Two white men loaded with guns invade Dearborn PD and leave on bond

Feb 7, 2017 at 12:38 pm
A video has been widely shared on the internet since Sunday showing two white men entering the Dearborn Police Department wearing tactical vests, cameras, and carrying loaded guns that could do serious damage.

The two men were reportedly stopped by Dearborn police after someone made a report on them because they looked suspicious. The men decided that they wanted to make a complaint with the police department and filmed their encounter.

As you can hear in the video, Dearborn police officers did an excellent job of handling the standoff situation. The gunmen were forced on the ground and were arrested on the spot, as they should be. Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Hadad even said in a statement that members of the public fled for their lives when the men entered the lobby of the building.

While it is commendable that these officers showed restraint with these two men (even after one officer warned that he would "put a round in you, sir."), it begs up the question of what would have happened to these men had they been black, Muslim, or basically any other color under the sun?

If these officers could show restraint for two grown men carrying a glock handgun with 66 rounds, a loaded AP-14 with 47 rounds, an AR-15, and an AK-47 styled rifle, then why couldn't police show restraint for 12-year old Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, or any other unarmed black person who was a victim of police brutality?

And what if these men were Muslim? Surely this would have been seen as an attempted terrorist attack and not as what it is: a standoff between police and open-carry advocates.

If police officers can act diligently and appropriately when dealing with two armed people in their own work place, then there should be no excuse for a shooting of an unarmed person of any race.