20 small town Michigan restaurants worth a drive

When it comes to our definition of a “small town” in Michigan, we have to be very honest, it’s anything and everything…

By Metro Times Staff

Tonys I75 Restaurant
8781 Main St., Birch Run; 989-624-5860; tonysi75restaurant.com

If you have a thing for bacon, Tonys I75 Restaurant is the place you need to go. While Tonys serves everything from breakfast and burgers to Mexican inspired dishes, the one-pound BLT is the standout item.
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Detroit's Black-owned restaurants everyone should've tried by now

Detroit is a city with a rich culture, a whole lot of soul, and great food. It's also one of the Blackest…

By Metro Times Staff

Fusion Flare Kitchen and Cocktails
    16801 Plymouth Rd., Detroit; 313-653-3700; fusionflare.net
    When owner-chef Maashelle Sykes opened her new American and soul food eatery in 2019, it marked the first full-service restaurant to open in Detroit’s west side Joy community in nearly 20 years. Their menu includes plates like fried catfish with a remoulade sauce, grilled pork chops, and buttermilk fried chicken, and different preparations of shrimp, as well as vegan options.
    Photo via  Fusion Flare Kitchen and Cocktails/Facebook
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The most anticipated new restaurants coming to metro Detroit in 2022

While 2021 was a surprisingly great year for new eats in metro Detroit, it looks like 2022 might just top it. From…

By Metro Times Staff

    4120 Second St., Detroit; saucedetroit.com
    After a previous target opening of late 2021 passed, it seems likely that this Italian- and SoCal-themed spot will open this year. Sauce is under the Heirloom Hospitality group, helmed by Jeremy Sasson (Prime + Proper, a Detroit and Birmingham’s Townhouse), and will feature a menu by former Otus Supply chef Myles McVay. 
    Photo by Steve Neavling
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The best things we ate in metro Detroit in 2021

In a roller coaster ride of a year that hit the restaurant industry particularly hard, all of metro Detroit’s restaurateurs deserve praise…

By Metro Times Staff

‘Birriadillas’ with consomme at Antojitos Southwest
    During the pandemic’s early stages, Gloria Contreras turned a layoff into an opportunity to pursue a dream: opening a restaurant. She and her family launched a birria-centered operation out of their Southwest Detroit home, and word of her incredible “birriadillas” — or birria quesadillas — spread quickly. The Contreras family now runs a popular food truck, delivering birrilla impressive for its depth and richness. Contreras starts with beef that's browned before simmering for hours in its juices, leaving it super tender while building the fatty base for the hearty quesadillas' big flavor. Garlic, onion, cumin, oregano, and a range of other spices and aromatics stew with the meat, while guajillo, a brightening chile, adds a component that's more tangy and fruity than spicy. That’s wrapped in a shell with a handful of mozzarella cheese, then griddle-fried in the beef’s oil to deepen the package with another interesting flavor layer and create a crunchy counterpoint to all the tender meat. The birria juice is again repurposed as a consommé, which allows the diner to ensure that each bite is awash in the rich, high fat broth. Finish it with diced onion, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime for more flavor and textural depth, and the incredible package is complete. (1975 Sharon St., Detroit; instagram.com/antojitos_southwest)
    —Tom Perkins
    Courtesy photo
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20 restaurants and bars to take out-of-towners that show the real Detroit

Cooler weather means one thing — the holiday season is near. As domestic and international travel resumes, many of us are preparing…

By Metro Times Staff

Golden Fleece
    525 Monroe St., Detroit; 313-962-7093; goldenfleecedetroit.com
    Photo via Google Maps
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The top 20 soul food restaurants in metro Detroit according to Yelp

Good food feeds the soul, and great soul food warms your heart. As the weather gets cooler, the desire for warm and…

By Metro Times Staff

8. Beans & Cornbread
    29852 Northwestern Hwy., Southfield; 248-208-1680
    “This was my first time in the Motor City and we chose to dine at Beans and Cornbread. I must say this establishment is very inviting to say the least complimented with a friendly staff and delicious "Soul Food" makes you feel right at home. Especially, during the holidays. I'll dine here anytime I visit the "Motor City.” - Ambrosia S.
    Update: Since this publishing, Beans & Cornbread has been renamed Cornbread Restaurant + Bar and has relocated down the street from its original location to 29852 Northwestern Hwy., Southfield.
    Photo via Google Maps
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20 Detroit area strip mall restaurants worth trying

