9 Best Going Out Dresses and Cute Outfit Ideas 2021 for Holiday, Party, or Cocktail

Feb 10, 2021 at 3:23 pm
Everyone is trying to find a reason to go out and show off their long-awaited cute outfit. There is an acute shortage of noisy parties, memorable after-parties, and cheerful birthdays in friendly company. It becomes vital to feel like the star of the party again, receive hundreds of compliments on a new sexy outfit and showcase your unrivaled taste in all its glory.

In this case, Blazy Shower outfits are the solution. Stunning and seductive looks will win many hearts. You can go out and capture beautiful pictures of yourself on Instagram to get tons of likes.

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The very preparation for an event cheers you up. Creating a new fashion look, the appearance in a beautiful outfit is a memorable event that will inspire for a long time!

Blazy Shower is a modern concept fashion brand capable of meeting all of the above needs.

Firstly, Blazy Shower items are limited collections, so it is easy to be exclusive in the brand's outfits in every sense.

Secondly, the brand prefers a complex cut and extraordinary shapes, so quality and superiority over other brands are guaranteed.

In addition, Blazy Shower items are always at the peak of popularity. They correspond to the latest fashion trends, can be purchased at the price of the middle segment, and shipped worldwide.

6 Best Holiday, Party, Date Dresses for winter and summer 2021

Dresses for the autumn-winter and summer season in 2021 differ, first of all, in the density of the fabric. In winter, we want denser, softer, warmer fabrics, and in summer, lighter, flowing styles and, as the weather permits, more revealing outfits.

We decided to compile a list of things that will definitely move into the spring wardrobe and shouldn’t be hidden until summer or for a special occasion. In fact, these cute dresses can be easily adapted for the winter and spring seasons.

#1. Bright dresses shouldn’t be sent on hangers until summer or a certain holiday occasion. A fuchsia-colored Jasmine dress undoubtedly became the cherry on the cake for the fall-winter season.


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However, the current color and seductive design allow the cocktail dress 2021 to be included in the trendiest novelties of the upcoming spring-summer season. It will definitely not give up its positions and will help win the hearts of many more men.

#2. Due to the design and rather versatile fabric, some outfits can look appropriate both in summer and winter. Blazy Shower’s Carmen dress in black chiffon with a ruffle skirt is relevant at any time of the year.

Carmen dress by Blazy Shower

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#3. Flounces are still relevant and are found in almost every collection of famous fashion designers. Voluminous ruffles on the sleeves adorn going out dresses of different cuts, skirts, blouses, jackets, and even coats.

Zebra Baloony dress

The Zebra Baloony dress, in this case, is a win-win option for parties. The cute and sexy outfit can be left until spring. Predatory prints are still popular, and the zebra print is also absolutely universal, so the dress will undoubtedly become a hit for the spring-summer wardrobe as well.

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#4. Pastel light shades are at their peak of popularity. The Marshmallow Midi dress is a lifesaver for any season. The moderately strict, moderately sexy midi-length cocktail going out dress is suitable for social events in the fall, business meetings in the summer, and brunches with a boyfriend in the spring.

Marshmellow Midi dress

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An open back will look spectacular in summer, and in winter, in combination with suede ankle boots, it will look stylish and extraordinary. The outfit is definitely on the must-have shopping list of 2021.

#5. Red is the brightest contrasting color that is unparalleled. The status of the cocktail red dress can be compared to the classic little black dress. Rightly matched with the appropriate skin tone, the cute red Butterfly dress will look advantageous at any time of the year.

Butterfly dress

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#6. A mini Floral dress with long sleeves, drapery looks appropriate in early spring, warm autumn, and cold winter, adding color to gray weekdays. Small ruffles on the sleeves, a fitted silhouette, and a spectacular detail add solemnity to the dress so that the going out outfit can be used for various events. It is easy and straightforward to look great in it in any situation!

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Ready-made fashion looks for every occasion

In modern realities, every meeting with friends, relatives, or acquaintances is perceived as a full-fledged holiday. Live communication and a reason for the holiday inspire to search for new dazzling outfits.

