30 essential Detroit area record stores to support to keep the music alive

Keep music alive by supporting these local, legendary, and thriving Detroit-area record stores, which keep the inspiration spinning all year long.

By Metro Times Staff

30 essential Detroit area record stores to support to keep the music alive
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25 Detroit area bookstores to support on Independent Bookstore Day and beyond

You know when Netflix brazenly asks you “are you still watching?” while binging the award-winning Jason Bateman drama Ozark? Well, show Netflix…

By Metro Times Staff

Nandi's Knowledge Cafe
    71 Oakman Blvd., Highland Park; 313-865-1288; nandisknowledgecafe.com
    Part bookstore, part community space, Nandi's Knowledge Cafe is a hub for African American books, art, poetry, culture, and studies. In addition to a carefully curated selection of books, Nandi's is also a hotspot for live performances, including hip-hop, reggae, open mic, and chess nights each week. 
    Photo via GoogleMaps
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The most anticipated new restaurants coming to the Detroit area in 2021

We don't have to tell you that 2020, uh, was not all that it was cracked up to be. Not only did…

By Metro Times Staff

Sloppy Crab
    519 E. Jefferson, Detroit;sloppycrabdetroit.com
    The owners of Sloppy Chops are backing another sloppy restaurant with Sloppy Crab. Taking over the former Brigg's Detroit spot in downtown, Sloppy Crab will offer a variety of seafood dishes, including lobster, fried fish, and seafood boils. 
    Photo via Sloppy Crab/Facebook
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20 sex toys, gadgets, and surprises to make it through Valentine’s Day in quarantine

If you would’ve told us that we would’ve spent most of 2020 — and, as it’s shaping up, most of 2021 —…

By Metro Times Staff

For the person who is very new to butt stuff but wants to give it a whirl 
    Luxe Beginner Plug Kit, $28
    Spectrum Boutique, 0nline only, spectrumboutique.com
    Don't over anal-yze it. Despite the rise in the popularity of butt stuff, not everyone is down to knock on their backdoor. But for those newbies who want to see what all the fuss is about before trying with a partner, there's the Luxe Beginner Plug Kit. Think of it like training wheels for your butt. Each of the three uniquely-sized silicone plugs offers a tapered tip to make insertion and removal a smooth experience, allowing you to build up to the largest of the plugs. If you want to, you'll be a butt stuff pro in no time. 
    Photo via spectrumboutique.com
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20 things to do if you're sober in the Detroit area

As if being a human wasn't hard enough, 2020 happened and, well, you know how that turned out. For those on a…

By Metro Times Staff

Buy a damn book and actually read the damn thing
    Don’t worry. You’re not alone. We have mountains of half-read books and stacks of “oh, I’ve been meaning to read those,” too. So, how about you take some time out of an afternoon and lose yourself in the labyrinthian John K. King Rare and Used Books or literally any one of metro Detroit’s many independent bookstores that are keeping our brains fed during the pandemic? Remember, read responsibly.
    Photo via Literati/Facebook
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Where to buy holiday gifts for under $50 in metro Detroit

Sometimes our hearts are bigger than our wallets, especially when it comes to gift-giving this time of year. And while pandemic shopping…

By Metro Times Staff

Where to buy holiday gifts for under $50 in metro Detroit
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15 independent metro Detroit bookstores offering delivery and curbside pickup

It came as quite a blow to independent bookstores  — and the readers that need them — when all were forced to…

By Metro Times Staff

Toadvine Books
    2783 Coolidge Hwy., Berkley; 248-439-0409; toadvinebooks.com 
    Want Vonnegut? Comics? How about illustrated Harry Potter books? This eclectic Berkley focuses on new and used fiction and literature, young adult novels, small press comics, zines, as well as science fiction and fantasy. Just email toadvinebooks@gmail.com to inquire about titles, pricing, and delivery. 
    Photo via Toadvine Books/Facebook
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Essential Detroit-area bars with food as good as their drinks

Sometimes going to the bar is so fun that you don't want to have to make another stop at a restaurant just…

By Metro Times Staff

Woodbridge Pub
    5169 Trumbull Ave.; 313-833-2701; woodbridgepub.com
    With mouth-watering menu selections such as spinach and artichoke dip, feta philo with honey, and Michigan cherry salad, Woodbridge Pub is a great spot to grab a beer and a filling, hearty meal. Plus, most dishes are crafted with ingredients sourced from urban farmers and vendors located within five miles of the pub.Photo via Woodbridge Pub Detroit / Facebook
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17 places to find pumpkin pie in the Detroit area

It's that time of year again — pumpkin pie season. For this scrumptious seasonal dessert, you don't have to settle for a…

By Metro Times Staff

Hermann’s Bakery
    317 S. Main St., Royal Oak; 248-541-3218; hermannsbakeryroyaloak.com
    Hermann’s offers breads, cakes, and other sweet treats, all homemade at their Royal Oak shop. In addition to a classic pumpkin pie, Hermann’s also offers a nut and streusel-topped version. 
    Photo via Hermann’s Bakery / Facebook
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10 items from Michigan retailers to keep you warm and fuzzy this fall

Fall fashion-forward with these clothing items and accessories sourced from Michigan retailers. By Amanda Sinishtaj

By Metro Times Staff

10 items from Michigan retailers to keep you warm and fuzzy this fall
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23 places to shop locally this holiday season

Sure, Target may be selling a 1,000-inch flat-screen TV for $60 on Thanksgiving Day and maybe that would make your dad happy,…

By Metro Times Staff

Eldorado General Store •
    • 1700 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-784-9220; eldoradogeneralstore.com •
    Erin Gavle has received her fair share of press, but take a step inside Corktown’s Eldorado General Store and you’ll see what has bloggers and major news outlets alike entranced. She sells a host of goods, from vintage to brand new, and stocks goods that would delight both guys and gals. Her collection of jewelry is to die for, as are her stock of tarot cards, candles, and vintage sweaters. Gavle travels the states collecting items to sell in the store and the care and thought put into her collection is apparent. Photo courtesy of Eldorado General Store.
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