When we turn into the strip mall to do our grocery shopping, mail a package or hit the salon, we hardly ever…

By Metro Times Staff

Sahara Restaurant and Grill
    24770 Coolidge Hwy., Oak Park; 248-399-7744; newsahara.com
    Right at the corner of 10 Mile Rd. and Coolidge Hwy, Sahara Restaurant & Grill dishes out a taste of the Mediterranean. Try the Sahara fries which are fries draped in chicken or beef shwarma and topped with tahini or Shahara Ranch 
    Photo via Google Maps
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Detroit-area restaurants that opened during the pandemic that you may have missed

The pandemic served us some pretty devastating news, including statistics about business closures. It is estimated that more than 17% of restaurants…

By Metro Times Staff

Coriander Kitchen and Farm
    14601 Riverside Blvd., Detroit; 313-473-9132; corianderkitchenandfarm.com
    Chef Alison Heeres and farmer Gwen Meyer of Coriander Kitchen & Farm have been itching to open their waterfront farm-to-table restaurant since securing the previously vacant marina in the Jefferson-Chalmers area. Well, in 2021, they opened Coriander's doors (er, scenic patio for now) to offer thoughtfully made and locally sourced flatbreads, salads, and sandwiches.  
    Photo via Coriander Kitchen and Farm/Facebook
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40 restaurants that opened in metro Detroit suburbs this year

It's been a tough year for the restaurant industry. Due to the pandemic, more than one-third of Michigan restaurants may not be…

By Metro Times Staff

Mad Crab
    13351 W. 10 Mile Rd., Oak Park; 248-965-2120; madcraboakparkmi.com
    Seafood boil places are cropping up all over metro Detroit like, well, mad crabs, which is exactly what Mad Crab is all about. Opened in September, Oak Park’s Mad Crab invites seafood lovers to combine their choice of seafood (lobster, snow crab, mussels, shrimp, crawfish, and more) with Cajun spices, garlic butter, and lemon pepper. 
    Photo via Mad Crab/Facebook
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50 Detroit-area restaurants that we said goodbye to in 2020

Draw a bath, cue up the Sarah McLachlan, and grab a pint of ice cream because we are seriously bumming about not…

By Metro Times Staff

    9737 Joseph Campau Ave., Hamtramck
    Revolver debuted in 2013 with a novel concept of selling advance tickets to special dinners with weekly rotating chefs, many of whom used the space to preview their new restaurants. While it drew a cult following, it could not survive the coronavirus pandemic, which forced many restaurants to resort to carryout. Revolver's closure was made official in the fall.
    Photo via MT archives
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The Detroit area’s best restaurants in 2020, according to our readers

The results are in for the 2020 Best of Detroit reader's poll and our readers didn't hold back from letting us know…

By Metro Times Staff

The Detroit area’s best restaurants in 2020, according to our readers
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35 essential Latino-owned restaurants in Detroit you should have tried by now

We have four words for you: SUPPORT LATINO-OWNED BUSINESSES. We're not sorry for yelling because those of us who live here know…

By Metro Times Staff

El Rancho Restaurant
    5900 Vernor Hwy, Detroit; 313-843-2151; elranchomexrest.com
    El Rancho Mexican Restaurant opened in 1983, offering traditional Mexican cuisine via family recipes, some of which are secret.
    Photo by Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez of Featherstone
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65 new restaurants that opened in the Detroit area so far this year

It's been a tough year for the restaurant industry — when there's a global pandemic just when the weather's warming up, it…

By Metro Times Staff

Street Beet
    4626 3rd Ave., Detroit; 313-638-1480; streetbeetdetroit.com
    This cult-favorite all-vegan pop-up found a permanent home inside Detroit's 3rd Street Bar. The menu features Street Beet's greatest hits, including favorite items from several iterations of pop-ups, as well as some new additions. From Taco Hell, the pair's Taco Bell spoof, the Supreme Crunchywrap and Nachos Hell Grande made the cut, as did the fake chicken sandwich and cashew mac & cheese, which were fixtures on their KFC-inspired menus, and the filet-no-fish sandwich, a fan favorite circa their limited-run McDaddy's pop-up. New to the menu are a phony cheesesteak, a party melt, loaded french fries, and a brownie and ice cream dessert.
    Photo by Chris Gerard
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30 essential Detroit area sandwich shops you should have tried by now