We have created a list with 9 attractive outfit ideas for 2021 for all occasions

Outfit #1
A friend's wedding is one of the most fun events that will definitely be remembered for a long time. An ideal outfit for a wedding party of such a close person would be a scarlet-colored Fleur de Lis cute satin dress with ruffles and shoulder straps inlaid at the base with sparkling stones.

Fleur de Lis dress

The tight-fitting style of the Fleur de Lis cocktail dress will highlight all the advantages of the figure; the bright color of the dress will make you stand out from the crowd, and the spectacular details made of diamonds and ruffle will demonstrate perfection in detail.

You can choose a shining bracelet, voluminous stunning earrings, and sandals inlaid with stones to match the details on the party dress. In order to not overload the look, it is better to choose a minimalist clutch as an additional accessory.

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Outfit #2
Birthdays, as they say, come only once a year. Therefore, a party outfit for such a special day should be incredible! For a birthday party, a Jasmine dress with an asymmetrical fuchsia edge is suitable.

Jasmine dress by Blazy Shower

A seductive cut on the leg will demonstrate a chiseled figure. A flowing piece in the form of a rhinestone ribbon will add brightness to the fashion look, and an asymmetrical sleeve will emphasize the originality of the wearer of the outfit. Clip-on earrings with rhinestones, a wide bracelet, shining sandals, and a metal-colored handbag will complete the birthday party look.

Metal is the symbol of the year. The fuchsia color is considered one of the most relevant in the coming season. The asymmetrical cut is one of the main hits of the latest collections, so the choice of outfit is absolutely correct!

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Outfit #3
Being at a birthday party as a guest is even better than celebrating yours. Firstly, it is less stressful, and secondly, you can finally start having fun instead of entertaining others! The Blue Diamond dress epitomizes the perfect outfit for a party.

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A dress made of blue-gray satin with a voluminous top does not hinder movement, instead emphasizes feminine forms. It will look stylish and seductive with pink satin mules, with a diadem decorated with rhinestones, shining earrings, and a matching clutch. The fashion look will turn out to be fresh and extraordinary, to the envy of all invited it-girls.

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Outfit #4

A date is always exciting, and getting ready for it is even more exciting. The most important thing is, of course, to choose a dress. It should be flirty, emphasizing all the dignity of the figure, and imply a disposition towards the person.

A black Pion dress with long sleeves and open shoulders is ideal for a date. Lush flounces on the sleeves, drapery of the tight-fitting silhouette of the dress with a row of buttons inlaid with stones add solemnity alongside, and femininity to its owner. Bare shoulders look even more fragile thanks to the flounces, and the waist is even narrower, all because of the drapery.

Check out Pion Dress Long Sleeves

You can pick up playful earrings with a bold design, a voluminous bracelet, mules with a glass heel, and an unusual clutch to complement a feminine look. Bright accessories add color to the look and create a romantic mood.

Whether it is present or in the future, a boyfriend couldn’t resist such an outfit!

Outfit #5
First of all, a party is a reason to relax, chat, have fun, and, finally, get that portion of happiness during mundane everyday life. For such a case, you need a bright and extraordinary going out dress. This is exactly what the Rose dress is.

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The fluffy ruffle on the shoulder, reminiscent of a flower bud, and the print of the dress in tandem look like a real floral work of art. The drapery, the bow-trimmed neckline, and the bareback are harmoniously combined and look very seductive.

You can make the look more extraordinary with a pair of wide bootleg stiletto heels, a voluminous clutch, and stylish jewelry in the form of cuffs and hair clips. In this outfit, you will be the star of the party and the soul of the whole company.

Outfit #6

When going to a restaurant, you should prefer an elegant dress and a universal one, which will look harmonious with seasonal shoes and accessories. For example, a Floral chiffon dress by Blazy Shower with a polka dot print in silk looks weightless but goes well with a pair of tall boots.

Get Floral dress online

Flounces on sleeves and ruffle cuffs add femininity to the look. Combine the cute Floral dress with a versatile hobo bag and trendy large clips decorated with shining stones. The look becomes elegant but suitable on any occasion, even the gloomiest of weather. The only thing left is a venue and some good company!

