Update: Michigan has now deleted the ridiculous Flint water "bath time" poster

Jan 9, 2016 at 2:24 pm
Update: You can still see the ridiculous image captured for posterity below, but the poster, which was posted and hosted by the state of Michigan on michigan.gov, is now gone. The url now redirects users to a much more straightforward and tonally appropriate FAQ sheet on the Flint lead situation.

Perhaps it's an after the fact admission that talking about the dangerous water situation in words and designs that look like they were pulled straight from a children's book wasn't the best way to convey important information to the public about the real dangers of the water.

Either way, it's gone, and Michigan continues to look like buffoons of the lowest order.


(Original story 1/8/016): Presented mainly without comment except to say this poster, which was uploaded in early December, is about as tone deaf and offensive as it gets — I mean, "Yuck"? Come on. There are ways to convey needed information. Then there is this. What in the holy hell? In case you need catching up, our full archives on the Flint water situation can be found here.

Hat tip to @ZackPohl.