25 places offering Lent fish fries in the Detroit area

Tis the season for fish — lots and lots of fish. With Lent underway — you know, that Christian holiday in which…

By Metro Times Staff

Nancy Whiskey
    2644 Harrison St., Detroit; 313-962-4247; nancywhiskeydetroit.com
    One of Detroit's oldest bars offers a fish fry every Friday through the end of Lent, which includes large portions of cod and perch served with fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce.
    Photo via Nancy Whiskey/Facebook
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25 of the most romantic restaurants in the Detroit area, according to Yelp

It might be cold AF outside, but things are heating up in time for Valentine's Day, thanks to metro Detroit's dining scene.…

By Metro Times Staff

16. Marrow
    8044 Kercheval Ave., Detroit; 313-652-0200; marrowdetroit.com 
    “Had an absolutely incredible experience at Marrow for our anniversary dinner. Menu has to be picked ahead of time, but you truly can't go wrong -- everything was fresh, unique, beautifully plated, and delicious. Our server was kind and attentive while also being careful to limit contact due to covid precautions. We sat on the back patio which had heaters and a fire going, and was a lovely setting for dinner. The tasting menu is well worth the price and we already want to return since the menu changes often! Marrow exceeded our expectations and made our anniversary dinner fun and memorable.” — Carolina R. on Yelp
    Photo via Marrow/Facebook
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40 restaurants that opened in metro Detroit suburbs this year

It's been a tough year for the restaurant industry. Due to the pandemic, more than one-third of Michigan restaurants may not be…

By Metro Times Staff

Mad Crab
    13351 W. 10 Mile Rd., Oak Park; 248-965-2120; madcraboakparkmi.com
    Seafood boil places are cropping up all over metro Detroit like, well, mad crabs, which is exactly what Mad Crab is all about. Opened in September, Oak Park’s Mad Crab invites seafood lovers to combine their choice of seafood (lobster, snow crab, mussels, shrimp, crawfish, and more) with Cajun spices, garlic butter, and lemon pepper. 
    Photo via Mad Crab/Facebook
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25 of the best comfort food restaurants in metro Detroit, according to Yelp

We could all use a little comfort right about now, meaning comfort food — like mac n' cheese, meatloaf, pho, or chicken…

By Metro Times Staff

1. Polish Village Cafe
    2990 Yemans St., Hamtramck; 313-874-5726; polishvillage.cafe 
    “Nice old world styled restaurant. And I must say has the best be Polish food around. The wait staff is great. They always check to make sure you have everything to keep you happy. And it's always packed!!!!  so order carry out if you don't mind dining out. It's just a little place. Get anything it is guaranteed to be good, I promise. City chicken, pierogies, stuffed cabbage like grandma used to make.... unless you're getting a combo have the person with you order something different and just share. Serving sizes are good and there will be more than enough to take home for leftovers! Try the dill pickle soup as well. Hope you enjoy this place as much as I do.” — Tiffany M. on Yelp
    Photo via Polish Village Cafe/Facebook
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20 metro Detroit restaurants to fill up on piping hot pho

Winter is here, and so is our Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yeah, that's right. We're S.A.D. But another three-letter word might be hot,…

By Metro Times Staff

Flowers of Vietnam
    4440 Vernor Hwy., Detroit; 313-554-2085; flowersofvietnam.com
    Tucked inside the Vernor Coney Island, Flowers of Vietnam is a high-end and experimental Vietnamese eatery and a strong contender for top pho within the city limits. Pair it with some sticky and sweet caramel chicken wings and a specialty cocktail and suddenly it’s a perfect date night. 
    Photo via Flower of Vietnam/Facebook
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The 25 best sushi restaurants for takeout in metro Detroit, according to Yelp!

Listen, no one looks cute eating sushi, but that's part of the experience — along with dropping a loaded piece of Volcano…

By Metro Times Staff

16. Xushi Ko
    16351 Ford Rd. C-118, Dearborn; 313-914-1453; xushi-ko.com
    “A couple friends and myself ventured to Xushi Ko this past Sunday afternoon for lunch, what a great decision! When you sit down, they have electronic menus, basically just an iPad/tablet as a menu. It was nice because there are a bunch of different sushi rolls and if you click on the name of the roll, it pops up with a picture of the roll along with the price. It was a nice touch. We started off with the Spiral Avocado with tuna and it was amazing. Great way to start your meal. We then ordered and I went with the Sushi tower which for $10 is well worth every penny. It was delicious! I also split a Lion King roll which was just so flavorful and can't wait to have it again. You can't go wrong with whatever specialty roll you order there. The played design of the sushi is even a nice touch. Can't wait to try more!” —Kari S. on Yelp
    Photo via Xushi Ko/Facebook
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50 Detroit-area restaurants that we said goodbye to in 2020

