What Were You Expecting...

Jun 15, 2013 at 11:51 am
I was initially going to write an addendum to a previous blog-post in which I tip-toed, with an apprehensive heavy heart, around an adhoc eulogy for my once-perceived undying love for Arrested Development, in the "wake" of its underwhelming return, with new episodes (Season 4) streaming on Netflix last May.

I was going to appeal that, today, and proclaim its redemption - somewhere around Episode # 11, when Gob (Will Arnett) winds up falling in love(?) with his chief magical rival Tony Wonder (Ben Stiller), involving the pair wearing creepy masks of each other's own faces...

I kept telling myself: Oh, I'm sure it'll be better when I stream-back-through the episodes a second time, when I'll be able to appreciate the bigger picture, take it all in with a keener eye and see the full aristry of the season-as-an-intertwining-montage / 9-ish-hour-long feature film!

Nah... Not really inspired, yet, to go back. Not really inspired, it seems, by much of what's "coming out" lately. Is it the Phantom Menace effect? Are we too often being built up, having our expectations roiled, a pandemic of stoked-ness? Did we enter Arrested Development's re-premier expecting it to be so funny? Expecting to be blown away by Star Wars Episode I? Or are we expecting The Man of Steel to be as stupendous as The Dark Knight? We seem to be concernedly overly-willing to set ourselves up for disappointment...

"Wait...was that it?"


This applies to the music world, too: Like: Daft Punk's Random Access Memories... Expect the electro-dance-record of the year!  From the best band working in electronic music of our era! Right?

Or maybe not so much.

It's high time we evolved beyond an audience seeking the new high of awesomeness by means of using blogs as beacons. Because it seems all blogs (or even bigger glossy zines like Rolling Stone) are going to do for you is breathlessly proclaim the next thing to be the best thing you've heard in however-long-your-memory-spans-reach, if much past two months or so... Wait, no, this next thing, that's what you've been waiting for...

I'll say this. As a music fan, I'm notably digging the new album from Queens of the Stone Age. But I'm not going to say anything more about it... We need to give our latest releases, the works of our modern artists, more time to breathe, more time to unveil, to bloom and charm the space (or to stink up the place with rot)... Give it time and space to breathe before rubber-stamping it "Best New Music" - Because, shoot, when's the expiration date for that, anyhow?

Since you're here, and since this is a blog, we should probably stream something though, right? That's how these things usually work, right?





Quite a ways out, but still:

QOTSA -- 9/12/13 --Fillmore Theatre - Detroit