VIDEO: A fight broke out at a Ypsilanti polling place and everyone lost their chill

Guys, this is not what Democracy looks like!

A video of a fight that broke out at a Ypsilanti polling place has taken over the internet, many sources are reporting.

The video shows footage of a very angry white woman using extreme racial slurs (aka, the n-word) at a group of black people because she was shoved. The man in the video who shoved the white woman was defending a black woman who was arguing with the same white woman in the video.

Yea, we're just as confused too.

The woman video tapping the whole thing jumped in during the ruckus. That's when the racial slurs went flying.

TMZ talked to the husband of the woman in the video (named Daryl McCabe), and he claims the couple is not racists, but he doesn't agree with the word she used. Whatever you say, Daryl.

Sheriff deputies took names of the people involved and no arrests have been made at the time.

Channel 4 is also saying that one woman was supporting Hillary Clinton, the other, Donald Trump. We'll let you guess who was supporting who.

We're happy no one was hurt, and let's just try to remember to respect each other from now on, ya?

The video above is from Channel 4. For a full video of the incident click here.
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