Let's be real: We've never met a sandwich we didn't like. In fact, our personal nutritional pyramid is made up of 65%…

By Metro Times Staff

Ernie’s Market
    8500 Capital St., Oak Park; 248-541-9703; erniessandwichshop.com
    Ernie’s is known for its large, unique sandwiches — and for Ernie, a shopkeep with a propensity for saying, “Baby!” You can put a number of toppings on them, and choose from a wide variety of sides. The local business has been serving the community for years.
    Photo via Ernie’s Market / Facebook
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20 best Detroit restaurants for takeout and delivery, according to Yelp

You know what they say about opinions: they're like assholes, everyone has one. And, well, sometimes the people with opinions and assholes,…

By Metro Times Staff

10. Pie-Sci Pizza
    5163 Trumbull St., Detroit; 313-818-0290;  piescipizza.com
    We’re not particularly religious or anything, but a bite of Pie-Sci Pizza is like a deep-throat kiss with god. OK — so we have no idea what that is supposed to mean but honestly, this experimental pizza joint (which offers loads of vegan options) in Woodbridge is so good that we feel dizzy just talking about it. And apparently we’re not alone. Just listen to Abby M. from Cleveland, who says the spot "just ruined EVERY OTHER PIZZA PLACE in the USA for me. Pie Sci gives pizza the upgrade you didn't know you wanted, but needed. Is beans on pizza good? no, right? Wrong.” Pie-Sci changes their menu seasonally, which means your favorite pie won’t stick around long but it’s likely they’ll just give you another favorite to lust after and long for.
    Photo via Pie-Sci/Facebook
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15 hole-in-the-wall sandwich spots you should have tried by now

When it comes to sandwiches, you don't need to go to a fancy restaurant to find the best. Great sandwiches often exist…

By Metro Times Staff

Nathan’s Deli
    581 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit; 313-962-3354; nathansdelidetroit.com
    Nathan’s serves deli sandwiches, roll-up sandwiches, specialty sandwiches, and more. It also offers catering and vegetarian options.
    Photo via Nathan’s Deli / Facebook
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The 20 hottest restaurants in the Detroit area right at this moment

The restaurant scene in the Detroit area is hotter than hot, and all the options might make you dizzy. To help you…

By Metro Times Staff

    1249 Griswold St., Detroit; 313-816-8100; leiladetroit.com
    With 4,500-square-feet, Leila has the space to serve family-style Lebanese dishes. Classic fare includes dry-rubbed pork, grilled meat dishes called mashawi, and a selection of seafood.
    Photo via Leila / Facebook
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The most anticipated new restaurants coming to Michigan in 2020

This year was good, but next year is looking even more scrumptious. The metro Detroit food scene is about to serve up…

By Metro Times Staff

Eastern Market Brewing Company
    Expected to open in early 2020 at 567 Livernois Ave., Ferndale
    Eastern Market Brewing Company bought Axle Brewing Company, formerly Livernois Tap. Because the new location will not be in Eastern Market, they may offer different beers.
    Photo via Eastern Market Brewing Co / Facebook
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We'll miss these Detroit restaurants that closed in 2019

While Detroit's food scene continues to impress, not every local restaurant, bakery, and eatery made it through 2019. Here's a look at…

By Metro Times Staff

Drive Table Tennis Social Club
    645 Griswold St. #144
    Located in the Penobscot Building, Drive Table Tennis Social Club was a unique venture that combined a restaurant, bar, and table tennis club. The spot closed in late January after six years of operation.
    Photo via Drive Table Tennis Social Club / Facebook
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20 of the best new restaurants that opened in Detroit in 2019

In 2019, Detroit gained a number of new restaurants and bars. From pizza to pierogis, here's a few favorites.

