The 20 best Italian restaurants in metro Detroit according to Yelp

Italian cuisine goes beyond pizza and spaghetti and some of the best Italian restaurants are found throughout the metro Detroit area. We…

By Metro Times Staff

9. L.A. Bistro Canton
    44314 Cherry Hill Rd., Canton; 734-392-7028
    “L.A. Bistro was a great experience.  The food was delicious and the staff was friendly and accommodating.  When we arrived on Friday at 6:30 pm there was no wait.  The only thing to improve my experience would have been a glass of wine with my Italian entree (L.A. Bistro is alcohol free).” - Walter J.
    Photo via Facebook/L.A. Bistro Canton
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The Detroit area’s best restaurants in 2020, according to our readers

The results are in for the 2020 Best of Detroit reader's poll and our readers didn't hold back from letting us know…

By Metro Times Staff

The Detroit area’s best restaurants in 2020, according to our readers
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35 essential Latino-owned restaurants in Detroit you should have tried by now

We have four words for you: SUPPORT LATINO-OWNED BUSINESSES. We're not sorry for yelling because those of us who live here know…

By Metro Times Staff

El Rancho Restaurant
    5900 Vernor Hwy, Detroit; 313-843-2151;
    El Rancho Mexican Restaurant opened in 1983, offering traditional Mexican cuisine via family recipes, some of which are secret.
    Photo by Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez of Featherstone
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20 of metro Detroit's most anticipated restaurants in 2020

We can almost taste them now. Of course, we're referring to the more than a dozen restaurants plotted to open in Detroit…

By Metro Times Staff

20 of metro Detroit's most anticipated restaurants in 2020
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25 essential Detroit-area taco spots offering carryout and curbside

Tacos are like snowflakes — no two are the same. Unlike snowflakes, however, tacos are delicious and we want tacos. All of…

By Metro Times Staff

Dos Locos Tacos
    10337 Joseph Campau Ave., Hamtramck; 313-872-6838;
    Dos Locos Tacos is accepting phone orders for carryout.
    Photo via Dos Locos Tacos/Facebook
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Recipes for classic Detroit foods — new and old — that you can make at home

We're sick of frozen pizza and PB&Js (OK — so we never really learned how to cook, but we survive), which is…

By Metro Times Staff

Recipes for classic Detroit foods — new and old — that you can make at home
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15 hole-in-the-wall sandwich spots you should have tried by now

When it comes to sandwiches, you don't need to go to a fancy restaurant to find the best. Great sandwiches often exist…

By Metro Times Staff

Nathan’s Deli
    581 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit; 313-962-3354;
    Nathan’s serves deli sandwiches, roll-up sandwiches, specialty sandwiches, and more. It also offers catering and vegetarian options.
    Photo via Nathan’s Deli / Facebook
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The 20 hottest restaurants in the Detroit area right at this moment

The restaurant scene in the Detroit area is hotter than hot, and all the options might make you dizzy. To help you…

By Metro Times Staff

    1249 Griswold St., Detroit; 313-816-8100;
    With 4,500-square-feet, Leila has the space to serve family-style Lebanese dishes. Classic fare includes dry-rubbed pork, grilled meat dishes called mashawi, and a selection of seafood.
    Photo via Leila / Facebook
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The 20 best date night spots in the Detroit area

Here are a few Detroit-area hotspots where you can share a romantic night with your one and only.

By Metro Times Staff

Prime + Proper
    1145 Griswold St., Detroit; 313-636-3100;
    Prime + Proper wood-fires all of their meats to perfection. The style of this restaurant is contemporary, yet old-fashioned for a timeless date.
    Photo via Prime + Proper / Facebook
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20 Detroit chicken wing spots you should have tried by now

Moist towelette? Check. Ranch? You bet. A frosty cold one to wash down the Detroit delicacy most commonly known as the humble…

By Metro Times Staff

Sweetwater Tavern
    400 E. Congress St.; 313-962-2210;
    Sweetwater, a perennial favorite for wings, doesn't disappoint. These are what wings should be. Vinegary, spicy, and charred but still moist. Where mere mortals will pack wings with too much salt or rely heavily on cayenne and heat, the wing gods at Sweetwater know about balance and how to produce a piquant wing that lives up to the hype.
    Photo by Tom Perkins
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The most anticipated new restaurants coming to Michigan in 2020

This year was good, but next year is looking even more scrumptious. The metro Detroit food scene is about to serve up…

