Thrillist tells us why all Detroit suburbs suck

Feb 18, 2015 at 12:51 pm
Thrillist recently published a post entitled, "DOES YOUR DETROIT SUBURB SUCK? AN INVESTIGATION."

Of course, we were intrigued. 

Nicole Rupersburg, a former food writer who lived in Detroit proper until she moved to Las Vegas, makes some salient points about the crappiness of what seems like just about every single suburb of the city.

Of Troy she says, "At the height of the housing market collapse, you could buy an eight-bedroom house here for like $100k. In fact, you probably still can. But hey, they’ve got good schools!" 

Rupersburg contends her original copy was much, much worse and that Thrillist editors made big changes to it. In fact, Troy's original blurb ended with this: "Also the shattered dreams of thousands of immigrant Indian parents whose second-generation children don't want to become doctors like their dads and are therefore complete disappointments."

But, is even the tamed version too mean? Surely some folks will take these attacks personally. Of course, this writer got away easy. Of my hometown, Wyandotte, Rupersburg writes, "The saving grace of Downriver, Wyandotte makes driving through the industrial wasteland along I-75 South of Detroit almost worthwhile, provided you can hold your breath long enough to pass through it without having to experience that smell. So yeah, anyway, Wyandotte's pretty nice." 

But Rupersburg notes the original copied ended with, "for Downriver."

C'mon guys, it's all in fun.