5 Best CBD Products for Sleep in 2022: Oils, Gummies, Capsules

As we brace for colder nights these coming months, one might find it difficult to adjust and get some proper sleep. Though it's proven that sleep quality improves when in lower temperatures, getting your body accustomed to the changing environment might take time. So, you'd need something to aid sleep at the night. CBD products may help you achieve that elusive sleep and relaxation during the change of the seasons.

In this article, we discuss the negative effects of poor sleep quality, the therapeutic benefits of CBD as a natural sleep aid, and a point-by-point run-through of the best CBD products you'd find in the market right now. After doing intensive research and fact-checking on various best-selling hemp products, we narrowed it down to five to help you choose the best hemp product with CBD for sleep for the rest of 2022.

  • Best Delta-8/CBD Gummies for Sleep - Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary Delta 8-CBN Nighttime Gummies
  • Best Extra-Strength CBD Sleep Oil - Mission Farms Full-Spectrum Max Rest CBD Oil
  • Best Organic CBD Gummies for Sleep - Joy Organics CBD Gummies (Melatonin + CBN + THC)
  • Best Organic CBD Oil for Sleep - Beyond Botanicals Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Best Overall - Cornbread Hemp CBD Sleep Bundle

CBD For Natural Sleep Cycle, Cold Weather Temperature, and Daylight Savings Time

Aside from the changing temperature—Hello colder months! — the Daylight-Saving Time (DST), that's about to end by early November, has a scientific effect on an individual's sleep cycle. There is only a little evidence that we gain an extra hour of sleep as we transition to autumn. According to a study, the change in your sleep patterns can take days when you transition in and out of DST.

Besides the de-synchronization in your circadian rhythms and sleep disturbances, the DST transition also contributes to behavioral changes. For example, studies show SAT scores are significantly lower, and fatal accidents are more likely in places that abide by DST policies.

Poor sleep and the lack of sleep may contribute to the derailing of your career, studies, and even your quality of life. And no one wants that! You need that restful night's sleep so you can reboot your energy levels and be your 100% self for the next day's hurdles.

As much as possible, you must be ready when fall and winter enter.

Getting Ready for The Change of Seasons (and the Holidays!) with CBD to Improve Sleep Quality

The best CBD products are a great addition to your everyday routine to help you find that balance and synchronicity in your circadian rhythm. And, just to put it out there, CBD products aren't elixirs that will immediately get you back on track and give you a deep sleep instantly—more so, they aren't meant to vanish into a sleep disorder. (Though CBD helps, you'd need a sleep specialist to get proper treatment for it.) Just like any sleep aids and supplements for correcting sleep cycles, you'd have to be patient enough for its health benefits to manifest!

Aside from CBD potentially easing the negative effects of sleep deprivation, CBD or cannabidiol from the Cannabis plant has been studied for many years and even used for centuries for its many benefits to general health. CBD has been shown to have anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, and neuroprotective properties.

For those who are getting a difficult time getting restful sleep because of the symptoms of preexisting health conditions—or even just because of holiday stress—any CBD product on our list may be the all-around supplement you're looking for.

Some Tips to Help You Decide What to Choose Among the Top 5 CBD Brands

The best CBD oils, CBD sleep gummies, CBD tinctures—and/or whatever CBD product type you're eyeing—will only be worth the purchase if it satisfies two things... Your needs and your preferences. In our list of best CBD products for enhanced sleep, we made sure that everyone's decision factors are taken into consideration. We've outlined below how we chose each one, and you may also use this as a buying guide the next time you add more CBD products to your everyday routine.

Know Your Needs

Safe - Are the CBD products compliant and lab-tested?

It's our primary duty when making a purchasing decision to exercise caution. One way is to check if the CBD product complies with federal, state, and local requirements. (Note that until now, Food and Drug Administration doesn't have a firm regulation yet in place.) Another one is to ensure that the CBD brand is getting every batch of their CBD products tested in independent laboratories for abundant cannabinoids present—especially CBD—and if they're free of any contaminants.

Effective - How much CBD is present in the CBD product?

