Who gives a shirt?

Aug 17, 2005 at 12:00 am

Warning to Detroit youth: if you want to avoid altercations with dangerous rappers, stay away from the mean streets of downtown Birmingham.

No, really.

Birmingham resident Niles Heron, 19, says he was accosted by members of rapper 50 Cent’s G-Unit around 10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 12. (Niles, we should point out, is the son of MT managing editor W.K. Heron.)

50 Cent is a part of Eminem’s Anger Management tour, which stopped for its final show Friday night at Comerica Park. For those of you not in the know, the G-Unit is 50 Cent’s crew, two of whom made headlines last week after an arrest in New York on felony gun charges.

Heron tells News Hits that he and some friends were sitting outside the Java Hutt on Old Woodward at Merrill when a white van drove by.

Unfortunately for Heron, he happened to be wearing a shirt popularized by rival rapper The Game. The shirt read “G-Unot.” Members of G-Unit don’t dig that dis one bit, let alone four bits.

Heron says he didn’t realize that Fiddy and his folks were in town until a van drove by and someone screamed, “Fuck you.”

The van returned a moment later, Heron says, and about 15 people — apparently part of the G-Unit crew — piled out.

“They come across the street in the middle of downtown Birmingham and tell me that I have two minutes to take that shirt off or they’re going to take it off for me,” Heron says. “It was completely ridiculous.”

However, Heron says that as the men started to reach into their pockets, he decided to play it safe.

“I’m not, at this point, messing with these guys,” Heron says. “At this point, it just wasn’t going to end well.”

The shirt was handed over.

“I had a shirt on under it,” Heron says. “Good planning, I guess.”

Detective John Heppner of the Birmingham Police Department says he can’t comment on an ongoing investigation.

Heron says that downtown Birmingham is the last place he’d expected to have a run-in of that type.

“It’s just not something you hear about,” Heron says.

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