40 things to do in Detroit before you die

Detroit is iconic for so many reasons. It's the birthplace of techno, Motown, the assembly line, and the Big 3. We've got…

By Metro Times Staff

22. See Detroit as Cadillac first saw it: from the water
    What a difference the distance of a couple hundred yards makes! From the river Detroit first obtained its sustenance, its commerce, its very name. Now the waterway provides an excellent vantage point to see the city. Not only is it always 10 degrees cooler on the river, as those who’ve turned into the wind aboard such pleasure crafts as Diamond Jack’s or the grand, three-story Detroit Princess know, it carries a bracing energy all its own.
    Photo via Flickr, OZinOH
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17 iconic selfies that prove you're a Detroiter

Do people even selfie anymore? The answer is yes. And what better way to take a selfie than in front of a…

By Metro Times Staff

Detroit Institute of Art 
    Pro tip: Rivera Court has the best lighting. 
     Photo via toddhansmann
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