Slow Roll will now require a membership to participate

Mar 23, 2015 at 1:08 pm
Love it or hate it, Slow Roll has been a huge success story for the city of Detroit. The summertime Monday night rides gather an enormous number of metro Detroiters who cruise through the city on two manual wheels. 

The ride has grown so big that this year the folks behind Slow Roll are requiring all riders to become members in order to participate. 

Co-founder Mike MacKool posted the announcement on Slow Roll's public Facebook thread on Friday night.

It will be a requirement to ride with us for the 2015 Season, as we need to have waivers and a weekly check-in at each ride. This is due in part of our growing partnership with the City of Detroit (YAY!!) and as a requirement in becoming and protecting Detroit Bike City, Inc. as an official nonprofit 501(c)(3) and all the fun lawyer stuff that comes with insurance and permits.

There will be two membership plans, one for $10, another for $50. The $50 premium membership comes with a T-shirt, and other exclusive "patron-only" benefits. A $10 membership is also available, but has no added benefits. A free membership will also be available, allowing everyone to participate in Slow Roll. The membership website notes that, "if you need to have the fee waived, just ask and we will do just that – quietly, confidentially, and with no questions asked. We trust our community not to abuse this offer, and we want to ride with everyone who wants to join us."

According to MacKool's post, perspective members can sign up online as well as on-site at Slow Roll events.

Other benefits will come from purchasing a membership to Slow Roll. According to Jason Hall, Downtown Ferndale Bike Shop plans to offer five percent off in-stock accessories to those who sign up for Slow Roll and 10 percent off in-stock accessories to premium members. 

The first ride of the season leaves from Eastern Market's Shed 2 on Sunday, March 29 at 11 a.m. North American International Bike Week kicks off on Wednesday, March 25. Click here for more info.