Draw a bath, cue up the Sarah McLachlan, and grab a pint of ice cream because we are seriously bumming about not…

By Metro Times Staff

    9737 Joseph Campau Ave., Hamtramck
    Revolver debuted in 2013 with a novel concept of selling advance tickets to special dinners with weekly rotating chefs, many of whom used the space to preview their new restaurants. While it drew a cult following, it could not survive the coronavirus pandemic, which forced many restaurants to resort to carryout. Revolver's closure was made official in the fall.
    Photo via MT archives
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40 Detroit area restaurants with igloos, tents, and heated outdoor seating

We Michiganders know one thing to be true: winter is inevitable. No longer how many unseasonably warm days November may hold, winter…

By Metro Times Staff

Lake Inn Lapeer
    3711 Hunt Rd., Lapeer; 810-667-09411; lakeinnlapeer.com
    It’s a little like eating a burger in front of a cow but at Lake Inn Lapeer, which has a seafood-focused menu, they’ve got igloos on the deck overlooking the lake, you know, home to pre-cooked sea creatures. All that is required to reserve a waterfront igloo is a willingness to spend $150 minimum on food and drinks Monday-Thursday or $200 minimum Friday through Sunday. 
    Photo via Lake Inn Lapeer/Facebook
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The 20 best vegan-friendly takeout spots and bakeries in Detroit, according to Yelp

What's the deal with vegan food? And why is it so damn good? It might be hard to believe that, given Detroit's…

By Metro Times Staff

9. Brooklyn Street Local
    1266 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-262-6547; brooklynstreetlocal.com 
    “This has been my all time favorite brunch spot since I've lived in Detroit the last 6 years. Anytime someone comes to visit I take them here. The food is amazing, the specials are always top notch, and the poutine is perfection! I became a vegetarian two years ago and the food is still just as good and they have vegan alternatives for my favorites, including poutine! Just finished having the vegan hangover special. They also serve cocktails here which they hadn't in previous years, so all your brunch needs are met! Highly recommend. In my humble options, best brunch in Detroit for meat eaters and vegans alike! Also, dog friendly patio when the weather is nice.” —Carla B. N. on Yelp
    Photo via Brooklyn Street Local/Facebook
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The 25 best Chinese restaurants for takeout in metro Detroit, according to Yelp!

There are few things as pure as the joy that comes with peeling open a piping hot cardboard container filled with Chinese…

By Metro Times Staff

19. China Wok
    18670 Livernois Ave., Detroit; 313-864-8899; ChinaWok.site 
    “I live in the area and this is my go-to place for Chinese carry-out. Fresh, fast, super hot, large portions, low prices, everything stays crispy, and they're always super friendly. What more can you ask for? I really love their sweet and sour chicken and crab rangoon.” — Kelly L. on Yelp
    Photo via Google Maps
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The Detroit area’s best restaurants in 2020, according to our readers

The results are in for the 2020 Best of Detroit reader's poll and our readers didn't hold back from letting us know…

By Metro Times Staff

The Detroit area’s best restaurants in 2020, according to our readers
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35 essential Latino-owned restaurants in Detroit you should have tried by now

We have four words for you: SUPPORT LATINO-OWNED BUSINESSES. We're not sorry for yelling because those of us who live here know…

By Metro Times Staff

El Rancho Restaurant
    5900 Vernor Hwy, Detroit; 313-843-2151; elranchomexrest.com
    El Rancho Mexican Restaurant opened in 1983, offering traditional Mexican cuisine via family recipes, some of which are secret.
    Photo by Juan Carlos Dueweke-Perez of Featherstone
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31 essential Michigan cider mills and orchards to visit this fall

It's the most wonderful time of the year. That should be a song … oh wait. Well, for some of us, and…

By Metro Times Staff

Obstbaum Orchards & Cider Mill
    9252 Currie Rd., Salem; 248-468-9180; obstbaum.com
    The apples are popping at family-operated Obstbaum Orchards and Cider Mill in Salem, which has been serving the community for 40 years. They’ve got hayrides, treats, and pumpkins, too.
    Photo via Obstbaum Orchards & Cider Mill/Facebook
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20 of metro Detroit's most anticipated restaurants in 2020

We can almost taste them now. Of course, we're referring to the more than a dozen restaurants plotted to open in Detroit…

By Metro Times Staff

20 of metro Detroit's most anticipated restaurants in 2020
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65 new restaurants that opened in the Detroit area so far this year

It's been a tough year for the restaurant industry — when there's a global pandemic just when the weather's warming up, it…

