6+ Top Free Psychic Chats: Live Psychics With Free Trials (2023)

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All of us feel uncertain about our futures from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing which direction to take in your life. We all need advice regarding our lives when we are full of questions and doubts.

In times of uncertainty, you want lots of information to make the right decisions. Whether you have concerns about your future, job, or dating life, you can seek advice from top free psychic chats.

One issue with psychic chats is that it can be challenging to know which mediums and companies to trust. You’ve probably heard about scams associated with online psychics. It’s necessary to do an online background check to weed out the fake ones and find the most honest and accurate psychic chats.

We’ve done all the work for you! If you’re looking for trustworthy, affordable, and reliable psychic reading services, our recommendations for the 6+ top free psychic chats are below.

6 + Top Free Psychic Chats


Best For


Pet psychic readings, professionalism & authenticity


Relationship advise and spiritual guidance


Daily horoscope readings, genuine psychic mediums


Catered readings, unique menu of services


Wide range of readings: tarot, dream interpretation, etc.

🔮Psychic Source

Free minutes, video readings, precise predictions

🔮California Psychics

Advice for matters of the heart, Karma Rewards program

What is Free Psychic Chat?

Online psychic readings and psychic chat provide a different viewpoint to make the best life and love decisions possible. If you get minutes of the reading at no cost, that is exceptionally affordable and free psychic chat!

If you want to get a sense of where your life is headed and make adjustments accordingly, a phone psychic can help. You don’t have to go out and visit a fortune-teller; simply use your phone to call a psychic in the privacy of your own home.


Kasamba offers dozens of psychics if you’re looking to explore the options. The service provides dream interpretations, tarot card readings, energy healing, and astrological readings. If you’re searching for answers, you can access a network of spiritual advisors.

Why do people love Kasamba?

  • It offers a variety of psychic services.
  • The psychic advisors have specific profile pages.
  • Amazing discounts for new members
  • Offer flexible payment methods.
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • You get accurate, reliable, and personalized readings

How does Kasamba work?

You browse each psychic, and then you can have an online chat session with the psychic that best suits you. After selecting the advisor, you’ll have to set up an account with the simple steps there. Kasamba offers services to suit individual needs – this is where they truly shine.

Psychic Readings

This category is broken down into crystal readings, aura readings, psychic mediums, pet psychics, and rune casting. The advisors are handpicked, so you can find out what suits you best.

Love Advice

If you’re trying to understand your love life, Kasamba psychics offer a more personalized service. The love readings include marital life, single and dating, breakup and divorce, and soul mate connections. In addition to that, you can request for analysis to see what the future has for you.

Fortune Telling

There are hundreds of psychics who specialize in fortune-telling, making it an enlightening experience.

If you want to know what the future holds in your work life, real psychic advisors can help. They will also tell what your life holds through astrology readings. Because the readings are personalized, you can be sure you’re making the best decision.

If you’re too busy with your daily life, Kasamba offers an app, so you don’t have to spend all your time sitting on a computer.

Special Deals for Free Psychic Chat on Kasamba

Kasamba offers budget-friendly readings starting from as low as $1.99 per minute. New users get the first three minutes. And after you pick an expert that suits your requirements, you get a 50% discount.


Keen is a psychic reading service with two decades of experience. It boasts of a selection of psychic experts, so you can find one that matches your needs. The platform is dedicated to meeting the needs of even those in isolated locations.

Keen is a fantastic choice for new users and established clients alike. They offer free trials and opportunities for free psychic chats.

Why do people love Keen?

  • A vast selection of advisors, so you can choose the one who fits the bill for you.
  • Free trial access – the platform offers the first three minutes of reading free to new users.
  • It’s easy to access the psychics. If you’re not in a rush, Keen’s callback feature will handle everything for you.
  • Their service guarantees customer satisfaction.

How to Use Keen

First, you must register as a user offering online readings by chat or phone. You can choose angel card reading, numerology reading, pet psychic, or love reading. Furthermore, Keen has an interactive tool that helps you locate the psychics. You can also explore the directory and filter your results based on user rating, price, and availability.

Keen can also match your psychic based on the services you seek or the specific kind of guide.

Although the services are available 24/7, you can book appointments for chats or calls. The callback makes the services convenient.


If you’re looking for phone readings on themes like career, relationship, love, or money, AskNow is a reliable site.

What’s Great About AskNow

  • The psychics are vetted for authenticity.
  • It’s accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • It covers different areas like career, relationships, love, and financial matters.
  • Provides daily horoscope that is free to access

All the readers have specialties such as numerology readings, horoscope readings, dream analysis, and tarot card readings. You can filter the list of the best online psychics by rate per minute, type of session, and category.