Outfit #7
A bachelorette party is always a pleasant occasion to have some great fun with close friends. This holiday allows you to relax completely, perform all possible and conceivable actions, and be your true self. This is what the Orchid dress is for.

Orchid dress

It is made of satin, with gold chains instead of straps and an asymmetrical hem. It looks imposing and demonstrates the proud posture of its owner. This bachelor party showcases long legs and feminine forms. In combination with bright decorations, mules, and a trendy bag, the dress looks enchanting, just like its owner!

Check out the price of the Orchid dress on the official site. Don’t forget to use code “MTR15” to get 15% OFF your order.

Outfit #8

Going to brunch with a friend immediately paints the image of a cozy cafe and a relaxed atmosphere. From such a simple occasion, you can make a whole event by wearing a beautiful holiday dress.

For example, the Pion dress, powdery pink with drapery, lush ruffles on the shoulders, and a row of shiny buttons, instantly transforms any event. In it, any day becomes bright, the figure is as feminine as possible, and the silhouette is seductively fragile.

Order Pion dress online

Reminiscent of a delicate peony in bloom, the dress is perfect for a sunny day and morning coffee with an airy cake. In combination with shining ankle boots, a small reticule, and a bow in the hair, the going out outfit looks flirty and seductive.

It’s easy to make life-changing connections in such an outfit in some popular places at brunch with a friend.


A fashion presentation or fashion show is rare but always memorable. Stylish it-girls in outfits from the latest collections meet to discuss the latest news and look at the novelties offered by certain designers.

In this case, it is always nice to be a star against the background of everyone else, and for this, it is enough to choose the right outfit.

A Struzzi blouse with a polka dot print embroidered on chiffon paired with a Bow skirt is the perfect solution that you can't get into. A blouse decorated with feathers on the cuffs, as well as a skirt with an eye-catching bow, look spectacular and shocking, especially if you choose shiny sandals with thick heels, bright jewelry, and a bright clutch for them.

Such a look will get into the lenses of all street style photographers and will definitely appear in all stylish chronicles.

It’s in stock at blazyshower.com. You can get 15% OFF using discount code “MTR15”. Worldwide shipping available.

Hot fashion shopping in 2021 - what is it like?

Despite the worldwide popularity and relevance of tracksuits, the new season's fashion trends dictate their own rules. Relaxed silhouettes and comfortable looks are unlikely to be found among them. The whole world requires a holiday and the opportunity to dress up and create bright and dazzling looks.

#1. The 90s are still at their peak of popularity, but this time there is a bias towards sexuality and open silhouettes that show more body. Fine lines, flowing fabrics, and smooth, radiant skin are the main components of the fashionable look of the new season. Orchid dress in fuchsia satin is the perfect choice for girls who prefer to always stay up to date with trends.

Orchid dress by Blazy Shower

#2. Micro shorts are another challenge for all jogging pants. Shorts tailored to fit a trouser suit, jersey shorts, silk shorts are not so important; the main unifying feature is they should be ultra-short. It is now time to take care of yourself and take on summer fully armed, ready for new adventures and acquaintances!

#3. Bright neon or flirty powdery pink are some of the key colors of the coming spring and long-awaited summer. Designers worldwide introduce an optimistic palette into their feminine outfits, trouser suits, and even outerwear.

To embody the pink trend in cute fashion dresses, Blazy Shower did the same. The Pion Dress is an embodiment of femininity and a combination of all the latest trends.

#4. The romantic mood has won over almost all designers this season. Feminine silhouettes, flying dresses, airy forms are characteristic features of many collections. Flirty flounces can be seen in many designer outfits. They decorate dresses and blouses, amaze prospective buyers with their volume, and look harmonious with even many feminine elements - bows, ruffles, and extraordinary prints.

All of the above elements are combined in the Rose dress by Blazy Shower. A dress with a floral print, drapery, and a spectacular flounce, reminiscent of a blossoming flower on one shoulder, looks seductive and extraordinary. In combination with tight tights, boots and a patent mini bag, the going out outfit will mirror the quintessence of the latest fashion shows.

