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This gem resides at 6556 Beechwood, just off Tireman. A neighbor says the place has been burnt to a light but flakey crisp for about 18 months. All of the other condemned homes on this street have been demolished, so this one is the last of a dying breed. Residents we spoke to say they want it gone. Contents include a soggy mattress on the front porch. Couches and other furnishings have been overturned in the “living room.” Windows are broken, but bars still remain, offering a sense of security. The two-story beauty has a caved-in roof and the second floor looks as though it’s ready to give way. The yard is a jungle of weeds, waist-high grass, glass shards, fallen bricks and fast-food wrappers. Blight Busters has tagged this house, which means its days are numbered.

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