Your Pet Has Chakras Just Like You!

Sep 8, 2022 at 9:31 am

There’s a not-so-new service in metro Detroit for people looking to grow closer to their four-legged friends — and maybe even heal them, too. Reiki Euphoria in Rochester is back with in-person healing sessions for humans and pets.

Located in Downtown Rochester, Reiki Euphoria services both people and pets, and offers training sessions for those interested in becoming certified in traditional Reiki practices.

During the pandemic, Scott and Reiki Euphoria’s other practitioners conducted virtual Reiki sessions, as hands-on touch was not permitted. “It’s how we stayed afloat during the pandemic,” Scott says. “With Reiki, it heals what it needs to heal and goes where it needs to go, so you can absolutely send that energy virtually or from a distance.”

Reiki, the ancient practice of energy healing through gentle touch or, in many cases, no touch at all, came to the U.S. in the 1920s by way of spiritual aspirant Mikao Usui who introduced the Western World to the alternative therapy to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief. While the practice itself is nothing new, certified Reiki Master Lauren Scott, is introducing Reiki to metro Detroit with the opening of her new healing center, Reiki Euphoria.

So, how does Reiki work? Well, as Scott describes it, it’s a harnessing of the positive energy that is already in the universe and certified Reiki practitioners are able to direct it because they are trained to be attuned to energy and symbols. Not unlike massage (though you remain clothed during a Reiki session) the practitioner either uses gentle touch or palm healing, where the practitioner hovers their palms over the body and scans for the areas that need healing energy. There is no harm in Reiki nor it does not serve as an alternative to traditional medicine, rather, it is used in conjunction with.

“If you go get a facial like once a month, you go get a get your Reiki session once a month, because it helps your chakras, it helps your mental state, your physical state, it's just an addition to like all the other scientific medicine or self care rituals that you do for yourself.”

In addition to in-person Reiki sessions and Reiki training, Reiki Euphoria has a chakra machine, which reveals what chakras need to be unblocked or worked on. While Reiki is, ultimately, an intuitive practice, the chakra machine allows people to be more involved with their healing process and become more intune with what your mind and body need to, not only be open, but to repair and restore metaphysical pathways.

“It’s like going to the doctor and you get an ultrasound, where they can show the patient what they saw and explain it to them,” Scott says. “A lot of people don’t know what their chakras are or what they do. They’ll come in and say they’ve had an ongoing headache and, once we scan them, we can see their crown chakra has been blocked and now we, the practitioners, know where to focus the energy.”

And it’s not just humans who can use the chakra machine. At Reiki Euphoria, they have special equipment for dogs, cats, and birds so the petowner can explore their pet’s chakras which can offer deep insight as to what the animal is experiencing but unable to communicate their needs effectively to their human.

“If you're like me, you’re obsessed with our animals,” Scott says. “Whereas some people view pet ownership as we’re in charge of them, when in fact animals have voices. Animal Reiki is very is so awesome for animals with anxiety, or animals mourning the loss of a brother or sister, as well with end of life transition and euthanasia.”

Scott says animals love Reiki, especially cats, and says it isn’t uncommon for a cat to interrupt a human Reiki session to get some healing energy themselves. The practitioners at Reiki Euphoria also travel locally to provide Reiki to large animals like horses or to homes of animals who may be unable to travel due to anxiety or illness. Scott even says she has gone to the zoo and sent Reiki to gorillas. “They were looking at us,” she says. “They knew we were sending them positivity.”

Scott’s practice also offers Reiki I and II certification courses, both of which are requirements to take and complete Reiki Euphoria’s Animal Reiki course so folks can take the power of Reiki healing into their own hands.

“Animals have needs that need to be met, just like we do,” she says. “Animal caregivers who have gotten Reiki done for their pets have found that the Reiki has helped their relationship, not only with their animals, but with themselves. There is no down side to Animal Reiki,” Scott says. “And your pet will be so happy to know that you listened to them.”

Lauren is a member of the International Center For Reiki Training and The International Association of Reiki Professionals. Reiki Euphoria is located at 414 S. Main Street Suite 205, Rochester; 586-930-6222;