#5. Pastel shades such as light beige, white, cream, and powdery pink are used by designers everywhere. A total look is also welcome.

#6. Midi skirts with blouses, trouser suits, knitted dresses, and outerwear remind one of the safaris and fashionable it-girls and panthers hiding before the long-awaited pounce.

#7. Overalls are a must-have in the new season. Crafted from silk, safari-inspired, in trendy beige and graphic prints, the jumpsuits have been showcased on the catwalk by many designers.

The main thing is that the silhouette should resemble work clothes. The outfit idea will be traced exclusively through the multifaceted color and exclusive details.

#8. Silver - as a symbol of the coming year, has already gained popularity among fans of astrology and has also taken a certain place in fashion.

Lately, many designers have dressed their models in silver dresses and suits. The outfits of the fashionable world, trimmed with sequins and iridescent fabrics, are offered to be worn both for outings and on regular everyday life.

#9. What can cheer you up more than a WOW going out outfit? The Pion Set by Blazy Shower(skirt+top), сconstructed from stretch black cotton with crystal buttons. The tandem showcases a polished figure that had to be hidden under layers of sportswear and also shines brilliantly, drawing attention to itself with its unconventional design.

How to avoid mistakes in your party outfit 2021?

Choosing a going out look 2021 for a party is one of the most enjoyable things to do. A long-awaited event usually involves a dazzling outfit that should be remembered for a long time.

In order to choose the right look and become a star of the party under any circumstances, our guide suggests 5 key rules that should be adhered to:

Rue #1
The occasion primarily determines the choice of dress for a party. If it's your birthday party, then you don't have to hold back. If, however, the party is in honor of a friend's anniversary or before her marriage, then, of course, you should adhere to the chosen dress code.

Rule #2
Any party outfit 2021 should be functional. Despite the fact that the outfit should be spectacular, its owner should also feel comfortable in any situation, be it an official evening event or a fun after-party. In this case, a dress with a detachable hem or an outfit implying a tandem will suffice a dress with a jacket or cape. A dress or set should be comfortable.

The going out outfit is thought out to the smallest detail, the set fits the figure perfectly, and the suit does not hinder movement. You can be the star of the party from dusk till dawn at a gala event, a holiday, and a fun after-party!

Rule #3
A fun celebration involves active movement, so you should pay close attention to the fabric from which the outfit is made. No moisture should be visible on it. If the cut of the garment is complex, the lining assumes a fabric that is pleasant to the body and well-closed seams, which, for example, will not irritate when dancing. The ideal option is silk, crepe, or revealing sets that give freedom of movement, allowing the skin to breathe.

Rule #4
A well-chosen holiday or party outfit is selected not only for the dress code, but also for the time scheduled for the event. In this regard, it is worth paying attention to the approach of each bride to the wedding. She always has two outfits in stock: one for the official ceremony and the other for the celebration itself after.

A formal event involves a more formal outfit, perhaps less comfortable but practical. Everything should be perfect: hairstyle, makeup, and posture. Therefore, at such an event, a certain time is allocated for the outfit until the makeup floats. The hairstyle stops holding its shape, and the body bends under the weight of responsibility.

If the celebration is not divided into two parts, you should still prefer universal dresses, suits, or sets. It is possible to look 100% in them anytime, anywhere!

Rule #5
A critical condition that should not be ignored is the presence of a satellite. If the guest intends to be alone at the party, the outfit meets her criteria exclusively. If a couple is going to the event, the outfit should echo the guest's companion.

In fact, it is exciting to match the outfit with the other half so that similar elements of the two outfits complement each other. This element may be the most insignificant trifle, for example, a silk scarf in the buttonhole of a man’s jacket to match the tone of his companion's dress. It looks spectacular, and the couple steps out looking very stylish together.

What does a fashionista need to know about a successful party outfit 2021?

First of all, a successful it-girl party look implies that the outfit is in line with the latest trends. Therefore, a stylish girl takes care of herself; in any case, she will always be in shape and only need to take care of the dress. We have collected some useful tips on choosing a trendy holiday cocktail party dress and always staying ahead of trends.

