Window pain

News Hits loves to see folks fight the good fight — and not give up. In 1999, we reported that about 270 workers at Weathervane Windows, Inc. in Brighton said they were provided one day’s notice before the shop closed and gave them the boot. Some workers said that their health benefits ended months before the plant closed — leaving them with massive medical bills. At the time, it didn’t seem like there was much the poor fellows could do besides hassle the company owner by holding rallies in front of his home — which they did, ardently. Now, they are taking a more practical route: They teamed up with the Maurice and Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice, which filed a class action lawsuit this week on their behalf. According to the lawsuit, Weathervane was legally required — since it had more than 100 employees — to give the workers 60 days notice before laying them off and closing the plant. Weathervane was unavailable for comment. We’ll keep you posted on how this turns out.

Ann Mullen contributed to News Hits, which is edited by Curt Guyette. He can be reached at 313-202-8004 or [email protected]
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