Weirdo Invites Women Joggers Into Van

Oct 19, 2010 at 3:45 pm
From the Too Many Creeps dept:

There are lots of red flags that signal some guy could be creepy; you know, like orange eyebrows, or living contently in mom’s basement at 35, or squirreling away “daughter” porn tubes on a belt-clipped mobile phone, and so on

But you know a dude’s creepy if he A) Drives a van whose license plate is obscured and, B) Oogles and follows female joggers and, C) Tells said joggers that he’s lost and then invites them to climb into his van.

The above ABC's went live three times, with as many victims, in the last two weeks at various Ann Arbor locations, WXYZ reports. Though no one's harmed --  likely creeped out a bit -- Ann Arbor cops are forewarning women in the area to steer clear of the "suspicious," and describe the guy as tan, mid 30s or 40s with dark hair, and driving a white or  silver van.