Super Bowl mania

Feb 1, 2006 at 12:00 am

Myth busters
by Sarah Klein
A handy guide to the true and false tales of Motown.

Stuper bowl
by Jim McFarlin
How wild will the Super Bowl commercials get this year?

Better than Christo
by Rebecca Mazzei
What artists would (will?) do to Detroit.

Detour guides
by W. Kim Heron
What to see (and what’s unseen).

An idiotic guide to football
by Michael Jackman
On bluffing your way through an American institution.

Super Bowl XL vs. Super Bowls I thru XXXIX
by Serene Dominic
Do the Motown-lite Stones have what it takes to be Auntie Mame for a whole new football generation?

Stripper economics
by Brian Smith & Johnny Loftus
Eyeing dancers preparing for the money shot.