 40, can benefit from the use of Altai Balance to regulate, optimize and control unbalanced blood sugar levels and combat insulin resistance by addressing the root cause of metabolic slowdown, toxic internal environments, hormonal imbalances and a host of problematic health conditions that arise when blood sugar levels are not managed effectively.

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