Here are 5 tips for you:

1. Pay attention to the color of the dress. The latest trends echo one thing: bright pink, like the Barbie doll, evokes delight and positive emotions. Choosing a bright pink dress or a set, picking up laconic shoes, and a baguette bag makes it easy to find yourself in ladies. The main thing is that the bright dress does not get in the way of unnecessary accessories. As an addition, smooth skin and a radiant smile will ensure there will be no equal to you.

Pion Dress by Blazy Shower

2. Outfits showing a perfect body have always been relevant, but they will be indispensable in the coming season, same as training. Minimum fabric, asymmetrical cut, and radiant skin are the basis for a successful party look. The good taste lies in the details!

Orchid dress by Blazy Shower

3. A cropped top, reminiscent of a cupless bra, now seems to capture the hearts of every it-girl. Designers fantasize about the theme and release tops made of silk, cashmere, print, and cut from dense fabric under a jacket.

Opt for bold sets with a cropped top and a high-waisted bottom to showcase your perfect abs and slim waist. Even with a bulky jacket on top, it is easy to stay sexy and feel 100% in such an outfit.

Pion set by Blazy Shower

4. Shoes are an essential part of a successful outfit. Modern trends allow you to combine even the most revealing outfit with voluminous coarse shoes.

Therefore, if it seems like a dress or set oozes sexuality, you can pick up rough boots on a rigid platform for the outfit instead of stiletto sandals to reduce the degree. The look will be stylish and comfortable, suitable for a birthday, party, photoshoot, and casual date.

Butterfly dress by Blazy Shower

5. Regarding party bags in the last season, designers suggest choosing classic clutches and actual baguette bags, mini reticules, and even voluminous hobos. You can't go wrong with a baguette bag – it is the perfect size to fit everything you need to go out. The versatile character of the accessory allows you to apply it to completely different looks that will color even the cloudiest day!

Best going out dresses 2021. What’s in trend?

In the current realities, any publication becomes an event. There is a catastrophic lack of live communication, noisy holidays, and dazzling outfits that could be shown to the public. Only variations on the theme of tracksuits flicker before my eyes, but I want a real holiday.

Holidays are different, as are the dress codes you have to follow when going on them. While mass events have been canceled, any event that occurs in the lives of loved ones, friends, and acquaintances is considered a holiday.

Festive fashion has its own tendencies, and when preparing even for the most modest events, you want to look 100%.

We have compiled a list of tips for choosing the best outfit for a particular event.

Birthday party or Bachelor party
When going to a small event, be it a birthday or an engagement, or a bachelorette party, you need to understand where the event will take place and its theme. A suitable outfit option for such an event would be the Blue Diamond dress.

A seductive but moderately open going out dress in a trendy gray and blue shade combines several of the latest trends: an interpreted style of a shirt dress, a combination of a voluminous top and a fitted bottom, with details borrowed from underwear.

A cute spectacular dress will amaze girlfriends at a bachelorette party, become the main topic of discussion at a birthday, and allow you to meet all the future bride and groom's single friends.

Romantic dinner in a restaurant
When dressing up for a trip to a restaurant for dating, you don't have to worry about the practicality of the outfit. A car will bring you to the place and back home, and the weather and mood in the restaurant will be extremely sincere. A striking red Fleur de Lis dress with ruffles and shimmering details on the bodice will be ideal for dating.

Picking up mules or minimalist sandals for him will not create a balance. The outfit is solemn and presupposes the perfect hairstyle and make-up, so a pleasant place with a beautiful interior and an exquisite menu is the right place to show off the outfit in all its glory.

A branch with girlfriends
Consider the Pion dress long sleeves when planning an outfit for brunch with girlfriends. Crafted from black cotton, the dress looks elegant, feminine, and seductive.

Despite being sexy, the dress looks discreet because of its length and style. This combination is suitable for a holiday somewhere in a cozy but crowded place so that the audience can appreciate the chosen outfit.

The feminine silhouette of the dress demonstrates the contours of the neck and proud posture. The current pearl color and seductive cut with some elegant buttons are the main trump cards of the look, which will help to win many hearts on your way!

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