By Metro Times Staff

Street Beet
    4626 3rd Ave., Detroit; 313-638-1480; streetbeetdetroit.com
    This cult-favorite all-vegan pop-up found a permanent home inside Detroit's 3rd Street Bar. The menu features Street Beet's greatest hits, including favorite items from several iterations of pop-ups, as well as some new additions. From Taco Hell, the pair's Taco Bell spoof, the Supreme Crunchywrap and Nachos Hell Grande made the cut, as did the fake chicken sandwich and cashew mac & cheese, which were fixtures on their KFC-inspired menus, and the filet-no-fish sandwich, a fan favorite circa their limited-run McDaddy's pop-up. New to the menu are a phony cheesesteak, a party melt, loaded french fries, and a brownie and ice cream dessert.
    Photo by Chris Gerard
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30 essential Detroit area sandwich shops you should have tried by now

Let's be real: We've never met a sandwich we didn't like. In fact, our personal nutritional pyramid is made up of 65%…

By Metro Times Staff

Ernie’s Market
    8500 Capital St., Oak Park; 248-541-9703; erniessandwichshop.com
    Ernie’s is known for its large, unique sandwiches — and for Ernie, a shopkeep with a propensity for saying, “Baby!” You can put a number of toppings on them, and choose from a wide variety of sides. The local business has been serving the community for years.
    Photo via Ernie’s Market / Facebook
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20 things you should do in and around Detroit before summer is over

We're not trying to depress you but, uh, summer is sort of, like, well, coming to an end. OK, OK, we're sorry.…

By Metro Times Staff

20 things you should do in and around Detroit before summer is over
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20 places to grab cocktails-to-go in metro Detroit

A lot of things suck right now — like, a lot of things. But the alcohol gods have bestowed upon us a…

By Metro Times Staff

    4458 Vernor Hwy., Detroit; 313-757-4992; pizzaplex.com
    We’ve got a cocktail com-plex. Thankfully, Southwest’s PizzaPlex started baggin’ up their cocktails to go in Capri Sun-style pouches. For $10, you can get the Orchid, Negroni, or Plex Margarita.  
    Photo via  PizzaPlex/Facebook
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20 best Detroit restaurants for takeout and delivery, according to Yelp

You know what they say about opinions: they're like assholes, everyone has one. And, well, sometimes the people with opinions and assholes,…

By Metro Times Staff

10. Pie-Sci Pizza
    5163 Trumbull St., Detroit; 313-818-0290;  piescipizza.com
    We’re not particularly religious or anything, but a bite of Pie-Sci Pizza is like a deep-throat kiss with god. OK — so we have no idea what that is supposed to mean but honestly, this experimental pizza joint (which offers loads of vegan options) in Woodbridge is so good that we feel dizzy just talking about it. And apparently we’re not alone. Just listen to Abby M. from Cleveland, who says the spot "just ruined EVERY OTHER PIZZA PLACE in the USA for me. Pie Sci gives pizza the upgrade you didn't know you wanted, but needed. Is beans on pizza good? no, right? Wrong.” Pie-Sci changes their menu seasonally, which means your favorite pie won’t stick around long but it’s likely they’ll just give you another favorite to lust after and long for.
    Photo via Pie-Sci/Facebook
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25 ice cream spots in the Detroit area you should have tried by now

The existential dread you're feeling? Well, while we may not be able to fill the void of uncertainty, but we can suggest…

By Metro Times Staff

25 ice cream spots in the Detroit area you should have tried by now
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Detroit area restaurants and bars with patios and rooftops you should be getting day drunk at right now

Summer ain't summer if you're not basking in the sun on a restaurant patio or cheating death with one-too-many on a rooftop…

By Metro Times Staff

Pinky's Rooftop
    100 S. Main St., Royal Oak; 248-291-6506; pinkysroyaloak.com
    Pinky’s may sound like something you might search on WebMD, but for metro Detroiters, it means good food and a good view. Oh, did we mention the decor? Yeah. So, it looks like Instagram ads had sex with a Pinterest board and then baptized its spawn in rose gold. What we’re saying is, come for the food, stay for the Instagram opportunity, and then keep staying for the food, which you can eat on a rooftop. 
    Photo via Pinky’s Rooftop/Facebook
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20 essential metro Detroit barbecue spots to get your meat sweats on right now

You know you haven’t gotten laid during quarantine if the words “dry-rubbed and smoked low and slow” get you all hot and…

By Metro Times Staff

Woodpile BBQ Shack
    303 S. Main St., Clawson and 630 E. 11 Mile Rd., Madison Hts., woodpilebbqshack.com
    This ain't your run of the mill shack. It's shack-a-delic, baby, yeah. OK — we are clearly delirious from looking at Clawson-based Woodpile BBQ Shack's menu, which promises all meat has been dry rubbed and smoked low and slow. Groovy!
    Photo via Woodpile BBQ Shack/Facebook
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25 essential Detroit-area taco spots offering carryout and curbside

