5 Top Research Paper Writing Services in the USA (2022)

Contrary to the popular belief, the use of online research paper writing assistance is not only used by those learners who are wishing to find an easy solution and get everything delivered on time. The majority of people that approach at least one research paper writing service belong to the brightest explorers who want to stand out and have another person who could provide an expert’s opinion or help with proofreading. Since each of them is unique, it’s best to check the best offerings and see whether it provides what you require before you contact relevant research paper writers online.

So why do people require additional help and feel stuck? The primary reason is the heavy workload and a plethora of assignments that must be delivered the same day. It makes it barely possible to meet the deadlines and proofread things with due accuracy. This is where a research paper writer can become the only solution that will help to cover all the academic bases.

5 Top Research Paper Writing Services in the USA to Consider In 2022

1. EduBirdie

- Company's History. This online research paper writing service is one of the safest choices for everyone who is approaching online help for the first time. The company has been around for 7 years and has secured a positive experience among the customers. Since they offer all the possible writing services and provide affordable prices, doing research with them is recommended.

- Can We Trust Them? Absolutely! The company is a legit service that offers all the possible means to stay safe like free paper revisions, refunds, urgent paper delivery, and direct contact with the writers. They are also open regarding their background and always address the concerns of the customers. As for choosing top-rated research paper services, EduBirdie is famous not only for its research work assistance but also for proofreading and editing, which can be requested for those cases when you have to submit an urgent paper or need to check your lengthy dissertation.

- Paper Quality Analysis. Placing the typical write my research paper has resulted in a decent assignment that contained good grammar and had no plagiarism issues. No style of formatting mistakes has been spotted. The writers have been helpful and responsive to the comments and suggestions.

- Prices. An average research paper will start at $13.99 per page, yet your price will always depend on the specified delivery time. Make sure that you set your deadline a bit earlier, so you have time to check things and ask for a free revision if necessary.

- Online Reviews. The company has the largest number of customer feedback which is mostly good. Among research paper writing services reviewed on our list, they have a rating of 4.7/5 stars on review platforms like Sitejabber and TrustPilot. Those reviews that pose certain complaints are only related to personal conflicts with the writers or their inability to follow the given instructions. Therefore, the most important is to discuss things in advance as this aspect is relevant to every essay writing service online when you want to achieve more clarity and avoid risks.

- Customer Support. Their customer support is well-trained and educated when one has to settle down specific problems or requires assistance with the payment process. They are available immediately and will provide you with all the necessary information regarding order placement, dealing with your writer, or even having to go through the money-back guarantees process.

- Reasons to Choose.

  • EduBirdie’s name always comes up when one starts looking for a professional paper writing service.
  • Essentially, they offer some reliability without breaking the bank.
  • In terms of research, they have a good set of writers who are always helpful and stay patient as you explain your order’s instructions.
  • If you have never used a research service before, this should be your primary choice.

2. A Research Guide

- Company's History. They have been offering amazing research paper writing help for 12 years and have gained critical recognition from numerous educators as well. They are mostly aimed at all types of research work and offer various guides and writing help that can be accessed free of charge.

- Can We Trust Them? It should be noted that “A Research Guide” is not a typical essay writing company because they are walking an extra mile to explain how a good research paper must be written. You can trust them and feel safe because they are always conducting academic research work and will happily assist you with the concerns and challenges that you may have.

- Paper Quality Analysis. They are mostly offering consulting assistance but will not let you down when you need guidance with formatting, templates, editing, or the choice of a good thesis. The quality of their work is always flawless when it comes to research paper writing because their experts always check things twice and approach each paper individually. When you place a typical write my research papers request, you can talk to various experts and discuss your situation with those that really know your subject and objectives. If you want to have some peace of mind and discuss things first as this company delivers their work on time, do not ignore this service!

- Prices. They are offering affordable writing services with prices starting at $14.99 per page. They can assist you even if you have 3-4 hours left until your assignment deadline. Don’t forget that you can also request editing help and the company’s experts will provide you with their corrections as long as you upload your draft.

- Online Reviews. The presence of available reviews is a bit limited, yet it can be easily explained because the company is always approached by everyone who is serious about their work and contact the company’s experts without leaving their feedback. Still, the company has good reviews and testimonials from educators and has received many awards for its academic research work.

