UPDATED A Neighbor's Behavior of Assholian Proportion Part 2246

If we launched an asshole-of-the-week blog, this post would likely kick it off:

Seven-year-old Trenton resident Kathleen Edward is suffering from Huntington’s Disease, the same brain disorder that killed her 24-year-old mother. The girl is dying and the scene is as horrible as anything you could nightmare up. Tragic.

There are also quarreling family neighbors, Jennifer and Scott Petkov, who posted cruel images of the girl (her face with crossbones) and her mom (in Grim Reaper’s arms) on Facebook. The neighbors actually came clean about that, there's no way they couldn't. But the same assholes attached a coffin to a pick-up truck in the front yard, claiming it simple “halloween decoration.”


WBJK Fox 2 reports that the cops responded to the fracas but no arrests were made. Updated: Scott Petkov says he's sorry, makes an apology here.

The report goes on to say there’s gathering in Kathleen Edward’s honor, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 23 from 3 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at Haas Park in Trenton.

Words from the invitation: “She has been tormented by sadistic neighbors. Please come and join us in showing Kathleen there are good people that care.”

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