The blood of others

Was it really a surprise when the beer zombies at the Silverdome cheered the injury to Lions quarterback Charlie Batch in the Miami Dolphins game two Sundays ago? A hometown crowd happy at the demise of one of its own? You bet. Just watch a few minutes of the game that lowers the humanity bar for all the others (with hockey in hot pursuit) and you’ll see that it’s all about the goons and the hits (oooo, baby!). And before you have a chance to flinch, here comes the XFL, pro wrestling’s version of “extreme” football, i.e. pigskin follies without those girly-man rules to protect the players (better stock up now on wheelchairs, if not coffins). Of course, all those Body Shaper rejects in the stands and on sports-talk radio (let’s see any of them take even one “good clean hit” without spending six months in traction) can’t wait to cheer the next old-fashioned ass-whuppin’. Hey, crack open a six-pack of self-respect.

George Tysh is the Metro Times arts editor. E-mail him at [email protected]
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