- Customer Support. There is an online chat that connects you to service experts who will provide you with all the necessary assistance. You can ask questions and discuss your problems before you a matched with a specialist who can assist you further.

- Reasons to Choose.

  • If you are serious about getting your research paper done on time, consider this service as a solution. It also doubles as a term paper writing service.
  • Always timely delivery.
  • The best part about it is the website that provides guides, writing tips, templates, and style suggestions.
  • The experts available will help to make your research paper stand out from the rest. A rare offering these days that is truly worth it!

3. Essay Vikings

- Company's History. There is very little information about the company’s background, yet they have already earned a positive reputation among learners and those who seek quality academic assistance. If you require term paper writing services, resume help, essay assistance, or guidance with the choice of your research thesis, they provide a significant list of academic assistance.

- Can We Trust Them? Taking a quick look at the online reviews and based on personal experience, this company can be trusted because they are a team of caring specialists who know how to manage their clients and provide excellent assistance. While they may be a cheap research paper writing service, their quality still remains high while being affordable.

- Paper Quality Analysis. Placing several orders with the Essay Vikings in Journalism and Nursing, they are matching you with caring writers who are native English speakers. Judging by the quality of grammar, timely delivery, and absence of any plagiarism issues, they are strict about the skills of their experts. The most important is to share your instructions well and discuss things in advance to avoid communication issues.

- Prices. Here is where things get interesting as they will charge you only $9.99 per page of your research work. Of course, if you have several hours left to submit your paper or need more time for proofreading, it’s better to hurry up and mention the urgency factor.

- Online Reviews. The company is well-represented in terms of online reviews as they have 4 stars on Trustpilot and 5 stars on Sitejabber. The majority of customers are happy with their service and do not mention any late delivery problems, which is a good point to make. It makes them credible and worthy of attention.

- Customer Support. Their customer support has all the possible means to get in touch, including live chat, phone number, and the usual contact form. You can ask them about how to choose professional research paper writers or what methods must be chosen as you are preparing to make a payment.

- Reasons to Choose.

  • If you need something more affordable, this should be your first choice.
  • A plethora of positive online reviews.
  • Urgent delivery is possible.
  • The papers that have been delivered contained no plagiarism and the writers maintained good grammar skills, which makes it evident that we are dealing with native English speakers.
  • The reviews online make them quite reputable even though they are a new company in the market that still needs to gain more recognition. Still, they have already secured their place and continue to improve all the time, based on what testimonials say.
  • 24/7 friendly customer support that remains responsive and caring even if you run into problems or cannot upload your rubric.

4. Study Clerk

- Company's History. Taking a closer look at the reviews of research paper writing service based on this company’s data, it can be concluded that they have been around for about five years. While they may not be a household name like EduBirdie, they are another great choice that should not be missed when you need to extend the scope of your research paper writing. They are especially good for literature reviews or those cases when you need additional help with the sources.

- Can We Trust Them? They are not only offering quality writing assistance but also provide you with a list of mechanisms that can keep you safe as you place an order with them. For example, you can pay only when the paper has been finished and you are happy with the results. They also offer a wide selection of safe payment methods. The majority of reviews that they have online are also positive. These are not those short reviews but good and informative feedback examples from their actual clients.

- Paper Quality Analysis. Placing an order with the Study Clerk has been a pleasant experience, which is mostly because of their nice website that makes things simple and accessible. As one can see from the list of services on offer, they are a professional research paper writing service that also provides full editing and proofreading in addition to research writing assistance. The grammar, style, and many other aspects have been addressed accurately and on time.

- Prices. They remain in the typical market niche with the $13.99 price tag, which is somewhere in the middle when it comes to what they ask per page of work. They will also charge more for urgency, which is fully understandable. The major difference is that they always deliver things on time!

- Online Reviews. The company has numerous good reviews that provide sufficient information about its services. The majority of customers mention high-quality assistance with the sources as the writers access databases and provide accurate citations. After all, it is a crucial point for a research paper!

- Customer Support. Their customer support is one of the best and they will always help you with anything you may ask as they do their best to cheer you up and help you find the best writer based on your needs. In terms of customer service, they are one of the best research paper writing service entries on our list because of their friendliness and genuine care.