By Metro Times Staff

Eastern Market Brewing Company
    Expected to open in early 2020 at 567 Livernois Ave., Ferndale
    Eastern Market Brewing Company bought Axle Brewing Company, formerly Livernois Tap. Because the new location will not be in Eastern Market, they may offer different beers.
    Photo via Eastern Market Brewing Co / Facebook
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We'll miss these Detroit restaurants that closed in 2019

While Detroit's food scene continues to impress, not every local restaurant, bakery, and eatery made it through 2019. Here's a look at…

By Metro Times Staff

Drive Table Tennis Social Club
    645 Griswold St. #144
    Located in the Penobscot Building, Drive Table Tennis Social Club was a unique venture that combined a restaurant, bar, and table tennis club. The spot closed in late January after six years of operation.
    Photo via Drive Table Tennis Social Club / Facebook
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These Detroit-area restaurants are totally worth the wait

Sometimes when you're hungry, the sight of a line of diners winding out the door of a popular spot is enough to…

By Metro Times Staff

These Detroit-area restaurants are totally worth the wait
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22 of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Detroit

When you're choosing where to eat for a special night out, ambience might be just as important to you as what's on…

By Metro Times Staff

FOLK Detroit
    1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit; 313-290-5849;
    Photo via  Folk Detroit / Facebook
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26 Detroit-area spots serving food on Thanksgiving Day in 2019

Don't want to cook? You don't have to! These restaurants are making Thanksgiving less stressful by offering brunches, dinners, or buffets so…

By Metro Times Staff

The Henry, Autograph Collection
    300 Town Center Dr., Dearborn; 313-441-2000;
    The Autograph Collection is located in the beautiful and historic dining area of The Marriott in Dearborn. A full course Thanksgiving meal with choices of sides and dessert will be served. The meal costs $58.80 per person, or $32 for children ages 4 to 12. 
    Photo via The Henry - Autograph Collection / Facebook
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Essential Detroit-area bars with food as good as their drinks

Sometimes going to the bar is so fun that you don't want to have to make another stop at a restaurant just…

By Metro Times Staff

Woodbridge Pub
    5169 Trumbull Ave.; 313-833-2701;
    With mouth-watering menu selections such as spinach and artichoke dip, feta philo with honey, and Michigan cherry salad, Woodbridge Pub is a great spot to grab a beer and a filling, hearty meal. Plus, most dishes are crafted with ingredients sourced from urban farmers and vendors located within five miles of the pub.Photo via Woodbridge Pub Detroit / Facebook
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17 places to find pumpkin pie in the Detroit area

It's that time of year again — pumpkin pie season. For this scrumptious seasonal dessert, you don't have to settle for a…

By Metro Times Staff

Hermann’s Bakery
    317 S. Main St., Royal Oak; 248-541-3218;
    Hermann’s offers breads, cakes, and other sweet treats, all homemade at their Royal Oak shop. In addition to a classic pumpkin pie, Hermann’s also offers a nut and streusel-topped version. 
    Photo via Hermann’s Bakery / Facebook
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The 20 best Detroit restaurants when you’re broke AF

Great food doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are a few of our favorite Detroit restaurants where you…

By Metro Times Staff

Checker Bar Detroit
    124 Cadillac Sq., Detroit; 313-961-9249;  
    You can’t miss the checker-patterned building in the middle of Downtown. Opened in 1954, Checker Bar has served burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and more for over 50 years.
    Photo via Google Maps
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The most anticipated new restaurants coming to Detroit this fall

Look out for these exciting new eateries that are about to debut in Detroit this year.

By Metro Times Staff

The most anticipated new restaurants coming to Detroit this fall
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16 Detroit-area chicken sandwiches that are better than Popeyes

Detroit-area restaurants offer a diverse selection of chicken sandwiches, from Nashville hot to shawarma. You can skip Popeyes and head to one…

By Metro Times Staff

Detroit Beer Company — Fried Chicken or Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich
    1529 Broadway St., Detroit; 313-962-1529;
    Chicken sandwiches come two ways at Detroit Beer Company: barbecue pulled or fried. Their fried chicken sandwich comes with a pickled cabbage slaw and spicy aioli, while the pulled chicken is tossed with a sweet barbecue sauce and served with a cucumber and cabbage slaw. Wash either one down with a pint from the wide selection of craft beers available on tap.
    Photo via Detroit Beer CO / Facebook
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10 outstanding Black-owned restaurants in the Detroit area

Those of us who live here know that Motown has a rich history of food and drink, and Black-owned bars, restaurants, and…

