West-side funhouse

May 21, 2003 at 12:00 am

Welcome to Detroit’s west-side amusement park. First stop: the hall of mirrors. With a missing front door and stairs leading to a full-length mirror, you’ll wonder what you’ve walked into. This two-family flat at 3799-3801 W. Euclid stands abandoned and ready for demolition. In fact, while the Abandoned Structure Squad was checking out this fine building, so was a demolition crew in a pickup truck, intrigued by the yellow D painted on the front. Tracy Burrus, a neighbor, took time out from trimming his yard to fill us in. He hasn’t seen the owner for about four years. Burrus calls the house a “haven for the kids” where they enjoy playing “manhunt” (a modified version of tag), as well as “throwing rocks to bust out the windows.” And, as if this house hasn’t taken enough abuse in its 87 years, most of the bricks have been pilfered from its outer walls.

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