There Will Be No MLK Twerk Party in Michigan

Jan 15, 2014 at 4:16 pm

In case you missed this decisive moment in the continuing fight for civil rights, the Mid-Michigan Teen Parties association of good ideas and shaky flesh decided to promote a January event subtly titled "Freedom 2 Twerk" with the above graphic. Yes, that's MLK, photoshopped with a big chain. It's not a dream. (Sorry, we had to.)

Once the graphic spread outside of the Mid-Michigan Teen Parties' juvenile sphere, it caused what TV stations and national blogs like to call Outrage Traffic Gold. Fox News Atlanta went so far as to show the offending imagery to MLK's daughter, Dr. Bernice King, who was predictably nonplussed.

But this landmark moment in race relations will not be. Via MLive, the venue's owner, Vic McEwen, canceled the event once the story hit the news. (MMTP, as we like to call them, were just renting the space.)

"We have reprimanded this organization as much as we can," said McEwen, who said he was very disturbed to see King's image manipulated.

McEwen said there is a clause in his contract saying all promotional materials bearing his business's name have to get his approval. Since this material wasn't submitted for approval, he was able to cancel the event.

"For what Dr. King and some of our fallen giants have done not just for black America but for our country as a whole ... it's very sad," McEwen said.

McEwen's opinions of twerking, however, have yet to be clarified.