Web tangling

News Hits has been watching with interest the growing number of Web sites that have their sights set on Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. So far, we’ve found at least five places on the Web dedicated to helping drive the Kwamster out of office.

One of them, DetroitUncovered.com, is a spin-off from the site firejerryo.com, created by a Detroit police officer who wanted former Police Chief Jerry Oliver canned. Oliver’s attempt to take a handgun onto a commercial flight, and the subsequent departure of Jerry O. for warmer climes, rendered that site moot. DetroitUncovered is a mishmash of unconfirmed rumors and links to news articles critical of Kilpatrick and his administration. Three other sites — kingkwame.com, kwamemustgo.com and rednavigator.com — also feature many links to news stories about the administration, which has been subject to more pratfalls than a bad vaudeville act.

The site that has the potential to be the most amusing— and the most nettlesome to the mayor — is the one with the URL kwamekilpatrick.com. As you might imagine, the spoof page is designed to look at first glance as if it might actually be an official site for the Kilpatrick campaign. A bar at the bottom listing Lincoln Navigator as one of the site sponsors and the campaign slogan “It’s Party Time!” are pretty good indicators this page doesn’t carry the mayor’s seal of approval. We also want to point out that the site features a caricature of Kilpatrick that appears to be lifted from an illustration of the mayor that recently appeared on the cover of this rag.

We’re considering a call to the copyright cops.

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