The homepage is highly interactive and serves as a central location for all your physical needs. For instance, you get a toll-free number as an opening welcome.

AskNow gives detailed information about each reader on things like skills and reading style. As a result, you can schedule a reading to suit your needs.

Free AskNow Psychic Chat

AskNow offers fantastic deals by giving the first free minutes free to new clients. If the medium doesn’t fit, the five minutes are applied to your subscription so you can try again. AskNow offers different methods of communication like phone and live chat.


Oranum provides psychic readings exclusively via video chat. It aims to give comfort on matters of work, love, family, and other life issues. One benefit you get from the platform is free readings for the first ten minutes (new users). Also, each psychic offers a live public session every week.

Why do users love Oranum?

  • You’ll find a variety of specializations.
  • Upon registration, you get free credits.
  • You can make inquiries in the chat room.
  • The live stream feature reveals each psychic personality.
  • Has multilingual readers/advisors

You can narrow your search on things like love readings, tarot readings, astrological readings, therapy, and dream analysis on the dashboard. Also, there are a variety of psychic techniques to choose from that speak in different languages.

Unlike similar alternatives, Oranum gives a trial period where you can evaluate psychics before you decide to commit, thus ensuring a solid idea of what you’re getting into. If you enjoy the reading, you can purchase additional minutes. Even better, when new customers sign up, they get a $9.99 credit.

Dream Interpretation

What significance does your dream hold in life? Oranum has hundreds of psychics who can help you make sense of your dreams.


Whether you have questions regarding your love life or career, MysticSense psychics will give you all the answers you need. The team is responsive and will answer any questions you may have. And depending on the needs, the sessions can be long or short.

What’s to Love About MysticSense

  • The first five minutes are free.
  • You can choose psychics from what appeals to you most.
  • The group forum is available.
  • You can access a spiritual blog that is constantly updated.

One feature you’ll appreciate with MysticSense is versatility. You can hold a psychic session via SMS, web chat, or video call.

The dashboard can filter the categories based on expertise, tools, subjects, or reading style. In terms of specialties, you can choose love, family, sexuality, and work-life balance. You can have a reading with a psychic who’s more expressive, compassionate, thoughtful, or wise.

Psychic Source

Psychic Source is a veteran in online psychics. It allows you to understand yourself and perform better in different areas of life.

What’s Great About Psychic Source

  • It’s an established, trusted psychic chat.
  • You can enjoy free minutes.
  • You get a wide array of services.
  • Availability of video calling

The dashboard is easy to navigate, even for those unfamiliar with the concept. First, you’ll learn how psychic works and the kind of problems it can help you solve. Once you register, you can access the free videos to grasp the concept better. As you peruse the website, you’ll find different options for appointments.

Psychic Source Features

Psychic Sources uses different modes of communication like video calling and live chat. After you book a session, you can confirm the appointment sent via email.

Once you sign in, you use the first three minutes free. For the preceding sessions, you can get the advantage of special discounts. And each session is conducted with a full guarantee of the accuracy of results.

Tarot Card Readings

One of the famous psychic services is tarot card reading. It helps the reader to understand problems and give solutions. The results are based on the intuition of the reader.

Dream Analysis

If you’re troubled by strange dreams you can’t understand, the psychic readers will help you interpret them. They will guide you on how to amend the situation to get rid of those strange dreams.


When two psychic readings are different, numerology will help you analyze the name, date of birth, and other numerical details to find answers.

California Psychics

California Psychics is a trusted source of accurate psychic readings. Since 1995, it has been offering top-class psychic readings to clients. The specialists will give interpretations of your problems to help you make the right decision. If you feel there’s a block in your life and you have no idea where it’s taking you, the psychics will help you get rid of the emotional baggage.

Why Users Love California Psychics

  • You get free physic chats for the first three minutes.
  • The psychics in the platform hold different disciplines.
  • Easily accessible via call or chat
  • You get a money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the service

Advice on Dating and Marriage

When it comes to matters of the heart, you can have lots of doubts. Instead of wondering where your love life is going, California Psychics can shed some light – from dating to marriage.

Career Advice

If you feel insecure about making those life-changing decisions in your career path, psychics will help you determine the following path in your career journey.


We don’t have all the answers to our lives, and that’s okay. It’s also okay to seek out advice from a free psychic chat. The above psychic chats will help you find the answers to all concerns you may have in life. They offer free guidance for first-time users as well as free psychic chat. Call and find out what’s in store for you!

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