Slice, dice and shred

Feb 14, 2001 at 12:00 am

And we were all just thinking: When’s the high priestess of guitar shredding, Castration Kat, going to put out her latest and greatest mini-opera porno? Rest easy, that time has arrived. “The Great Kat” — Juilliard graduate violin virtuoso/screeching guitar-claws goddess — is simultaneously shocking and revolting the world with her new one-minute music video. Watch in displeasure as the goddess herself is seen (as the introductory e-mail puts it) “severing, chopping and crushing penises mixed with guitar shredding of her Cyberspeed Classical/Metal Style music.”

The video contains four outrageous acts: “Geisha,” “Salome,” “Black Widow” and the finale — “Surgery.” Check out for a clip of the video or for more info on how to obtain a private copy for your personal sex, lies and videotape James Spader-esque home collection. Or call 800-KAT-9199 for info on how to get your hands on her latest album, Rossini’s Rape. Try not to get too bent out of shape.

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