There should be enough CBD in the CBD products for them to effectively work. The amount (mg of CBD on the product label) varies. What is best for you will depend on your body composition, history of cannabis use, and the severity of your sleep-related symptoms, among others. Established brands in the CBD industry, after careful research, show what strength is best for certain health needs and certain types of CBD users (e.g., for a newbie or the experienced.)

CBD reviews are also one way to know if the CBD product is effective. Of course, the effects would differ from one person to another person, but knowing it works for someone increases the chances it may also be perfect for your health needs!

Know Your Preferences

Other natural ingredients - What's the best mix for your sleep aid?

There are CBD products that are mixed with other beneficial compounds. Some come from the hemp plants themselves, which help boost the effects of CBD and contribute to the synergy of cannabinoids. And some natural ingredients come from other herbs that have already been used for ages to help in getting better sleep.

To make sure your chosen product doesn't hinder any important goal of your (i.e., career), make sure you know the difference between the CBD types:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD - CBD with at most 0.3% of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (the main psychoactive cannabinoid) mixed with other compounds from hemp plants.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD - CBD with zero to traces of THC, plus other compounds from hemp plants.
  • Pure CBD isolate - CBD only.

Flavor - What CBD product will make you take/use it daily?

All-hemp products mostly taste earthy and grassy. Some prefer taking CBD oil this way since it's healthier and more natural, but some find the natural flavor of hemp plants repulsive. Good thing most CBD products right now add palatable flavoring to CBD products, whether it is organic or artificial. Choose something you like so you can stick with it regularly.

Budget - How much can I afford?

Since we've talked about how consistency can help a lot get you nearer to a night of deep sleep, a budget is also one of the important factors to consider.

Most hemp companies in the CBD industry offer coupons and discounts if you opt for subscriptions. Some are even offered in trial sets or bundles for more savings. Once you've discovered your ultimate holy grail, then make use of these in your future purchases.

Choosing CBD sleep products that are reasonably priced for delivery or pickup in your area can also save you some money.

Best CBD Sleep Products in 2022

Best Delta-8/CBD Gummies for Sleep - Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary Delta 8-CBN Nighttime Gummies


  • Contains Delta-8 THC and CBN (cannabinol), aside from CBD, that promote relaxation.

  • They're all-natural and vegan CBD gummies.

  • No animal testing is done.

  • Lab-tested for purity and contaminants.


  • Only in one flavor, mixed berry flavor.
  • Contains the still studied psychoactive compound, delta-8.


The MJCBDD Night Time CBD Gummies from Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary is perfect for those who want instant effects. The delta-8 THC in the gummies has been shown to decrease sleep latency, and the CBN might increase your melatonin levels.

  • 500 mg of CBD per bottle
  • 20 pieces of gummies per bottle

Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary is one of the leading brands in the niche known for its innovation and mission to make premium high-quality hemp products accessible to everyone. Right now, aside from its online store, Mary Jane's has 17 physical locations across the United States.

Best CBD Oil Targeted for Sleep - Mission Farms Full-Spectrum Max Rest CBD Oil


  • A custom blend crafted for those who want an exceptionally strong sleep solution.
  • Contains Full Spectrum CBD, plus CBN, CBDa (cannabidiolic acid), and essential oils specifically targeted for better sleep.
  • Delicious Orange Lavender Spice flavor
  • Available in two potencies (1000 mg/25 mg per serving and 2000 mg/50 mg per serving).
  • Offers subscriptions plus 30-day money back guarantee
  • Lab-tested.


  • Has a small amount of THC, so not ideal if you're expecting a random drug test in the workplace.
  • might be strong for new CBD users.


The Mission Farms Rest CBD Oil is an exceptionally effective CBD oil for sleep. The hemp extracts of each blend contain 70% of organically-farmed, Full Spectrum CBD, 20% of CBN, and 10% of CBDa. And this is boosted with organic essential oils, namely: Lavender, Chamomile, Orange, and Cinnamon. A powerful combination that helps you relax, fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • Two strengths:
  • —1000 mg: 700 mg of CBD, plus 200 mg CBN, and 100 mg CBDa per bottle
  • —2000 mg: 1400mg of CBD, plus 400 mg CBN, and 200 mg CBDa per bottle
  • 40 servings per bottle

Mission Farms is an Oregon-based CBD company that is owned by a group of families. They are committed to healthy living and providing the highest quality CBD products to families in the United States. The Missions Farms Full-Spectrum CBD Oils are sourced from hemp plants that grow on their farm, which they affectionately call "The Napa Valley of Hemp".