By Metro Times Staff

    1509 Broadway St., Detroit; 313-855-2757; karlsdetroit.com
    While Detroit has no shortage of diners, Karl’s stands out. Located in the beautifully decorated Siren Hotel, Karl’s is run by Chef Kate, the mastermind behind Corktown’s nationally recognized Lady of the House restaurant.
    Photo via Karl’s / Facebook
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These Detroit-area restaurants are totally worth the wait

Sometimes when you're hungry, the sight of a line of diners winding out the door of a popular spot is enough to…

By Metro Times Staff

These Detroit-area restaurants are totally worth the wait
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22 of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Detroit

When you're choosing where to eat for a special night out, ambience might be just as important to you as what's on…

By Metro Times Staff

FOLK Detroit
    1701 Trumbull Ave., Detroit; 313-290-5849; folkdetroit.com
    Photo via  Folk Detroit / Facebook
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26 Detroit-area spots serving food on Thanksgiving Day in 2019

Don't want to cook? You don't have to! These restaurants are making Thanksgiving less stressful by offering brunches, dinners, or buffets so…

By Metro Times Staff

The Henry, Autograph Collection
    300 Town Center Dr., Dearborn; 313-441-2000; behenry.com
    The Autograph Collection is located in the beautiful and historic dining area of The Marriott in Dearborn. A full course Thanksgiving meal with choices of sides and dessert will be served. The meal costs $58.80 per person, or $32 for children ages 4 to 12. 
    Photo via The Henry - Autograph Collection / Facebook
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The cheesiest foods in the Detroit area

Cheese is one of the loveliest things in the world. If you’re hungry and only something cheesy will hit the spot, these…

By Metro Times Staff

    Melting Pot
    888 W Big Beaver Rd., Troy; 248-362-2221; meltingpot.com
    Known for its wide variety of fondue, the Melting Pot is sure to have something for everyone. From Wisconsin cheddar to fiesta fondue, you and your friends can surely dip until your heart's content.
    Photo via The Melting Pot Restaurants / Facebook
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Warm up your cold soul with soup at these 20 Detroit hotspots

As the temperature starts to inch lower and lower, we've begun to wrap ourselves in scarves and reach for those hot bowls…

By Metro Times Staff

Cass Cafe
    4620 Cass Ave.; 313-831-1400; casscafe.com
    The roasted curry lentil soup at Cass Cafe pairs perfectly with a reuben, grilled cheese, or retro artichoke melt sandwich. Or you can try their soup and salad combo, which includes a cup of soup, garlic bread, and house salad. 
    Photo via Cass Cafe / Facebook
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The most anticipated new restaurants coming to Detroit this fall

Look out for these exciting new eateries that are about to debut in Detroit this year.

By Metro Times Staff

The most anticipated new restaurants coming to Detroit this fall
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The 20 hottest restaurants in Detroit right now

Detroit's restaurant scene is hot right now. From new cocktail bars to date-night spots, there are plenty of ways to entertain your…

By Metro Times Staff

PAO Detroit
    114 W. Adams Ave., Detroit
    A modern experience inspired by classic Asian flavors. Dishes include king crab truffle gnocchi and a 48-hour lamb lollipop. Happy hour is M-F from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
    Photo via PAO Detroit / Facebook
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10 outstanding Black-owned restaurants in the Detroit area

Those of us who live here know that Motown has a rich history of food and drink, and Black-owned bars, restaurants, and…

By Metro Times Staff

The Kitchen by Cooking with Que
    6529 Woodward Ave., Detroit
    This space at 6529 Woodward serves as a culinary classroom of sorts where vegans and meat lovers can hone their culinary skills; a place for businesses and individuals to rent a shared commercial kitchen; and a place where visitors can rent private dining space.
    Photo via  The Kitchen by Cooking with Que / Facebook
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20 Michigan-based restaurant chains that are actually good

Michigan sometimes feels inundated with chain restaurants, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Not all chains are bad, and…

By Metro Times Staff

 Halo Burger 
    Halo Burger, which originated in Flint, is one of the oldest hamburger chains in the country. If you’ve ever wondered where the “deluxe burger” came from, Halo Burger is the creative mind behind it. The chain uses 100 percent fresh, never-frozen beef accompanied by other ingredients for the signature taste.
    Photo via  Halo Hamburger / Facebook
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Essential Detroit-area restaurants serving cuisine from all around the world

The Detroit area is home to people from all around the globe who have brought beautiful cultures and exquisite cuisines to the…

By Metro Times Staff

South Korea: Korean Palace
    34744 Dequindre Rd., Sterling Heights
    One of the treats about eating Korean food is the array of a half-dozen side dishes — banchan — that come with the meal. That the little plates of banchan will appear soon after you order is just assumed by the mostly Korean clientele at Korea Palace — you won't find a reference to them on the menu. 
    Photo via  Tom Perkins
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