The Troy Police Department is getting a cat

Mar 15, 2018 at 9:41 am
click to enlarge The Troy Police Department is getting a cat
Shutterstock (Not actual Police Cat)

Put your paws where we can see them.

It's no secret the Troy Police Department Twitter account is straight fire. With Reno 911 references, snippets of conversations with traffic offenders, memes (so many memes), and legitimate policing updates, Troy PD is chill AF. So chill in fact, they are now vetting (petting?) potential cat candidates for their Feline Unit. And yeah, it all started on Twitter.

On Tuesday, March 6, TPD said they would adopt a police cat if they reached 10,000 followers by April. The plea immediately spurred the use of #WeWantAPoliceCat and a flurry of furry memes.

By Friday, March 9, the Michigan Humane Society was already delivering two potential contenders to interview for the position.

Troy PD also took an opportunity to put haters on blast.

And started shit with K9 units.

On Wednesday, March 14, a mere nine days after the campaign was launched, Troy PD announced they had reached their follower goal and they were actively purr-suing the right feline to head the police cat program.

We can't wait to be pulled over by Sergeant Whiskers.

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