By Metro Times Staff

The Kitchen by Cooking with Que
    6529 Woodward Ave., Detroit
    This space at 6529 Woodward serves as a culinary classroom of sorts where vegans and meat lovers can hone their culinary skills; a place for businesses and individuals to rent a shared commercial kitchen; and a place where visitors can rent private dining space.
    Photo via  The Kitchen by Cooking with Que / Facebook
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25 things to eat in Detroit before you die

There are plenty of stellar restaurants in Detroit, and some of them have come up with some truly to-die-for dishes. From beignets…

By Metro Times Staff

Salted Maple Pie
    Sister Pie
    8066 Kercheval Ave., Detroit
    Sweet, savory, salty, and maybe a bit smokey, the salted maple pie is a perfect balance between every flavor your taste buds are craving. Sister Pie has become a West Village favorite, with seasonal pies, breakfast items, and a list of hot or cold beverages to choose from. 
    Photo via  Sister Pie / Facebook
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The Detroit area's quirkiest restaurants that everyone should visit at least once

In the Detroit area alone, we have places to eat where you can board a ship, say a secret password, and attend…

By Metro Times Staff

Mad Hatter Bistro
    185 N. Old Woodward Ave., Birmingham
    This Alice in Wonderland-themed bar and restaurant uses traditional family recipes that have been passed down for generations. You can choose to dine in Wonderland or in an electric dining room where you can watch the "Mad Scientists," aka the chefs, prepare food in the open kitchen.  
    Photo via  Mad Hatter Bistro/Bar/Tea Room / Facebook
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20 Michigan-based restaurant chains that are actually good

Michigan sometimes feels inundated with chain restaurants, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Not all chains are bad, and…

By Metro Times Staff

 Halo Burger 
    Halo Burger, which originated in Flint, is one of the oldest hamburger chains in the country. If you’ve ever wondered where the “deluxe burger” came from, Halo Burger is the creative mind behind it. The chain uses 100 percent fresh, never-frozen beef accompanied by other ingredients for the signature taste.
    Photo via  Halo Hamburger / Facebook
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30 essential Detroit area patios you should be enjoying this weekend

Michigan's warm season is too short, but when the weather's nice there's nothing better than finding a bar or restaurant that has…

By Metro Times Staff

MotorCity Wine
    Perhaps one of the most beloved patios in the city, MotorCity Wine is more than just a place to pop some serious red, white, or rosé. With ample seating and fire pits for chilly nights, MotorCity Wine often brings its frequent dining pop-ups and entertainment outdoors for a more intimate party with fresh air. 
    1949 Michigan Ave., Detroit
    Photo courtesy of MotorCity Wine Facebook
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15 delicious photos of Italian and Mexican dishes from La Noria

La Noria is located at 5517 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-338-3545. You can read our review of La Noria here. Photos by Tom Perkins…

By Metro Times Staff

15 delicious photos of Italian and Mexican dishes from La Noria
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30 metro Detroit restaurants that are gone but not forgotten

Saying goodbye can be tough. Especially when it comes to some of our favorite restaurants. From Italian staples, hole-in-the-wall diners, and trendy…

By Metro Times Staff

Mae’s in Pleasant Ridge
    The tiny Pleasant Ridge shop was the quintessential hipster breakfast spot and it was wonderful and we miss it. Closed in 2016.
    Photo via Facebook
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Here are the 12 hottest restaurants in metro Detroit right now

Photos by Tom Perkins except where noted.

By Metro Times Staff

King’s Bakery
    It's hard to imagine making improvements to the classic shawarma, but King's did just that by adding a layer of cheese and wrapping it up in manoush, a Lebanaese flatbread. In short, King's makes delicious cheesy shawarma in better bread.
    Find King’s Bakery here.
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10 metro Detroit food Instagrammers you should be following

Detroit's food scene is one of the country's hottest, and there are lots of excellent photographers here document every bite. Check out…

By Metro Times Staff

Girls Gone Hungry@girlsgonehungry
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22 tiny metro Detroit restaurants you should have tried by now

Sure, we love our big and fabulous restaurants -- nobody enjoys having to wait for a table, after all. But there's just…

By Metro Times Staff

Duly’s Place
    5458 Vernor Hwy, Detroit
    Duly’s Place is the definition of a hole-in-the-wall joint. They serve up coney dogs, cheese fries, hamburgers, and anything else that is basic and delicious behind a tiny counter. This place is no-fuss and we love it. 
    Photo via @frank.boyd
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