We'll have a gay old time!

Last Thursday, April 30, the Magic Bag in Ferndale hosted a night of freaky folk, indie rock and disco dance all in the name of love. Gay love. More specifically, Rachael Davis, Nervous But Excited, Chris Bathgate and My Dear Disco performed as part of the "We Are Michigan: Standing Up for GLBT Rights" music showcase. Seeing as this is an issue they care about (gays and music), the Wonder Twins were there to check it out and report back.

LAURA: I actually wasn't familiar with We Are Michigan before this.

D'ANNE: That's because they're one of those liberal, ACLU-lovin' organizations that thinks everybody should have equal rights. Even the gays.

LAURA: But Ann Coulter and Gary Glenn told me that gay people want special rights.

D'ANNE: Yes, that's because they're morons. And next time you talk to Ann Coulter, tell her to eat something.

LAURA: I'll tell her to start taking Rush Limbaugh's lunches.

D'ANNE: That's socialist. Or communist. Or something.

LAURA: I can live with that. Let's talk about the show.

D'ANNE: Rachael Davis was adorable. She played the banjo, the guitar and the ukulele.

LAURA: She didn't play the ukulele! She forgot it at home.

D'ANNE: Well, I'm taking her word for it. You need to learn to trust.

LAURA: She had a great voice. It was like if ladies in musicals also played banjo.

D'ANNE: Which they should. ...

LAURA: I was quite disturbed, though, when you started taking your clothes off during her set. I wouldn't exactly call Rachael Davis "stripper music."

D'ANNE: It was hot in the club. You are misrepresenting my actions. You're going to get me in trouble with my wife ... whom I'm not legally allowed to marry.

LAURA: Well, Jay Kaplan from the ACLU spoke right after her set to address that very subject. Not you stripping. The marriage thing.

D'ANNE: Plus a myriad of other legal issues that give gays good reason to flee this state. Personally, I stay for the music. And because I own a house here that I'll never be able to sell.

LAURA: Right. It was great to see Michigan's music community and GLBT community join forces. This didn't feel like a "gay" show; there was a great mix of folks there.

D'ANNE: True. But the lesbians did turn out in force for Nervous But Excited.

LAURA: Yes, by the end of their set there were ladies in the pit dancing like crazy. Which is not what you'd expect from a lesbian folk duo.

D'ANNE: Well, they did bust out the Coolio cover at the end. Ladies love that shit.

LAURA: Apparently.

D'ANNE: The highlight of the night for me was Chris Bathgate. I've been wanting to see him live for a long time. And he did not disappoint. He's amazing.

LAURA: Get a hold of yourself!

D'ANNE: I can't. I'm kind of in love with him. Don't tell Deastro.

LAURA: We'll keep it between us and the readers of Metro Times. I loved that he had so many people onstage with him.

D'ANNE: Well, it was the Chris Bathgate Orchestra. Every band should have a cute girl on violin and a guy on trombone. Minimum.

LAURA: That's probably a good rule of thumb. Maybe Deastro should look into that.

D'ANNE: Don't be pitting my men against each other, Laura.

LAURA: Give me a break. Anyway, Chris Bathgate seemed so genuinely excited to be there.

D'ANNE: Yes, he said, "Finally, I can use my entire skill set for something I believe in." And then he said he was going to work security at Ann Arbor's gay prom. Why aren't there more guys like him?

LAURA: There should be. Plus, I love the fact that he was dressed like he was at home on a Sunday in October raking leaves.

D'ANNE: He's working on a new record. I am excited.

LAURA: Nervous

D'ANNE: No. Just excited.

LAURA: But not as excited as My Dear Disco's throng of exuberant fans

D'ANNE: They were fun. So much energy. They were having a great time onstage. That's the kind of band you could take your clothes off during. No offense to Rachael Davis.

LAURA: Yeah, you totally jumped the gun on that disrobing thing. I just wish I could have heard more lady vocals. They were kind of lost in the mix.

D'ANNE: Yeah. The keyboard guy had a great voice. He was getting all Maroon 5 and shit.

LAURA: I will assume that this is a good thing and meant as a compliment since I know not of this "Maroon 5" you speak of.

D'ANNE: You're ignorant.

LAURA: Yes, of many things. But not of the need for equal rights for all people.

D'ANNE: Ann Coulter is totally going to cross you off of her "War-on-Christmas" card list. But maybe Chris Bathgate will friend you on Facebook.

LAURA: That's a tradeoff I'd be willing to make. For freedom. ...

The Wonder Twins might learn the trombone. Send comments to [email protected]
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