The Detroit News says Emergency Managers work

Dec 30, 2015 at 4:06 pm
Come again, Detroit News editorial team? On Tuesday the Detroit News published a pretty oddly timed editorial entitled "Emergency management law working for cities." 

The article details how in the new year not one city in Michigan is going to be under Emergency Management (yes, folks school districts such as Detroit Public Schools still are under appointment) and the reason why is the EM system works so stupendously. The article specifically focuses on Lincoln Park, Michigan — a city that last week was freed from appointed oversight — and how because of a Gov. Rick Snyder EM "Lincoln Park can see a future that is no longer marked by chronic fiscal crisis." In other words it touts the cost savings EMs are all about, eloquently (ahem) stating that the state's EM law " gives extraordinary power to the managers to make decisions that are often beyond the capability of elected leaders." 

There is sort of one thing missing from the article, you know the big elephant in the room, what happened in Flint, Michigan when an Emergency Manager was appointed.

It seems sort of odd to say, as the Detroit News editorial team did, that the EM law "has been used to stabilize 12 cities and five school districts," when we all know Flint is anything but stable right now. Flint, in fact, is in a state of actual emergency today, according to the city's Mayor, because a Snyder-appointed EM decided to prioritize balancing the budget over health concerns and people. 

It's a weird article. You can hate read it here