Tacos are like snowflakes — no two are the same. Unlike snowflakes, however, tacos are delicious and we want tacos. All of…

By Metro Times Staff

Dos Locos Tacos
    10337 Joseph Campau Ave., Hamtramck; 313-872-6838; doslocostacos.com
    Dos Locos Tacos is accepting phone orders for carryout.
    Photo via Dos Locos Tacos/Facebook
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Recipes for classic Detroit foods — new and old — that you can make at home

We're sick of frozen pizza and PB&Js (OK — so we never really learned how to cook, but we survive), which is…

By Metro Times Staff

Recipes for classic Detroit foods — new and old — that you can make at home
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15 high-end metro Detroit restaurants offering curbside takeout to class up your quarantine

There's nothing wrong with pizza from your favorite chain, but a month into Michigan's stay-at-home order and we miss, well, a lot…

By Metro Times Staff

    8044 Kercheval Ave., Detroit; 313-652-0200; marrowdetroit.com
    A contemporary butcher shop and restaurant with a local and sustainable philosophy, Marrow is showing us the beef, brisket, and beyond with their pick-up and delivery options. You can order everything from Marrow-assembled grocery kits with butcher shop essentials, brunch supplies, as well as meal kits for dumplings, ramen, meatballs, and more. For the ultimate meat freak, they've got ready-to-grill butcher bundles that include lamb, pork, sausage, and rabbit. They also have a selection of wine and beer to-go.
    Photo via Marrow/Facebook
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25 new and exciting Detroit-area restaurants that have opened (or re-opened) this year

We get it. It can be scary to try new things, especially when it comes to food. But you can put your…

By Metro Times Staff

Street Beet
    4626 3rd Ave, Detroit; 313-638-1480; streetbeetdetroit.com
    The owners of Street Beet, the sustainable vegan pop-up with hours-long wait times that earned a cult-like status for its playful takes on fast-food chains, have found a more permanent home in Detroit's 3rd Street Bar.
    Photo via Street Beet / Facebook
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15 hole-in-the-wall sandwich spots you should have tried by now

When it comes to sandwiches, you don't need to go to a fancy restaurant to find the best. Great sandwiches often exist…

By Metro Times Staff

Nathan’s Deli
    581 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit; 313-962-3354; nathansdelidetroit.com
    Nathan’s serves deli sandwiches, roll-up sandwiches, specialty sandwiches, and more. It also offers catering and vegetarian options.
    Photo via Nathan’s Deli / Facebook
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15 places to get a good, old-fashioned fish fry in the Detroit area

Whether you're a strict Catholic and abstain from meat on Fridays during the Lenten season, or you just can't resist a plate…

By Metro Times Staff

Nu Wave Fish & Chicken 
     21729 W. Eight Mile Rd, Detroit; 313-255-8840 
    15607 W. Nine Mile, Southfield; 248-569-1111,19125 
    19125 Telegraph, Detroit; 313-537-1700 
    2970 W. Davison St, Detroit; 313-868-9000 
    15030 E. Eight Mile Road, Detroit; 313-245-5100
    14541 W. McNichols Rd, Detroit; 313-835-8000 
    19125 Telegraph Rd, Detroit; 313-537-1700  
    Nu Wave serves whiting fish dinners served with fries and coleslaw. Other options include catfish, ocean perch, tilapia, and shrimp. Those with a sweet tooth can complete their meal with a slice of cheesecake. 
    Photo via  Nu Wave Fish & Chicken / Facebook
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All the Paczki-loving folks we saw in Hamtramck on Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday means one thing for metro Detroiters: Head to Hamtramck, wait in line, and devour sticky, sweet, big ol' paczki. These…

By Metro Times Staff

All the Paczki-loving folks we saw in Hamtramck on Fat Tuesday
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The 25 'most romantic' restaurants in the Detroit area, according to Yelp

Yelp recently released its annual list of "100 most romantic" restaurants in the country, and a couple Detroit-area spots made the list.…

By Metro Times Staff

Wright & Company
    1500 Woodward Ave., Floor 2, Detroit; 313-962-7711;  wrightdetroit.com 
    "A hidden GEM! I took some clients here who were visiting from Chicago. Chicago being a foodie heaven, I knew it would be tough to impress these people.. game on! The restaurant overlooks the city street and has a historic charm that time hasn't erased. Small plates and craft cocktails were quickly and efficiently delivered while we enjoyed the floor to ceiling windows, hardwood floors, exposed brick and plenty of ambiance. Food was fabulous, excellent chefs and attentive staff. You don't want to miss it!" —Debbie N.
    Photo via  Abi C. / Yelp
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