- Reasons to Choose.

  • Awesome assistance with the literature reviews and sources.
  • Good online reputation and positive writers’ attitude.
  • Friendly customer support is available 24/7.
  • Timely delivery and good editing features.
  • The excellent user protection methods and safe payment options.
  • A wide selection of subjects and available writers.

5. Same Day Papers

- Company's History. They have been around for over five years and are quite popular not only in the United States but in Australia and Canada. What makes them stand out is the presence of trained native English speakers, which shows as soon as you place an order with them. Their grammar quality is one of the highest.

- Can We Trust Them? They have one of the best research paper writers that can assist you not only with purely American subjects but provide help if you need something related to Australia or Canada. Their online reputation is very good and they belong to those legit services online that should not be ignored when you’re looking for assistance.

- Paper Quality Analysis. The quality of the paper that has been placed with them resulted in timely delivery with no plagiarism issues. There have been several minor challenges with formatting, yet it has been fixed with a free revision. It has been done on time. Regarding formatting and proofreading, it has been implemented in a very good way.

- Prices. They will charge you $12.99 per page of research work. However, if you only need editing of your draft, the price per page of such work will be only $5.5. It makes them quite affordable.

- Online Reviews. They have numerous online reviews when it comes to choosing among research paper writing companies. Their total average is close to 4.38 points at the time of writing, based on over 200 reviews from their customers. They always refund you if you run into problems or talk to you to settle down the issues (happily, these are rare!).

- Customer Support. Their online help agents are always caring and will not let you down if you do not know how to place an order or your payment does not come through. They are a caring team of professionals who truly care and will respond immediately.

- Reasons to Choose.

  • Positive online reviews make them a reliable company to consider for research purposes.
  • Timely delivery and free revisions.
  • Branches in the United States, Canada, and Australia help to address country-specific subjects or find a native Australian for your bushmen research project.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Free grammar checker and plagiarism detection tools are available free of charge. These are of very high quality.
  • Professional English speakers will handle your grammar.
  • A reliable choice among research paper writer services that respond to their clients and address occurring issues.
  • Good selection of subjects and affordable editing help.

Research Paper Services FAQ

- Is it safe to use research paper writing services?

As soon as you decide to place an order for a research paper online, find out all you can about the company of choice and read online reviews. If the promised offerings are shady and unrealistic, avoid the service. Make sure that you can talk to the writer and ask for refunds. Most companies provide information about free revisions and safe payment options, which is also important!

- How can I find reliable research paper writing service reviews online?

Speaking of reliability, read up information about the writers, plagiarism attitude, and timely delivery. These aspects are most often covered by online reviewers. As you seek a legitimate research paper writing company, the best solution is to set your final submission date somewhat earlier and discuss your concerns with customer support. It will help you to increase your reliability automatically!

- Can TurnItIn find out that my essays and research papers have been purchased?

The systems like TurnInIt won’t be able to detect that you have bought a research paper online unless you upload it somewhere for checking purposes or add it to social media or your blog. Once you receive the final paper, keep it to yourself and your campus only.

- What are the risks of using research paper writing services?

The risks are always there because you are dealing with people who can make accidental mistakes, deliver your paper late, or misunderstand your objectives. Even the best research paper writing services in USA can have their bad days when the customer instructions are unclear or the subject is too broad! The risks of not getting a good paper exist as well, which is why you must either ask for a free revision or a refund if things go wrong.

- What subjects can I approach when using online help?

It will always depend on the service that you choose because some of them will focus on medical and legislative papers, while others will be more business or technology-oriented. Seek services that will provide you with most academic subjects. At most companies, you can find anything from Nursing and Engineering to English Literature, Law, Marketing, Psychology, or even assistance with resume writing!

Researching Things Together is More Fun!

When you are told to compose a research paper, you may only need a bit of expert guidance to start writing or to continue with another research assignment section. Since asking a professor or sending an email late at night might not be an option for most modern people, seeking a legit research paper service helps to face the challenges and deliver one’s work on time. Still, there is way more to that when you find trustworthy research paper writing services because you can research your problem with a friendly specialist who can help you achieve success. It will not only boost your grades but will help you to have some fun as you research together. If there is a great learning innovation that is worth mentioning, the research paper writing services definitely have their place on the list!

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