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What are you smoking?

We received a number of comments for our Dec. 30 cover story, a dining review of a medical marijuana dispensary called Dank Godz that also serves "medibles," or cannabis-infused food.

Reader Adelle Reno writes:

Neat but how is pulled pork good for you on any level.

Reader Jeffrey Widzinski writes:

Classic Detroit — let's have weed shops all over, yet the crime is high and the schools are horrible

Reader "Jamie" writes:

This is a poorly timed story written by what appears to be an inexperienced, unaware writer. This is the exact wrong time to experiment with such an ever-present issue. This is very irresponsible of Metro Times at a juncture when positive change in the city's policy is being worked on. Did anyone who does know something about this edit it?

This is a horrible piece and blatantly stupidly overly-sensationalized account of the dispensary experience. It is also obvious that the person knows nothing about cannabis and cannabis culture in Detroit. It is embarrassing and offensive for those who take these things seriously.

Please have someone with some basic awareness, understanding and sensitivity to the situation cover this issue.

Punch Bowl Social

Last week, a woman's Facebook post about allegedly being told "If I was your color, I would just leave" during a recent visit to Detroit's Punch Bowl Social went viral on social media. In a metrotimes.com blog post, we reached out to both the woman and Punch Bowl Social's management for statements. The blog post generated much commentary:

Reader "LeviEugeneShorts" writes:

Having been employed in the service industry in downtown Detroit for over a decade, I'm inclined to side with the business on this matter. From the looks of it, a patron that had been drinking decided they needed food well after the grills had been shut down and fryers turned off. After that impediment on her happiness, it was followed up with the statement that she had to forgo the table service and walk all the way to the bar in order to get more inebriated. While I will agree that racism still exists, this is also not Alabama in the '60s. Sounds like a drunk, overly entitled customer taking things too far for no other reason than she is able to. I'd be interested to see her Yelp account to catch a glimpse of her in-depth and concise reviews of other establishments.

Reader Ariana T. writes:

The customer's allegations don't make sense on numerous levels. 1. The clientele is diverse but edges more on local Detroiters. 2. Waitresses and bartenders get paid based on tips, not checks. If they give bad service they get no tip. No tip equals no money for bills. 3. The majority of the entire staff seems mixed but I've noticed more black or mixed employees than just white.

While I have had different experiences the numerous times I've come I've never assumed it was because of my race. Just the lack of training or the person waiting on me.

It's a shame that instead of the restaurant managing the incident quickly that it took one woman's allegations to get spread on mass media to get attention. But it's even more of a shame that people read one story and take it as true and threatening hundreds of employees jobs because of a post made at 4 a.m. missing details or validity.

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