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And we thought we were tough on outstate legislators in our piece "Gov. Snyder's Flint aid bill signing a PR disaster." Ginger Maynor posted:

I grew up in Flint and have family and friends there. Snyder keeps getting it wrong. He's wasting more taxpayer money on a PR firm and I cannot believe those are the people he has to help him? Really? All I see is out-of-shape, overweight, undisciplined, fashion-challenged, empty-headed nothings.

Zzaproot posted:

Look at that shite-eating grin on Sen. Rick Jones' face. I've met him personally many times. It's easy. All you have to do is wave a camera anywhere in the Lansing area. He's that big of a self-serving media whore. There is nothing he doesn't have a stupid opinion about.

And Bluebird58 posted:

Dick DeVos and Snyder's PR firm were probably in the wings pulling the strings. In my opinion, Snyder knew what was going on from the beginning, but since he has gotten away with so much against the citizens of Michigan, he figured he could skate on this one too. Our local news could not shove it under the rug once the national news got a hold of it. Thanks to Rachel Maddow.

In response to "Gov. Snyder heckled in downtown Ann Arbor," a user named "Approval Pending" posted:

May as well yell and let him know what you think of him whenever you can. Why? Because nothing else is going to happen to this criminal. Oh, sure, maybe he gets recalled, but he'll get a golden parachute severance and pension package. He's also already rich. Another case of the little guy getting screwed, the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer. The hubris and arrogance of this travesty happening on his watch and he hasn't done the right thing himself: resign.

In response to "New emails reveal the switch to the Flint River was not about saving money" by Allie Gross, Ed posted:

I was thinking that this would be a great Bond flick, another twist on the oligarchs stealing water. But our bad guys are Palin-level "stooped." So now I'm thinking more along the lines of Austin Powers.

I really appreciate the continued investigation by individuals and interested (for the people) groups. We have a very low-integrity AG; no one is expecting much from his investigation. The same goes for any congressional inquiry.

Also, I hope that it's not lost on anyone that we have a corporate-government misdeed that had to be uncovered by private individuals and public interest groups, and is getting seriously pored over by these same for-the-public groups to get to the truth.

Tom Stephnes posted:

"Austerity" isn't only about "cost cutting". It's about taking from the most poor and vulnerable to benefit wealthy and powerful crony insiders. That's exactly what the Flint River catastrophe, the Karegnondi Water Authority and Snyder's "emergency management" policies have always been about. After Flint, those with eyes to see know it. What will we do about it?

Kim Murch posted:

Not to mention that the desire to break up any bond between Detroit and Flint, has always served those in the Republican Party who have been shaking down these two cities since Engler. Historically, Flint and Detroit have been strongholds in the Michigan labor movement, and that's really scary to the corporate leadership.

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