Woman who wants MT banned works to legalize marijuana

Jul 3, 2014 at 3:43 pm
A reader brought to our attention this afternoon that Andrea Lavigne, now famous in the metro Detroit area for trying to ban Metro Times from the Grosse Pointes, is the wife of attorney Tom Lavigne. And she works part-time with his law firm, Cannabis Counsel.

MT readers might be familiar with Cannabis Counsel because we've covered their work many times over the years, including articles by Curt Guyette and Larry Gabriel.

So MT called up Cannabis Counsel and spoke with Mr. Lavigne. He told us the firm's mission is "representing caregivers and patients" and "the legalization of cannabis, cannabis reform, and hemp reform."

Cannabis Counsel even links to us on their website.

"I do support her in her feminist activism," Lavigne told MT this afternoon. "I'm her husband," he continued, "and I am talking in that capacity."

"I support her efforts in moving the ball forward," he continued. "We portray [women] as sex objects in the media. It needs to be discussed."

Mrs. Lavigne succeeded in getting the MT placed behind the counter in GP's three public libraries, and there has been a good deal of media coverage.

MT looks forward to interviewing Mrs. Lavigne next week.