Surreal estate

Feb 27, 2002 at 12:00 am

The debate over Detroit’s abandoned housing may rage (or simmer someplace on a back burner), but for places like this, the renovation-vs.-demolition conundrum is a no-brainer. Located in the 300 block of Dragoon in a southwest Detroit neighborhood that’s as much industrial as residential, the only thing worth saving about this dump is, well, absolutely nothing. This shit hole (and we mean that literally) manages to stand out as an eyesore in an area where many of the inhabited homes appear abandoned. A neighbor says the place has been vacant nearly four years. Has he complained to the city? “Around here,” he replies, “it don’t do no good to complain. No one listens.”

For those less jaded, you can notify the city about abandoned house problems by phoning 313-224-3215. You can also e-mail photos and info about your least favorite bit of blight at [email protected].

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