Best Organic CBD Gummies for Sleep - Joy Organics CBD Gummies (Melatonin + CBN + THC)


  • Vegan and gluten-free gummies.
  • Contains CBN and melatonin.
  • Offers a monthly subscription option for more savings.
  • Offers carbon-neutral shipping and a 90-day 'Sleep Well' money-back guarantee for customers.
  • Uses organic coloring and flavoring.
  • Lab-tested.


  • Only available in one flavor (i.e., nighttime tart berry).
  • Still has a small amount of THC, so steer clear away if you're expecting a drug test.


The CBD Sleep Gummies from Joy Organics are the best choice for sleep management if you want something organic and all-natural. These vegan gummies contain organic ingredients, steering away from high-fructose corn syrup, to make sure they remain flavorful while they do their job to improve your quality of life.

  • 900 mg of CBD per jar.
  • 30 servings per jar.

Joy Organics was founded by Joy Smith in 2018 with a clear initiative to innovate effective hemp-derived CBD products for as many people as possible. To add, this was motivated by her own experience since she was struggling with sleep and is looking for natural support for her body. And now, four years later, Joy Organics has cemented its position at the top in the CBD industry.

Best Organic CBD Oil for Sleep - Beyond Botanicals Full-Spectrum CBD Oil


  • Uses vegan and non-GMO CBD oil ingredients.
  • Naturally flavored CBD oil.
  • Uses organic hemp seed oil and organic fractionated coconut oil.
  • CGMP-certified CBD manufacturing.
  • Offers free shipping.
  • Lab-tested.


  • Might be too pricey for some.
  • Needs more reviews on its website.
  • Contains THC, detectable in a marijuana drug test.


The Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Beyond Botanicals has the highest CBD concentration in a full-spectrum CBD oil you can buy. With 100 mg of CBD in the CBD oil taken daily, the balance in your wake-sleep cycle will probably be restored in no time.

  • 3000mg of CBD per bottle.
  • 30 servings per bottle.

Beyond Botanicals is a Connecticut-based CBD manufacturer which was founded by wellness-industry partners in 2017. After seeing the potential of the hemp plant, they've been on a mission to understand more about it and its compounds, advocate for CBD education and share its magic with others by providing the best and most effective CBD products.

Best Overall - Cornbread Hemp CBD Sleep Bundle


  • Organic hemp extract is sourced from mature hemp flowers only.
  • Uses organic flavoring and other ingredients.
  • Offers free shipping when purchased.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for customers.
  • More savings, as compared to when buying them individually.
  • Complete CBD efficacy for sleep in your routine.


  • Lower price only available in bundle. Items sold separately at original price.
  • Contains THC, which will show up on a drug test


The CBD Sleep Bundle by Cornbread Hemp is the only whole routine you need if you want all the natural hemp plant goodness to affect your sleep in the best possible way. This must-have bundle contains their best-sellers, namely: Whole Flower CBD Oil, Organic Berry CBD Gummies, and Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules.

  • 300 mg off CBD per jar of CBD gummies. 30 gummies.
  • 375 mg of CBD per bottle of CBD oil. 15 servings.
  • 750 mg of CBD per bottle of CBD capsules. 30 servings.

Cornbread Hemp All are sourced only from mature hemp flowers, are USDA-organic, and are proudly made in the USA.


There are too many to choose from in the wide variety of CBD products and CBD brands in the market. What matters most, and what should be your ultimate priority, is what will help you get that good night's rest. Even amid the change of seasons or any stress, your chosen CBD product might help you achieve that goal.

Aside from already listed down the Top 5 CBD products for sleep, we hope that the information about CBD requirements for brands, the need for independent testing of CBD products, and other more help you in your search! Just remember, as we explained earlier, different people might require different levels of CBD, depending on their body composition, history of cannabis use, and symptoms related to sleep. So, time to start now and look for the CBD product perfect for you!

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