Vacation hideaway

Aug 3, 2005 at 12:00 am

This little dwelling at 4209 Joseph Campau on the East Side of Detroit has much to offer prospective vacationers looking for a convenient summer getaway. With two walls burned down, you’ll never lack for ventilation. And since most of the surrounding land is vacant, it’s nearly as secluded as anything you’ll find north of I-69.

Stepping inside, we tiptoed over a pile of ash that used to be the bathroom. It’s there we encountered what decorators like to call a “clean palette.” No toilet, no pipes, no copper wiring. All that was left were a few cans of food and a section of the Bible opened to Leviticus, singed around the edges but otherwise completely unharmed.

Built in 1900, this charming little fixer-upper stood intact until December 2003, say Fire Department officials, who wouldn’t disclose the cause of the fire. The Abandoned Structure Squad is assuming it wasn’t an act of God.

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