U-M football team 'up to something', debuts Jumpman jerseys

Yesterday, the University of Michigan unveiled their new football jerseys for the upcoming season at a huge party in Detroit. The university dumped its Adidas endorsement and became the first college football team in the nation to be endorsed by Jordan and carry the 'Jumpman' logo aka the outline of MJ dunking a basketball.

Pretty much everything about the uniforms is the same, except now there’s a Jumpman on every article of clothing. On the jersey, on the pants, on the cleats, and on the gloves. Thankfully, the new helmets do not feature Jordan dunking, retaining their classic three pronged winged design.

Wait- wait a minute...

There it is!

After the uniforms were revealed, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and former Michigan football star Charles Woodson milled about the event, interacting with guests and speaking about the new look and the Jordan endorsement.

“You are with whom you associate,” Harbaugh told the Detroit News. “To be associated with greatness and to think about having Michael Jordan sharing a sideline with us. Think about the only football team that’s Jordan is the University of Michigan. To have that iconic logo sharing the uniform, we’re very, very proud of that.”

Unfortunately, only Michigan's football team will be able to claim MJ’s spiritual sideline presence, as the deal is exclusive. Jordan’s parent company Nike will be outfitting the remaining Michigan teams, though.

It remains to be seen if the team is just not bluffin’ about how they’ll do in their new Jumpman duds. But, as for the offseason at least, them boys up to somethin’.

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